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Opinion: Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin Comments

Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth. Continue Reading

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  1. attorney joseph T. Issa-Lebanon
    5 years ago

    commenting on abortion, I would like to present these points :
    1- human being is flesh(body) and soul
    2-soul is owned by God and nobody has the right to decide for it.
    3-if mothers have the right to kill a baby of age( 1 day to 5 months. it means they have the right to kill their whatever is their age.
    4-if women have that right, consequently every person has the right to terminate others'lives.
    6-I suggest that Senator Kennedyb should proceed immediately to cancel the penal laws and let us in a forest like animals.
    7-if two persons non married are free to make sex while it's unacceptable to catholics they don't have the right to eliminate a God's gift

  2. Jack Rawlinson
    5 years ago

    Tobin got thoroughly and rightfully schooled by Matthews, and you simply can't deal with it. Tobin proved himself entirely unable to provide coherent and consistent responses to Matthews' challenges and as a result had the foolishness and immorality of his position exposed for what it is: dogma-driven hypocrisy.

    It's always revealing when someone calls for a resignation or a firing simply because an argument didn't go the way they want. Very revealing.

  3. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    If Bishop will not commit himself to say women who have abortion should go to jail, I will and have said that for a few times. And some of them were not published by the deacon.
    And I have also said before, yes, politicains, legislators, senators and all who made laws in this country should do the same for killing an innocent baby. The adult who cannot hold their hormones should be the one punished, not the baby. Expecially adults who commit adulterous acts then killed the baby to cover their crime. It is a criminal act all the way.

  4. Mary Anderson
    5 years ago

    Mr "Tingle-Up-My-Leg" is a robotic fool. Too bad, all the "freedom to choose" the left espouses doesn't extend to those who oppose Obamacare

  5. LP
    5 years ago

    Here's the answer.
    When abortion is illegal, the penalty comes down on the one(s) that perform/assist in the abortion.

    Just as we would sue a doctor for harming a patient instead of helping them, regardless of what the patient may be incorrectly pleading for.

  6. Tanya
    5 years ago

    It seems Chris Matthews has another agenda. Perhaps he not only wanted to brow beat a Catholic Bishop and display his pride / ignorance of the Catholic Faith, but he may also have wanted to make it clear that he too wants to make a public statement of what kind of "c"atholic he really is. He aligned himself with Mr. Kennedy very clearly. It seems it is time for the Catholic Bishops to recognize those in public Office that have left their Faith. I admire Bishop Tobin for showing us why he is called to wear red!

  7. Jerry Reidy
    5 years ago

    Dear Deacon Fournier,

    I have read your comments on the Chris Matthews interview. I did not see or hear the interview, but from your critique it seems the good Bishop was ambushed. I have watched Mr. Matthews several times and it was enough for me to believe Mr. Matthews is only interested in his ratings and seems to pander to a fan base that keeps his ratnga at a level to attract sponsors and pay his considerable salary. I presume the good Bishop believed he could outwiit and out talk a "Talk Show Host". Mr. Matthews has total control over the editing of what we see on our Television. As my parents used to say "Experience is the Best Teacher". It seems the good Bishop was unable to articulate his position. and no wonder, this is "Television Entertainment" not a reasonable exchange of ideas or positions. The "host" is in control. If a person in a position to be invited to participate in one of these "Eantertainment Shows" doesn't understand that fact, they deservied to be steamrollered in public as the it seems the good Bishop was according to what you wrote.

    I don't believe killing a human being at any stage of development is a good idea. I believe it is WRONG, criminal and definitely against what is reported in the Bible as what Jesus tried to teach us. I am not a student or an expert of what is reported as His teachings. I think He said somewhere that killing each other is WRONG. I think He said "love your enemies" I don't think He said kill your enemies. Of course, more intelligent minds than mine have found "hidden meanings" in His sayings or "Teachings". His Church even provides spiritual guidance to our trained killers. Yes, all of us who have been in the "Service" of our Country, in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the Coast Guard were trained to kill, weren't we? The few prominent voices in my Church, like the Berrigan Brothers were viewed as "Radicals" "Crazy" "Out of Touch" and a few other choice terms I won't repeat. I guess it is easier to concentrate on the indiviaual woman, carrying one new life, who might be thinking about ending that life than it is to "Take on the Military Establishment" about killing thousands and even hundred of thousands of souls.

    It is awsome to stand on the dock along side a nuculear aircraft carrier and even more impressive to see a fighter jet launched from the deck, carrying enough firepower to level center city Philadephia. What an accomplishment!!! It might be unpopular, even dangerous for a Prince of my Church to broach the idea that just "maybe" we should expand the idea of "right to life" to our enemies. A totaly radical idea. I think Jesus said something like that, about two thousaznd years ago, but I am sure He really didn't mean what He said!!! I think He originated the "KISS' method of living. Everyone knows the "KISS' method, "Keep It Simple Stupid". He probably said in plain Aramaic, "Love your Neighbor and Turn the Other Cheek (to your enemies). I am not the sharpest point in the box, but I think that applies to a child in the womb and and a fifty year old Arab.

    Whew!! What a Rant.

    Anybody Agree? or Disagree?

    An Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

    Jerry Reidy

  8. GW
    5 years ago

    There's absolutely no reason to fire Chris Matthews. Why would Bishop Tobin not answer the question? Of course, if abortion is a crime, then those who are involved in it will go to jail, even if we consider it regrettable.

    Chris Matthews simply underlined the central fact of the Pro-Life movement - we haven't thought things through. We don't want to imprison women for having an abortion because we don't provide support for women who experience an unwanted/unexpected pregnancy.

    We're in bed with Republicans who spout pro-life rhetoric while simultaneously deriding any governmental efforts to support children.

    Ban abortion, but spend the tax money (gasp!) to support and educate children!

  9. Reedrichards
    5 years ago

    As a Catholic I am disgusted by Tobin -not Matthews. The church should not become the Falwells and the Robertsons of the world. To single out Kennedy and attempt to hold hostage the debate on healthcare in our country is uncatholic. Tobin got what he deserved and I am angry that I couldn't give it to him myself.

  10. Zach
    5 years ago

    Good article, but encouraging Chris Matthews to sign up for RCIA? Sad to say, Chris would feel right at home amongst many of the confused crypto-Methodists leading RCIA in our parishes.

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