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Opinion: Chris Matthews should be fired for his Offensive Interview of Bishop Tobin Comments

Matthews showed how inept he is as an interviewer, how misinformed he is as a Catholic, how rude he is as a person and how threatened he is by the Moral truth. Continue Reading

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  1. gs
    5 years ago

    Not having seen Chris Matthews before, I assume this is his regular style. If so, I am surprised that Bishop Tobin concented to an appearance on his show. His excellency must have seen some opportunity to witness in it and I think he did just that.

    The contrast in words and style between the two men could not have been more telling. I must say I learned so much from Bishop Tobin in this exchange. His humility, courage and love were much louder than the pathology of Chris Matthews. Let us pray for both of them and our wayward "Catholic" politicians, too.

  2. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    Too bad Matthew is a Notre Dame graduate, or is it a pattern? Irish? Democrat? Pro-abortion?

  3. Tom
    5 years ago

    I support Chris Matthews' position. The bishop doesn't have any right to dictate that lawmakers legislate moral values. It's against catholic values to publicly denounce the church or pope, but it's insane to actually outlaw and punish such behavior through the law. This same issue is the biggest reason why women can't drive in saudia arabia, women can't show their faces in Yemen and it's illegal to drink alcohol in Iran. Religious morality is introduced into the law and we start to look like a religious republic (much like an Islamic republic). I try to be a good catholic, but beyond my own behavior and trying to have a positive influence on others; there's nothing else that I feel I'm spiritually compelled to do, much less directing the moral behavior of others via legislation. Bishop Tobin waded into the waters of legislation where we make laws for catholics and non-catholics alike, and I think that he forgot that we don’t necessarily apply our values upon others. Muslim interpretations of the Koran describe being a good muslim woman as hiding one’s face in public, so therefore all women should wear veils that hide their faces when they’re in public. Hindu beliefs describe killing cows as immoral, so therefore beef should be outlawed. Catholicism dictates that abortion is a sin, so therefore abortion should be banned to all people. I could go on but it should be clear.

  4. Catholic Voter
    5 years ago

    How much did Kennedy pay Matthews to sandbag the Bishop?

    Don't call yourself Catholic if you don't follow the teachings of Catholicism. Kennedy, Palosi, and many other Catholic politicians=C.I.N.O. (Catholic in Name Only).

  5. J
    5 years ago

    I don't know if its even safe to call Chris Matthews a protestant.

  6. liz
    5 years ago

    Jacqueline - Amen!!! When is the church (Matthews' bishop) going to send him a letter explaining the Catholic stand on abortion and perhaps asking him to refrain from receiving the Eucharist? Inquiring minds want to know. Deacon, have you heard anything from this bishop?

  7. Michael S. Pezzullo
    5 years ago

    Patrick started this whole scandal with his baseless attacks on the Church. All Bishop Tobin is doing is responding to Patrick's lies. The Bishop has a right to speak out. He is doing his job. It is his duty to respond in defense of the Church.

    Apparently Chris Matthews doesn't seem to think the Catholic clergy have a First Amendment right to free speech. I thought Democrats believed in the free marketplace of ideas? Apparently the marketplace is now a governmental-controlled command economy.

    The Bishop has shown great poise and restraint in the face Patrick's erratic behavior, and Matthews' McCarthy-like tactics.

  8. MER
    5 years ago

    Why would anyone expect Chris Matthews to conduct himself any differently than he a pompous, condescending rant that denies the "interviewed" an opportunity to state their case. Matthews proved once again that he and his network "msDNC" as I call it, are simply the mouthpiece of the liberal left. And that, in their minds they possess an enlightened, progressive worldview that we morality-bound faithful Christians cannot begin to comprehend. I say let him revel in his perceived superior intellect AND his abysmal television ratings. He can have his discussion about "how would YOU write the law on abortion?" when he faces his God in judgement. Perhaps he will allow our Creator more time to respond.

  9. Stephen Bainton
    5 years ago

    Feel free to check out my Blog at which outlines this "horrific" and most-insulting interview with the good bishop via Matthews. God bless Father Corapi and all of us not afraid to defend our faith...Stephen Bainton

  10. Patrick
    5 years ago

    matthews' did not school tobin.
    matthews' displayed his foolishness, hypocrisy and immorality. matthews' simply takes the general position of those who embrace relativism. they love the culture of death, even revel in it. they love the idea of killing infants and children as well as the old, the sick and infirm. they stand in line and pray they can kill. and the rest tune in on tv, radio or internet to watch with interest. if they could, they'd force at gunpoint all and sundry into the
    first available death camp.

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