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Bishop Tobin to Congressman Patrick Kennedy: ´What does it mean to be a Catholic?´ Comments

Your rejection of the Church´s teaching on abortion falls into a different category it´s a deliberate and obstinate act of the will; a conscious decision that you´ve re-affirmed on many occasions. Continue Reading

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  1. TJ
    5 years ago

    It sure is refreshing when a Bishop stands up and defends Church teaching without mincing words. For too many years too many of our bishops have been too silent regarding these obstinate public officials. It's time for the scandal to end.

  2. DR
    5 years ago

    A brilliant choice of words the letter is but there is more to the story.

    In order to understand religion in politics we need to trace back the history of both organizations. The Catholic Church has for decades prior to wide-spread abortion been pro-Democrat because the Democrats believe taxing the rich to feed the poor is the "good thing to do." That comes from the loosely written Catholic Social Teaching "preference for the poor."

    Republicans are notorious wealthy business people who liberals like to think get rich off exploiting people. Republican work ethic stems from Protestant ideology. That's why Republicans had such a problem with JFK.

    The problem is that the Church doesn't really say who is the poorest of poor and many priests think that as long as the homeless get the best care that is good enough. Jesus said we will always have the poor with us but we will not always have those aborted children with us.

    I do feel for my needy brethren but at least they have physical life which allows them a decent deal of autonomy. Those poor aborted children clung to their mothers and fathers for life and were completely alone. The needy at least have homeless shelters and a government that will give them an ear. Those "unwanted pregnancies" have nothing in this world except the Catholic Church which many despise.

  3. Jean
    5 years ago

    Well friends and family I challenge all of us to write or contact our Representatives if you think that the Stupak Amendment will be tanked.

    You all write a firm but respectful rebuttal to your Representatives both in Congress and the Senate and let them know do not tank Stupak's Amendment.

    I am not being naive but if enough people flood them they might just get the message that it is the will of the people and they had better keep the Amendment in.

    I also recommend you let your Representatives know that it wasnt the Right to Life people who kept Health care at bay it was the representatives themselves who do not want conscience clauses and restrictions on abortions.

    I also think the people let them know this time around that we want restrictions on federal funding of abortion.

    So please do so thanks.


  4. Jim
    5 years ago

    I recently heard a wise priest say "scandals create confusion".
    Our Church has had many scandals,therefore, much confusion. Personally,scandal has generated anger. After this letter,I feel cleansed of my anger,because my Church is resurrecting and being as courageous as the peril calls Her to be. I pray and hope that the Church in this country reclaims the attribute of honesty in ALL cases regardless of the strength of the adversary.

  5. Andy Holland
    5 years ago

    I wonder when tough love kicks in - and feeling the sting of excommunication and censure for high crimes against humanity, these politicians either repent and return to the sheepfold, or go their own way into the void.

  6. Frank
    5 years ago

    Anyone who believes that the Stupak Amendment will be retained past the immediate legislative battle is fatally naive. Congressman Kennedy, Mrs. Pelosi and other like-minded "Catholics" view the Amendment opportunistically by their own words and actions. Bishop Tobin deserves our support. He also deserves the support of his Brother Bishops. Where are they in this matter? Where are the clergy? Despite the USCCB declaration of parish wide public opposition to the abortion provisions of the "Bill", many parishes, including my own, were silent and thus complicit in the taking of life. Mr. Stupak's amendment was a conscious placebo in the first round of a vicious assault on life. The placebo seems to have done its job well. Many Bishops seem to have gone back to sleep. The final statute is the real issue and Mr. Stupak will have gotten his hoped for endorsement for his next election campaign despite the final and inevitable vote against life. I can hear the "shock" and Pharisaic bleating from here! Mr. Kennedy is the least of the bad actors!

  7. Philip
    5 years ago

    What I do not understand ,is after so many "scoldings" from the church ,why canons 751 1364 and 1398 are not applied and excommunication is given to these so called politicians who CONSISTANTLY vote laws that promote laws that aid abortion . When is the Church going to administer "tough love". Many words but no action to back them . What would Christ do? A lesson could be learned from example of the money-changers in the Temple , and also what he admonished His own disciples about little children .

  8. Liz
    5 years ago

    Bishop Tobin wrote a beautiful, intelligent, reasonable letter - however, one sentence is missing: Please restrain from receiving the Eucharist until this matter is resolved.

  9. Barb
    5 years ago

    Thanks be to God for the courage of the Bishop. Too many Catholics have left the church not because of scandals but how the scandals were handled! Now lay it out to Pelosi and Biden and the others. They have a choice (their words). There are so many layers of choice is there not? I can think of about 3 choices that are made prior to abortion. And there certainly is a choice for legislatures in upholding an existing law, fighting for it's demise, but forcing it on the American people to not only tolerate, but finance!

  10. Samuel Hopper
    5 years ago

    What a beautiful and wonderful letter by Bishop Tobin. I hope it inspires more bishops to challenge more politicians who claim to be Catholic yet profess beliefs that are in opposition to the church. Amen, Bishop Tobin.

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