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Bishop Tobin to Congressman Patrick Kennedy: ´What does it mean to be a Catholic?´ Comments

Your rejection of the Church´s teaching on abortion falls into a different category it´s a deliberate and obstinate act of the will; a conscious decision that you´ve re-affirmed on many occasions. Continue Reading

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  1. Jacqueline S. Stutmann
    5 years ago

    Good letter, but I wonder about the statement the Bishop made about the Congressman disagreeing with the Church on the issue of abortion (a life and death issue) as being unacceptable to the church and that it "diminishes" his ecclesial communion within the church. It has been said that so-called "Catholics" who are pro-abortion politicians should refrain from Holy Communion until their attitudes and stances change. I would say it BREAKS their communion with the Church. Is there a "suspension" that can be imposed on these folks who choose to scandalize the faithful, which seems to be a serious sin given the words of Our Lord about scandals in Luke 17:1-2 "He said to his disciples, "Things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person through whom they occur. It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin."
    The identity of "Catholic", (someone who is faithful and accepting and lives by the teachings of the Church), should be stripped from those who insist on being obstinate, and yet remain in the church to cause scandal. There should be some declaration publicly, by the Bishops, "that certain pro-abortion politicians are not acting in accordance with church teaching and thereby with their actions of publicly and obstinately supporting abortion, they, of their own free will have broken their ecclesial communion and cease to be Catholic, until such time as they renounce such beliefs , confess and repent of this behavior. If they receive communion in disobedience of their Bishop, they cause a grievous sin to themselves and the church which they themselves are responsible for." These public statements need to be made. Communion with the Church is BROKEN when someone is obstinate in their stance and causes others to do the same. It must be treated as such. Using the word "diminishes" meaning just "lessening", which isn't as severe, seems to be something that is still "acceptable". We need to look back on how the early church fathers treated heretics and schismatics. The Gospel says that if someone even refuses to listen to the church, treat them as you would a tax collector. (Matthew 18:17). In 2 Thessalonians 14, St. Paul writes, "If anyone does not obey our word as expressed in this letter, take note of this person not to associate with him, that he may be put to shame." In John chapter 6, Jesus let the disciples who did not believe in his words about his Body and Blood to leave him, even asking his 12 Apostles if they were going to leave him because of it. St. Peter said "To whom shall we go? You have the words of everlasting life." Seems to me Congressman Kennedy could use this lesson from St. Peter. St. Peter didn't understand how Jesus could give us His Body and Blood in which to eat and drink, but believed what Jesus said, nonetheless! Those who choose NOT to believe all that the Church puts forth for belief as regards to Faith and morals, ARE NOT CATHOLIC.

  2. Jsmith
    5 years ago

    What a great and powerful letter! Thank you for publishing it.

  3. P. Blankenship
    5 years ago

    Kudos to Bishop Tobin. It's long past time when the Kennedy's should have been chastised for their ideals and actions which have flown in the face of Catholicism.

  4. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    Thanks so much Deacon for printing the letter in its full context as well your remarks. It is is so IMPORTANT the totality of Bihsop Tobins letter be read all over the U S....There are people out to destroy the Catholic Faith and it is so refreshing to HAVE A GOOD BISHOP CLARIFY as a good shepherd should....
    As for the babies murdered daily....its so sick and so sad that we have people in public life proclaiming their loyalty to BOTH...thats TOTALLY ABSURD and a LIE.Its a form of MENTAL AND SPIRTUAL DISORDER.....sadly there are so many.....

  5. David V.
    5 years ago

    I see it this way, senator, congressman, or whatever your occupation.... what you do as your job should not conflict with your beliefs... and far as I am concerned you should follow and stay by what the church says if you say your a catholic. Thank you Bishop for busting him out and making him see the errors of his ways.

  6. Peter Ramsey
    5 years ago

    If abortion is murder (and I believe it is), then state-funded abortion is genocide.
    With all due respect, the Kennedy family is not above God's ultimate laws of faith and obedience.

  7. Harold & Judy Huston
    5 years ago

    We would like to thank you for defending our Faith!!! Sometimes those of us down here in the trenches get discouraged but then a very Blessed Bishop such as your self lifts us up with your words and defense of our Catholic faith....thank you...thank you!

  8. Jo
    5 years ago

    Your Grace Bishop Tobin - we need more like you in the world! I pray the Lord God that my own bishop will seek grace from the Holy Spirit to step up to the plate much more than he is doing at the moment. We need more strong, confident and fit-for-the-fight Roman Catholics to stand up for our faith in the public arena. Prayer is key to this. How about it?

  9. Joe C.
    5 years ago

    I thank the Bishop for taking a stand against Rep Kennedy's schismatic falsehoods. I fear though that the Bishops, Blue Dogs, and pro-life Democrats are in for a very raw deal in the final version of this disgraceful healthcare bill. I believe they will try to slip abortion back in one way or another. If not this month - some month in the very near future.

  10. S.
    5 years ago

    For Patrick Kennedy, Pelosi and those of their ilk, I think Catholicism is little more than an image they use as a label for themselves at election time. A more plastic bunch is hard to imagine. Sometimes I even wonder if they're deists, let alone Catholics.

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