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Scientology Religious ‘Order’ called ‘Sea Orgs’ Forced Abortions on Members Comments

Members of this 'inner circle' of devotees are required to sign a contract agreeing to serve Sea Org 'for the next billion years.' Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Luke: "subhuman?" I would use a better word.

  2. Eldon Braun
    5 years ago

    "Scientology is evil."

    I didn't say it, an Australian judge did way back in the 1960s. He was right.

  3. 001011
    5 years ago

    I pray for the safety of the brave young people who put themselves in harms way to expose this crime syndicate disguised as a UFO cult. Their masks and costumes cannot always protect them.
    I pray that Catholic clergy will help them spread the word about this evil.

  4. Elizabeth
    5 years ago

    I am an ex-scientologist. I have a close family member who experienced for herself the anguish of a scientology-induced abortion. As a young newlywed, she became pregnant. She and her new husband were immediately separated from each other, and their scientology superiors went to work on them both, to "handle" them. She was convinced it was the greater good to abort the baby and keep it secret from her new husband, even though they both had the desire to have a family. Later he found out, of course. They were both devastated by this insane practice of the "Sea Organization", scientology's "elite". This negative experience affects them to this day. The scientology religion's current practice of "disconnection" is anti-family. There are hundreds and hundreds of scientologists who have been blocked from ever speaking to immediate family members ever again. Regarding the cult vs. religion issue, as a 20+ year member, I know that it does not matter which you call it because it is both cult and religion. Same as some Christian cults exist, they are still technically Christians. But the Scientologists must be compelled to reform the many abusive and cultic practices of scientology if they want it to survive as a religion. Their current leader is a sociopath and has full control. Therefor it cannot be reformed from within, it must come from the outside. Thank you, Mr. Sly for this article. Every little bit helps.

  5. frederic
    5 years ago

    Scientology's 'book number one' is the book "Dianetics:the modern science of mental health". It is the book, which got the whole movement started and is part of Scientology's set of basic books. This book does not contain any references to anything metaphysical. It is pure pseudoscience.
    Other parts of Scientology though, as the belief in thetans, may be seen as religious. So the philosophy itself is a mix of pseudoscience and religious beliefs.
    Scientology's founder did not even refer to Scientology as a religion himself.
    In the Scientology book "creation of human ability" for example he wrote that Scientology is not a religion and in its early stages he referred to Scientology as a science and not a religion.

  6. Sarah
    5 years ago

    This is I believe the ONLY abortion issue that pro-life and pro-choice activists can agree on, and to think this is going on in an organization masquerading as a respectable religion is just beyond me. The idea that they would actively counsel happy, married couples AGAINST keeping a child that both parents would have loved is simply despicable, there's just no other word for it. I hope they get the book thrown at them in court.

  7. Jenny Flowers
    5 years ago

    "In addition to these crimes against humanity, Scientologists receive tax exemptions above and beyond what other religions receive. From "One of the special parts of the tax-exempt status that Scientology enjoys has to do with their exemption for "religious education". This means that any Scientologist can deduct their expenses for Scientology courses, auditing, and even all of the Hubbard books they buy. They are the only church that has been granted this status."

    Exactly. Inexplicably, the IRS has determined to make the Church of Scientology America's "chosen religion." These words were right out of the mouth of a Ninth Circuit Federal court judge.

    How long before that sort of favoritism results in a massive growth wave for Scientology, at the expense of the American public?

  8. John McDonald
    5 years ago

    Hey Louise O'Malley, is that a threat?!?! To the Catholic Church?

  9. Jimboom
    5 years ago

    @ PaxVobiscum

    I agree that Scientology is a dangerous cult. But your statement that it is not a religion needs a bit of clarification. What makes a religion? All it takes is one person either wanting to make a name for themselves or thinking their way of living is best. Then add a few devout followers who will attest to seeing you preform miracles to the mix and let it age for a few hundred years and whammo. You got yourself a relgion.
    So while I agree with everything you say about Scientology my question is what seperates this religion from every other one? All of them have fairly unbelievable stories behind them. All of them claim to offer some sort of respite/peace in this life of the next and all of them have teachings you must follow to be part of said religion.

    Perhaps it's time that we abolish tax exemption for all religions?

  10. A Watcher
    5 years ago

    @Louise O'Malley, I don't think the Catholic Church advocates abortion. In fact, they're outright AGAINST IT. And what Scientology is doing- forcing these young women to get abortions because it 'interferes with their duties'- is patently against that belief.

    HOW, pray tell, does that relate to your comment? Don't you think it's important for everyone-including Catholics- to know about such an abhorrent practice?

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