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Health Care Reform Passes: Catholic Democrat Bart Stupak Protects Life Comments

Saturday night in two historic votes the importance of faithful Catholics in both major political parties became crystal clear. Continue Reading

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  1. Andres
    5 years ago

    I am glad that this shell was exposed for what it was however, if you think that a free health care system is going to fix everything your wrong. Ask one of the thousands of convicts, felons and inmates, in county, state and federal jails where they already receive free health care, how much they love it. It is free for them and it is one of the most often complaints, you get what you pay for and if you pay for nothing you usually receieve that in return. Why do you think Canadians come see the doctors here in the states, so they do not have to wait 6 months for an MRI.

  2. Paul
    5 years ago

    I may be wrong, but as I understand it, after the bill clears the Senate it goes to a committee that works out any differences in the house bill and Senate bill and produces a final bill out of this committee to be sent DIRECTLY to the President to sign...without any further vote. As I hear, and again I may be wrong, Waxman says he can cut Stupak's amendment out without any further votes. IF that is so and Stupak knew it it's a disgrace. If he didn't know it he's a disgrace, if it's so. And, if it so works this way, and I could be wrong, I would hope that you wouldn't treat, Deacon, Stupak with the same "gentleness" you treat your Pal from Pepperdine.

  3. AntonioSosa
    5 years ago

    Ben Vos, to defend our faith, we need to recognize evil. The Catholic Church has rightfully denounced pro-abortion "Catholics" like Sebelius and Pelosy numerous times. These "Catholics" should stop calling themselves "Catholics." They are acting against the teachings of the Church and against the moral principles of most Americans. They are ready to fund not only abortion but infanticide (partial-birth abortion) -- not only in the U.S. but also in other countries -- with the money Obama is stealing from our children and grandchildren!

    Being in public office Sebelius and Pelosy have caused and continue to cause tremendous harm not only for the evil policies they are backing but also because of the horrendous example they are giving to other Catholics.

    Naturally, it's up to God to judge them. However, it's our duty to defend our Church, our families and our country from the evil they bring.

  4. AntonioSosa
    5 years ago

    Mike M., I guess I was wrong about I was not seeing my comments and I thought they were just not going to be posted, and jumped to the conclusion that may be one of the many "Catholic" organizations created and funded by George Soros to manipulate Catholics into supporting Obama and Obama's SCAMS, like Obamacare.

    George Soros funds, for example, the Catholic Left, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United and Catholics for Choice (the pro-abortion group that has twice been condemned as a fraud by Catholic bishops).

  5. Rose
    5 years ago

    I agree with Antonio. I am more afraid than ever that this so called "health insurance reform" will become law. Don't think for a minute that the final bill will not cover abortion, or rationing, or death panels. The people in this administration and its supporters make their decisions "in the dark", behind locked doors. They have constantly refused to bring it "in the light". Nancy lied (again) about putting it online for 72 hours so that the citizens of this country who would be affected by it, could read it. Today, the insert from the bishops on health care was in our parish bulletin, but our Pastor didn't even mention it. Instead, he talked about stewardship, money. I have a terrible feeling about all of this.

  6. InVeritate
    5 years ago

    Stupak certainly undertook a laudable act by proposing his pro-life amendment and contributing to its adoption. However, upholding as an exemplary Catholic public servant a politician who, in 2008, endorsed the pro-abortion presidential candidate Obama is unacceptable and conveys the wrong signal. In other words, the fact that a politician undertook an objectively good act (namely opposing the pro-abortion clauses in a bill) does not make him exemplary if accompanied by other acts that go in the opposite direction (such as endorsing a pro-abortion presidential candidate). In thanking Stupak and other pro-life Democrats for having acted correctly in this instance, let us hope that this will lead them to ponder whether they can really continue supporting a pro-abortion president whose pro-death decisions are not subject to their power of amendment.

  7. Melissa
    5 years ago

    Great points, John and Courtney. Thanks so much for your insights!

  8. Claire
    5 years ago

    Ben, I fail to understand how you can be "troubled in spirit" after reading this article. Nancy Pelosi is not being judged here, but her actions as a US Representative are being called into question. How does one reconcile her Catholic Faith and her vehement promotion of abortion? Her position on abortion is certainly no secret, and is in direct opposition to Catholic teaching.

  9. Ed Burke
    5 years ago

    I find it more than a little strange that some posters to Catholic Online now have an Abortion Free health care bill that excludes abortion, and its the cost they are concerned about. Our government has plenty of money for wars, bombs, bullets, unnecessary, useless F-22 fighter jets, and numerous other pro-Death expenditures but providing life saving health care to millions of our fellow Americans who would otherwise not have it, is Too Expensive. Not from where this Catholic Stands! And where were you and your cost concerns when Rightwing Zealot and President George W. Bush was busy doubling the national debt for all those war profiteers ? We can afford to take care of 'the least of these, our brethern. I would add we can not afford to neglect them any longer, too many have died of this disease called no health insurance.

  10. Mike M.
    5 years ago

    Antonio Sosa: really, you think CatholicOnline is LEFT leaning? Are you kidding? They still have featured articles about Pres. W. on the front page!

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