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Health Care Reform Passes: Catholic Democrat Bart Stupak Protects Life Comments

Saturday night in two historic votes the importance of faithful Catholics in both major political parties became crystal clear. Continue Reading

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  1. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Jean, I haven't been getting this impression from every pro-lifer, nor the majority of articles on this site, but mostly from a lot of commentors here. Also from the "partisan Catholic right," which I use here as comparable to Catholics who know the Church is right on abortion but still rally with the lefties and never consider being conservative even on one issue an option ("partisan Catholic left"). The "partisan Catholic right" as I have observed (not all conservative Catholics) cheer when conservatives make a victory for life and sulk when liberals help the poor.
    There are certainly many conservative Catholics here who do not fit that description.

  2. Jean
    5 years ago


    I dont get this impression about what the pro-life movement casts as stereotypical women who get abortions.

    You should look up Priests for Life Website because you will not get that impression from them.

    Respectfully I say this of course.

    So respectfully where are you getting your information from?

  3. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Thanks very much, Deacon. You made me very happy :)

  4. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Jackson, I don't agree with you, but I do think this site needs to address the issue of what we can do to help women who see abortion as badly-needed economic relief. Most women receive abortions because they can't afford another baby. This doesn't make it right, but the pro-life movement in general has tended to cast these women as self-absorbed, middle-class, ingorantly liberal feminists who only want abortions because they don't want to have a baby. I think that if we make abortion illegal (which we shoul), we owe it to those women to increase support for pregnant and nursing women, financially and spiritually. Are there any other ideas?

  5. DR
    5 years ago

    @Jackson: You make it sound as if everything to do with women's health is about abortion. I'm tired of hearing you liberals whine because tax dollars won't be used to support your selfish act. Would you like if a law was passed requiring your tax dollars to go to abstinence-only education? NO, you wouldn't! Well we feel the same about abortion.

    I think the best compromise on this issue is that every pro-choicer should identify their self when they apply for a driver license (like you do for voting) and that information will be used to deduct an "abortion surcharge" from your own pay checks. If you think America wants abortion that badly then you'll have no problem collecting enough money to fund it.

    Stop trying to force those of us who value the sanctity of marriage and only use sex for making children to pay for the consequences of your sex-addictions.

    @All: Republican Pitts had a great hand in this amendment as well yet I see Catholics mainly praising Stupak. A great man he is but give credit where credit is due. I believe the Church cuddled with Democrats for too many years and is paying for that now. Embrace both equally and quit the favoritism. Republicans (a.k.a. Protestants) may have been Catholic enemies for centuries but we need to get past that and unite. The Democrats DO NOT have the Holy Grail solution for poverty because there are still poor people and always will be as Jesus said. The real Catholic gets off their butt and goes to the soup kitchen while hippie thinks their job is done after they pull the level!!

  6. Jackson
    5 years ago

    Congratulations to all of you for your assault on women's health care. You should all be ashamed.

  7. Jean
    5 years ago


    You say many of us are Republicans. Well lets hope that we are just all Catholics in communion with the teachings of the Catholic Church?

    Hopefully and peacefully our thinking in Catholic teaching transcends party ideologies?

    Hope so. Peace.

  8. Bob Karbowski
    5 years ago

    I can't fathom why any Catholic in communion with the Holy Father would be pleased with a Health Care Bill which will require Catholics to pay for artificial contraception. And why hasn't the USCCB made this a requirement for their support?

  9. Melissa
    5 years ago

    I'm still quite puzzled as to why my follow-up comments (twice) haven't been posted. I haven't misrepresented Church teaching. Nor have I made false or overtly political statements -- certainly no more so than anything else posted here. What specifically did I write that was inappropriate? I'm really very curious.

  10. jeff6161
    5 years ago

    Here are the problems that I have with this Health Care Bill, As it stands now, we can go to our own Doctor and receive certain test to determine the problem and then receive treatment for such condition, But, If this bill passes, then we go to our Doctor, who in turn, has to send us home until he is told by some bureaucrat in the government with no medical experience which tests he is or is not allowed to give us and which treatment he will be allowed to give if the problem is actually found because of lack of testing to save money..Not to mention Doctor, patient privacy will be lost forever?? My parents are old and poor and can't survive with $500 billion cut from Medicare...Also, if this is such a good thing, why then did the creators of the bill EXEMPT themselves from having to participate in this, something is wrong there.... and then threaten the rest of us with 5 years in Federal Prison if we can't afford the plan, which will be way more expensive than they say. Not to mention millions in the private sector will lose their jobs. FACT: Government History has taught me that the actual cost of the bill will be at LEAST 10 times higher

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