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Good Catholics Should Not be Masons Comments

Fr Ashley Beck says the Church teaches clearly that Freemasonry and Catholicism are incompatible. Continue Reading

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  1. Dan
    2 years ago

    This is one of the best articles on the subject I have read though I disagree, of course. Freemasonry is not a religion but does believe in the ideals of the Enlightenment and in Man's self- reliance and potential for improving on a moral, intellectual, scientific and spiritual level. It also demands belief in a Supreme Being from its members so in my opinion it offers a middle way between religious fundamentalism and atheism and materialism. It works for me.
    Are the prayers made in lodge vandalized Christian prayers? These are prayers to God and in the lodge there will invariably be members of different religions so the "generic" tone of the prayers is done with this in mind. The prayers have a Christian flavor because Freemasonry is a Western and therefore Christian product. Regarding the oaths...mmm, yes, according to Scripture this may sound irregular but it is merely symbolic and formalistic. Preference for the poor? I have been in dire financial situations and yet Freemasonry has never looked down on me: it has helped me where nobody else (family, friends, government, Church) would.

    It was thanks to Freemasonry that I became a believer. And a better person. I am Catholic and a Freemason.

  2. Catholic Store
    2 years ago

    @Keith Gunkel

    The Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith has deemed it heretical due to the fact that it does not put Christ in the center of their mission. Furthermore the masonic societies have sought the downfall of the Catholic Religion, based on what we have found on the Alta Vendita, document AA-1025, and other various sources. Combine this with the fact that the Catholic Prophets, such as Catalina Rivas, have prophesied against the free masons also show that the Hosts of Heaven is against them as well. Do not be fooled by false lights and wolves in sheep's skins. The road to evil is paved with good intentions. Doing any charitable act without the Divine Love of Jesus Christ is worthless. Do not be deceived. You must leave the free masons because to continue in any membership with any masonic organization would excommunicate you, latae sententiae...

    I tell this because I love you as my brother in Christ and I do not want to see you hurt.


    Greg Thompson, owner of

  3. Keith Gunkel
    2 years ago

    I feel this article is written by a person that has no knowledge of Free Masonry .As being raised in a Catholic house hold and attending Catholic High School I have a vast knowledge of Catholic Doctrine and received all the Sacrements. As a 32 degree Mason we are taught to reflect on our sins and to make a GOD man BETTER through reading scripture and inner reflection. We make our obligation to GOD and to Vow NOT to commit adultery to help others less fortunate and aid the widows and orphans . All said and not to cast stones as Our savior instructed I feel the brotherhood of free masonry and Christianity go hand in hand .

  4. Ned
    3 years ago

    Bob, so you say you are a priest. if you are i would bet you are a Jesuit and subscribe to the Liberation Theology that Arrupe did his best to embrace and infect the Order with.
    As a mason you are, by Canon 2335, excomunicated absolution from which is reserved simply to the Holy See. I shall pray for your immortal soul.

  5. Mike
    4 years ago

    I found this article to be somewhat harsh with non-factual points and statements, in my eyes, not befitting someone representing the Church. As a practicing Catholic and Freemason I am dismayed by the information here where Father Beck conveys things regarding the Fraternity that just aren't true and yet used as condemnation of my membership.

    First of all, the Grand Orient of Freemasons are not part of the global Free and Accepted Masons nor recognized as such in anyway. Anything pertaining to them is inconsequential.

    "The reasons for our teaching, expounded in teaching from many popes since the 18th century, are theological. In the first place, Freemasonry is a naturalistic religion. Its rituals and constitutions present the member as a man who is able to advance towards enlightenment through his own efforts "
    This is incorrect, and a well known falsehood told about the fraternity. Freemasonry is not a religion but welcomes any man OF any religion. We endeavor to DO good works but in NO WAY promise salvation through them or the lodge. We are to use our faith as a guide to heaven. I, as a Catholic seek entry through Jesus Christ the Son given to us by God the Father by way of the Holy Spirit. A brother in the fraternity of a different religion may have other beliefs in his path to salvation but we accept and respect each other's belief and work together to help each other and the community around us despite these differences in faith.

    "Second, the prayers in its rituals specifically exclude reference to Our Lord. They are often prayers of Christian origin which have been vandalised." (it's vandalized by the way).
    This is, in part, True. As noted, we are men of many faiths and therefore do not specifically name Jesus in Lodge nor would someone of another name their deity or savior by name. We instead use a universal name of God, or the Grand Architect that we may still open and close our Lodge and workings in the name of Him. Make no mistake, our prayers go to whom we Believe. Mine, as noted above go to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Vandalized is a terrible word to use here as it's untrue. No prayers are altered in anyway from the Book.

    "Third, the oaths required in the initiation rites require the new Mason to promise to keep secret the organisation's rituals, even though he does not at that point know what they are. These oaths are what Christian moral theologians call "vain" - they are not acceptable and cannot bind the person making them, even if they are done in the name of God. This is the problem with the oaths, not (as is sometimes claimed) the dire penalties which used to be referred to in the rituals" (it's organization's by the way)
    The oaths are no different than those made in any other organization, including the Knights of Columbus (totally acceptable to the Church), government, nor to individuals everyone makes to each other throughout their lives.

    "The "preferential option for the poor" would not find a place in the lodge. One could also point to the exclusion of women from lodge membership and the strain placed on many marriages by the commitments demanded of Freemasons: in spite of claiming to be a "system of morality" infidelity and adultery seem often to be viewed with some indulgence."

    First of all, men from all walks of life are admitted regardless of financial background. The exclusion of women is simple. It's a FRATERNITY. The Knights of Columbus don't accept women in either I believe. The Fraternity of Freemasonry explicitly informs it's members their family, job and faith come first. The claims of infidelity and adultery prevalence are an outright lie and I am ashamed for Father Beck's for making such a statement.

    "It is important that Catholics rest their challenge to Freemasonry on the clear theological arguments which I have advanced and that we are well-informed about the subject: "
    This is very true however, Father Beck has failed in practicing this very statement.

    In closing, this entire article is non-factual and biased to what the Father has chosen to believe of the Fraternity. I save "faith" for God, when it comes tangible matters such as this I reserve fact for my judgments

  6. Judy
    4 years ago

    Bob, I doubt if you are a catholic priest but if you are, I pray that the Holiy Spirit enlightens you for the salvation of your soul, Amen.

  7. Bob
    4 years ago

    I am a Priest in the Catholic Church and a Freemason.
    We have the belief in a Supreme Being. And we also have
    And keep a high moral standards. We show kindness in the home
    And out of the home. Courtesy in society to all and honesty in business.
    And fairness in all of dealings. And as you do all this you read the Holy Bible
    And you always stay with in the Ten Commandments. And you are a Mason..

  8. MSB
    4 years ago

    As a Catholic and as a human being, period... I am extremely disturbed by the Freemasons and their secret agendas. I have been following the Freemasons and their secret motives for years now and I have come to a serious realization that it's way worse than I have ever imagined. As soon as I learned of the Freemasons many years ago, everything clicked and everything made sense to me like never before. From the Knights Templar to 911 and up til now. The true demonic figure mentioned in the bible are the Freemasons as a whole and their twisted and evil Lucifer lusting faith that will eventually play a great factor and a roll in our down fall and the end of the world as we know it. Please go to to learn more about these people and please decide for yourselves. Knowledge will help us to see and to fight the evil but the ignorance will only help them and blind us to the truth until it is too late. We have to do something and fast..... May Our Lord Jesus Christ help us all and our children.

  9. Kevin Hobbs
    5 years ago

    I know the evils of freemasonry which are too numerous to go into here and i thought this was a good article but I have to say that I am a bit confused about the idea of dialogue with other faiths. As a catholic I understood and was taught that the only dialogue for salvation was Jesus Christ. We pray for conversion of all other faiths because that is their only way to salvation.If we encourage them in their particular faith or pray that they remain in their faith then we condemn them.The only way to salvation is Jesus Christ and the way to Him is through His one church, The Catholic Church, and Its teachings and Sacraments.It is only through pride and not faith that other faiths will not accept that; pride,lack of faith and disobedience split the Christian church apart and it is because of these things this apostasy has crept into all aspects Catholicism.

  10. jeff
    5 years ago

    It also comes with an excommunication from more than a few popes.

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