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The 'Two Step' of the New Censors. A Threat to Catholics? Comments

Catholic Christians insist that there is a Natural Law which can be known by all men and women through the exercise of reason Continue Reading

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  1. steve
    4 years ago

    I figure let the people of the state live as they will and the people of the Church live as we will. The Church helps regardless of status or way of life. More is expected from the Church yet we have shown through out the centuries the secular world is very much part of our foundation. I have known clergy, brothers and sisters who are homosexual, some celibate some not, yet they hold to their Vows. So, the inside (the Church) is no different than the outside (the secular world).

  2. eithena
    5 years ago

    in ireland during the famine catholics where offered soup but they had to turn away from the church thousands died rather than TAKE THE SOUP I THINK ALOT OF AMERICANS HAVE TAKEN THE SOUP SAUL SAUL WHY DO YOU PERSECUTE ME GOD

  3. Vance
    5 years ago

    The "Two Step" has already taken place. The House Health Care Bill included a "Hate Speech" amendment. Today the senate will pass this incidious Health Care bill that will accomplish what the fanatical left-wing has wanted for decades. This nation is in bad trouble and it promises to get worse.

    The USCCB has finally drafted a document that clarifies the Catholic Churches position on Marriage and so-called Same-sex marriage. This comes late in the game but better late than never. It amazes me that there were 45 bishops who voted against it and 3 abstentions. I believe these 48 bishops need to find something else to do because they do not belong in their offices.

    All USCCB need to be engaged in the "Culture War". The reason we are here having these discussions is that our bishops have been MIA for the last 40 years.

  4. Peggy
    5 years ago

    At first, the banner read: "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year", then was added Happy Chanuka. It changed again to say "Seasons' Greetings" Next it was Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza. The tree decoratioms changed over time from candles and angels with a Manger to toys and teddy bears. This happened in my place of employment and then moved onto the Public Square. It's been going on for years and we are now almost totally secular

  5. GW
    5 years ago

    Ike and Kim, take heart:
    Our nation's founders thought deeply about religion, but they were not wedded to the finer points of church doctrine. George Washington disclaimed any interest in whether people were "Mohametans, Jews, or Christians of any sect, or Atheists.” His sole concern was that they should have the right to exercise freedom of worship, expression, and thought.
    The second president, John Adams, was a Unitarian. Adams’ successor, Thomas Jefferson, wrote that the Christian clergy was one of “the greatest obstacles to the advancement of the real doctrines of Jesus.”
    I don't subscribe to those views, but here's what I think:
    Our current political leaders (even - gasp - Obama) are much more Christian than our founders. For every one of us who looks at the world and the future with fear and trepidation, there is another who looks on with anticipation and resolve to make things better.
    We can rise above our failures of the last eight years. Whether it’s with Obama or the next president, we don’t have to let the Bush Administrations incompetence and failures doom our nation. Take heart.

  6. TraintheChristians
    5 years ago

    It started with what is shown to us on TV. First there was divorce shown more and more as the norm. Then a man and woman who were not married were shown living together in a TV show and we were all expected to accept it. Then the homosexual references started getting bolder and more frequent. Pretty soon, the TV and movies "expected" us to accept this behavior as normal in order to watch the entertainment. Reality shows displayed tatooed wonders as being normal everyday people, and as a consequence, getting a tatoo is now commonplace, even among Christians. What is next? Homosexual love will be forced... more and more... at our youth in TV and movies and in our schools. Then will come pediophilia being pushed as normal. It will not be long after this that you will be expected to view a family with multiple mothers and fathers living together as "OK" and just another "lifestyle". How depraved will our nation get? It is up to all Christians and especially Catholic Christians to stop the downward spiral. Stand up and be counted!!!

  7. Kim
    5 years ago

    I agree that this is a profoundly pagan nation. I used to give presentations for SAVE (suicide awareness/voices of education) In my personal testimony, I give credit to God for saving my life after my numerous suicide attempts. SAVE no longer asks me to do any more presentations after some public schools complained that I spoke about God. This nation was founded on Christian principles. Unfortunately, this is not a Christian nation anymore.

  8. Ike
    5 years ago

    The west and u.s are in post christian era.we catholics in particular and all christains have to pray against further decline and for conversion

  9. anzlyne
    5 years ago

    Yes this is happening fast! My problem with all of this is the large number of friends and family members who have no idea what we are talking about. Culture war? People have accepted false ideas without thnking. They have not looked into these concerns and have accepted the easy morality of the day, sympathetic and tolerant without recognizing the deeper meaning of the issues. They are put off by the shrill alarmists of talk radio, never watch EWTN, are distracted from these issues by their jobs and finances and daily schedules… and so will not hear the warnings….in my experience, most people are not tuned in to this even those who are faithful Catholics…

    As I’m writing this I realize maybe my sense of being overwhelmed is because I’m thinking as you would of the “big board” in a war room (the same mistake they are making when they talk about health care reform) solving the whole huge snarl of problems with phalanxes and tanks and huge strategies instead of realizing it comes down to solving the problems of patients.
    — I am thinking globally and need to think of local effect, of Jesus sending out his disciples two by two— keep trying! ...but we'd better talk fast!

  10. DR
    5 years ago

    @Laurence: I think many times those "empty arguments" you speak of are tested and come up empty. That's not the issue. The issue is getting people to hold those views to accept that they have hollow arguments. They are so full of their pride and so-called accomplishment that they think they are justified in anything they do.

    There are no magic words to make everything ok. I think Jesus is the best orator history has ever had and even His words only went so far. Jesus is a brilliant speaker as he could get a deep point across in 10 minutes or less. We write books of explanations on the things He spoke of and people are still arrogant as ever.

    There is an ironic parallel between Obama's rise to power and past bad leaders. They rose at a time when people we desperate. They also both "played nice" with with Church at first but then started disgracing it when they didn't agree with it.

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