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President Obama: Homosexual Unions Equivalent to Marriage Comments

What occurred on Saturday night is a very, very serious matter. President Obama sent the signal. He will not defend authentic marriage. Continue Reading

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  1. Andy Holland
    5 years ago

    "Whenever I read Rome speak about Natural Law I can't help thinking about Copernicus and Galileo."

    They both happened to be wrong. Riemann, a lover of the Psalms, found that every point in the universe is especial (space-time continuum, non-Euclidean Geometry - created Tensor mathematics to describe it that Einstein took a decade to master) and Einstein finally proved it with his energy/momentum metric of space-time curvature.

    Galileo's relativity is wrong as well - by the same reality. We were commanded by St. Peter to remember first "that a day unto the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day." - and that was from the Psalm of Moses.

    The Barycenter is the natural point of observation with the least space-time distortion, and in that system, the planets revolve around the CM - or around the preferred observer.

    To hold in space at any point and observe a rotational system from above for instance, requires energy for station keeping that reflects the space-time metric - and is hence an artificial point of view. The energy expended is as much a part of the observation of the reality seen as the motion of planets.

    Its complicated - yet very simple - the natural observation is preferable - which is why Moses gave us Psalm 90, and St. Peter the command what to remember first and that all space-time is relative to the absolute of light.

    But men prefer the darkness to the light because their deeds are dark....

  2. John
    5 years ago

    Everyone is equal
    What does living in fear have to do with marriage? No one here advocates (i hope) beating, killing, harrassing, or bashing of gay's. It is with LOVE that as catholics we should try to help others attain heaven.

  3. mvollmer
    5 years ago

    Whenever I read Rome speak about Natural Law I can't help thinking about Copernicus and Galileo.

  4. Marie
    5 years ago

    You cease to be faithfully Catholic if you agree with Obama on many things! Know your faith. Read the bible and your catechism. Leviticus 18:22,29;20:13. 1Corinthians 6:9-10. CCC 2358-2359. If all those claiming to be Catholic voted according to the faith, Obama would still be a junior senator voting 'present'.

  5. Binoy
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, Everywhere, At All Times!

    Dear 'everyone is equal',

    I would like to point out that GOD also loves Sinners, which includes Murderers, Rapists, Thieves, etc, but does that mean that GOD approves of their actions / behavior? Or at least that we should accept these people and let them continue their disordered lifestyle?

    Have a thought of what you've mentioned. GOD's Love for all is not an excuse for disordered sinful lifestyles, that lead to Hell. GOD's Love is so abundant that HE's forgiving and giving an opportunity to the Sinner to change their sinful path and each time that we affirm the sinful path / disordered lifestyle; we're ineffect being a very bad neighbour, as we're countering GOD's Call to repentance and change and infact asking the Sinners not to change and to continue in their sinful state (which could lead them to ultimate and final death - eternity in Hell).

    May we repent of ever having been part of such a thing and align our Lives in GOD's Path, a Path laid out by the Catholic Church.

    GOD Bless!

  6. anon
    5 years ago

    Gay people should support marriage between a man and a woman. They will not be here if not for their father and mother. Same-Sex union is for the benefit of excluding the possibility of a child.. It is somewhat selfish or dysfunctional. I agree. We have to respect them as persons. We do not have to agree with their sexual acts. It is even unfortunate if they use artificial means to have a child. This is even more disordered.

  7. every one is equal
    5 years ago

    i think its time to put all the differences aside. i am a catholic who believes that everyone is born equal under god. i think that if god, loves everyone this should not be any different. gay people live in fear all the time, with gay bashers and some irresponsible straight couples disown them or throw them out just because they don't like it. no one should have to live in fear for the rest of their life. its unjust. god is great god is pure. so is love. god loves everyone including homosexuals. and everyone is the same. we are all people sons and daughters of god.

  8. Andrew
    5 years ago

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States.

    Have confidence that your Bishops are going to release a pastoral letter which affirms the eternal teaching of the Church on marriage. Your confidence should flow from the fact that the Catholic Church is not bending to secular opinion at this time.

    It is first and foremost within the community of the Catholic Church that the fullness of life is reached in Christ. The pastoral letter from the US Bishops on marriage is a symbol of health in the Church and something to rejoice.

    Marriage is a fundamental human institution and the secular rejection of this teaching is an attempt to redefine human nature. It is probably the worst path our societies could go down. However, all is not lost unless the Catholic Church is forced to accept this distorted understanding of marriage within her own walls.

    Read the pastoral letter from your Bishops and try to communicate their understanding of the wonderful, essential and life giving nature of marriage between a man and a woman, firstly to people open to the message through faith and then to people within your wider circles of contact in society.

    We are facing similar attacks on marriage in Australia at this time but by a small political party, not the leader of our nation.

    This is a clarion call that we have been silent for too long.

    I am praying for you, my brothers and sisters in the United States.

    Yours in Christ

  9. Louise
    5 years ago

    Floss & Others' Our duly elected president cannot "make laws" that is Congress's job. President Obama is merely upholding the Constitution. He has proposed a practical way to reduce abortions - birth control.

  10. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Even I think Obama went too far this time.

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