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President Obama: Homosexual Unions Equivalent to Marriage Comments

What occurred on Saturday night is a very, very serious matter. President Obama sent the signal. He will not defend authentic marriage. Continue Reading

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  1. Davie
    5 years ago

    Correct, homosexual relations are seen as disordered by the Church (CCC#2357-2359). As St. Augustine said: "Love the sinner, hate the sin"

  2. Jerry Stephens
    5 years ago

    We are as God made us. And in America you have the right to choose a religion of your own. While the rest of the world doesn't agree, we continue our way of life, be it as a heterosexual or homosexual. Either way we will never be at peace. Wars still breakout over religion, race, and political power. I think that's why we need to turn to God and love Him and each other for who we are as he made us.

  3. Liz
    5 years ago

    Bulbajer: someone who commits suicide is psychologically disordered. You are splitting hairs. Someone who commits homosexual acts is disordered; someone who commits murder is disordered; someone who abuses children is disordered. Please understand we are to love these people as God so ordered - we just don't love what they do. And, when they do it, they are "disordered." This is aberrant behavior - out of the norm. Psych 101.

  4. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Liz, I agree with Jack. And someone can be driven to suicide without being disordered in the first place, if there's enough hate and not enough love. Or do you mean that those poor souls Richard mentioned are "disordered" because they were homosexuals? As I understand it the Church teaches that homosexual ACTS are disordered, not homosexual PERSONS necessarily.

  5. richard
    5 years ago

    Thank you Greg for giving us your story. Perhaps there most be a bit more? I can not believe the Church would do this all in favor of people in this situation. Nor can I believe there are so many people involved with-in this small community in power and influence. IN FACT, the story as told lacks honesty.

  6. Greg Heffernan
    5 years ago

    I am impressed with this article and how well it is written. I have written for several national Catholic magazines (US Catholic, St. Anthony Messenger, Catholic Digest, etc.) But I must tell you
    I was terminated from a Catholic School in Bel Air California, for teaching what was shared in this essay and for speaking up in support of marriage as taught by Catholic doctrine---that we should love homosexuals, but that marriage by homosexuals and homosexual acts are disordered. This is because there were a number of homosexuals on the faculty at this school.

    In fact, when I was hired at this school I was the only straight person in the theology department out of four people. Two ex-seminarians. One ex-nun -- all gay. When I later requested to not have a performance evaluation by the ranking dean of the school who is lesbian, living with another woman (and knew I supported Church doctrine on this issue) the principal called me in within 24 hours and said my contract will not be renewed. The principal who had an EED (and called herself a psychologist) obviously sided with the APA rather than the Magisterium when it came to the issue of homosexuality being disordered.

    This all happened 3 years ago. Just before Holy Week. I had a wife at home with a one year old son and a daughter...I was the only married person in the theology department at this "Catholic School" in Bel Air.

    We filed a law suit (with donated funds from a Christian Group because no Catholic would help us)and it was a suit on the grounds of religious freedom and sexual discrimination as a heterosexual! It was filed last year in LA Superior Court. The school's Catholic attorneys demurred the suit saying on religious grounds it was not for the secular courts. So I called Cardinal Levada in Rome and told him I had spoken up about this issue because I taught young students and I felt culpable if I didn't speak up and I also come from the entertainment industry and know many young people have been indoctrinated. And there's a lot of fear in LA because major players in the media are gay, and people are afraid of losing their jobs, and parents at this school worked in the industry, etc. I told the Cardinal my culpability now rests with him.

    He told me to speak to LA's Cardinal Roger Mahony. It was his responsibility. Who said it was the Superendent's responsibility...who said the legal counsel of the LA Diocese should look at it... which she probably did.

    My family has suffered terribly. Especially my wife and even my daughter has been made fun of at her Catholic school for supporting Prop 8 (California's amendment that is currently under attack after 53% of the voters approved it). That's what's really troubling. When your kids are also persecuted or excluded because of their good values.
    I had to cash in my retirement to cover our expenses to live on. I am currently looking for work. We may relocate to India because my wife is Catholic from India and explains this would never happen to a Catholic in India. She grew up with Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and a few Jews in Bombay.

    She tells me she loves Jesus but she doesn't blame Muslims for staying Muslim, nor Buddhists staying Buddhist. Especially if this is how Catholics treat Catholics. It's nothing new. Historically we often persecute our saints and later canonize them (though I don't claim to be any saint). Reminds me of the Sanhedrin.

  7. Liz
    5 years ago

    Hey Richard, you still need a male and female to procreate. God did not create Adam & Steve. And if you did any kind of research you would find out that Mothers and Fathers (male and female) interact quite differently with children. Please listen to Jean and check out Courage.

  8. Jean
    5 years ago


    I think you had better go over to the Courage Apostolate before you overeact.


  9. Jack
    5 years ago

    Heard of adoption, Liz? It's what plenty of straight couples also utilize. Or are families that adopt not real families either?

  10. Liz
    5 years ago

    Richard, your friends who committed suicide did so because they were "disordered." No one in the Church says were are not to love our homosexual neighbors - on the contrary, we are to embrace them. It is the sin we hate. Again, try looking into the group Jean is always advocating but obviously none of you have looked into it - Courage. The Catholic Church does a remarkable job in outreach. If you want to look for it that is. It seems most people here just want to vent and not learn.

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