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President Obama: Homosexual Unions Equivalent to Marriage Comments

What occurred on Saturday night is a very, very serious matter. President Obama sent the signal. He will not defend authentic marriage. Continue Reading

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  1. Nash
    5 years ago

    Can someone out there tell this guy that he is not the world's or people's spokesperson. He must keep his opinions to himself. These are things that keep the church Holy. Respect God's will. Even in computers they talk about male and female connections, never male to male or female to female, no connection there...

  2. Michelino Kekumba
    5 years ago

    What a shame for Obama as President of the US to consider such law, even male dogs cannot have sex with another male dog. Only humans consider such idea. While the bible said we have been created in the image God.

  3. brendan
    5 years ago

    Can somebody please tell how in the world being attracted to the opposite sex is evil or immoral even the tiniest bit?

  4. Anselm
    5 years ago

    One man's statement cannot make the Holy Roman Catholic Church change its stand on same sex marriage. It's evil, it's sinful before God and I think before man.Remember the story of the Soddom and Gommorah people.

  5. Julie Cheng
    5 years ago

    Obama obviously will do anything to win the votes - first he sanctioned abortions. Now it's same sex marriages. Has he no moral compass?

  6. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    PJ, moral relativism is indeed danerous, but does tht mean that all egalitarianism is bad? I think that the Catholic Church has a duty to protect the poor and weak, o are currentl andhave always been in society neglected and not treated as equal. It even says in our Declaration of Indpendence that all men (later rightly expanded to mean all people) are created equal.

  7. PJ
    5 years ago

    "As a catholic, I also believe in the equality of all people. "

    Then you are not a catholic at all. You are a moral-relativist. mandated Equality in economic terms is communism -that theory destroys the economy. mandated non distinction ('Equality') in moral terms is moral relativism - that theory destroys the moral fabric of the society.

    The Leftists in America gave up on Communism some decades ago - game over in 1989. Since the 1960s they have pursued another tack - cultural marxism. They can't destroy America economically, but they can destroy its moral foundations.

    The consequence of this so-called 'equality' is a fundamental attack on ANY MORAL STANDARDS, since such moral standards by definition create distinctions.

    Any argument put forth on behalf of gay marriage is equally valid for polygamy, or *any* 'consenting relationship'. If the point of such relations is mer self-satisfaction, then the moral basis of societal recognition is destroyed ... and the institution itself is destroyed.

    Ergo, the sentiment that demands 'equality' is the sentiment that destroys marriage and the foundations of our civil order.

    We should consider moral egalitarianism as much of a danger as communism, perhaps more so.

  8. PJ
    5 years ago

    "The Lord works in mysterious ways. This time it's through our President. "
    Satan works in devious ways. Lying, shredding promises made before the election, acting to undermine a fundamental institution like marriage ... whose work is it?

  9. PJ
    5 years ago

    "During the campaign, this president promised to protect the marriage between a man and a woman. He is saying exactly the opposite now. America, we have been lied to by this immoral president." This is not the only lie. He lied about 'no earmarks', he lied about transparency in make legislation, he promised a tax cut for 95% and has already passed and proposes multiple bills that will raise taxes and burdens on all Americans (health insurance mandate, cap-and-trade). Obama lied in september about the healthcare bills not covering abortion (they do). The list goes on. This lie about marriage was and is clear - in the last campaign, they made false comments about how their positions was no different from their opponents. It was a clear attempt to get around public opposition. Yet to gay-lesbian activists they had signalled otherwise. The Obama DOJ is radical-left on a number of fronts, and homosexual 'marriage' is just one of those fronts.

  10. HGomez
    5 years ago

    During the campaign, this president promised to protect the marriage between a man and a woman. He is saying exactly the opposite now. America, we have been lied to by this immoral president. It's lie upon lie that he is propagating since he took office. He has disgraced the presidency. It's time for this man to be impeached.

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