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President Obama: Homosexual Unions Equivalent to Marriage Comments

What occurred on Saturday night is a very, very serious matter. President Obama sent the signal. He will not defend authentic marriage. Continue Reading

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  1. Jean
    5 years ago

    How is gay marriage equivalent to heterosexual marriage?

  2. Eamon Hatley-Smith
    5 years ago

    The name Marriage is not unlike the name Champagne; however Champagne is legally protected in the Treaty of Madrid (1891) and in the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.

    Legal protection now worldwide with recent protection in Canada, Australia and Chile protecting the term "champagne" for products of the Champagne region.

    The U.S. acknowledges this and bans the use of such terms for U.S. wines as of 2006.

    Pity the DOMA protection is gone (it would never happen to Champagne).

  3. Jean
    5 years ago

    Dont forget to go over to the Courage Apostolate brothers and sisters.

    Thanks God Bless.

  4. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    David, the term "homophobia" is frequently misused, but it does exist. Examples are the Ku Klux Klan, the Westboro Baptist Church, and some more radical paleoconservatives. These people hate/fear homosexuals simply because they are different. To them (although they'll never admit it) anything that's different is immoral.

  5. David
    5 years ago

    'richard" I believe Greg Heffernen story of 10/15/2009. When i went back to school last year for computer training I found surprisingly that the professors where completely engaging in indoctrinating us into their liberal political bias. They taught that homosexuality was healthy and perfectly fine and that you were wrong if you thought other wise. It not surprising that homosexuality has been removed from the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manuel of Psychiatric Disorders)as a disordered precisely the professionals removing as such are themselves disorder, they are homosexuals. That fact only should make the reevaluation of this disorder illegitimate.

    I have learned from the Micheal Moore films that the things that permeate our society do themselves come from the top and from leaderships. Anti-intellectualism is no exception, anti-intellectualism comes from intellectuals and these institutes of higher learning, where pride is the norm and humility and suffering are seen as disordered. That is why Christ said that no one can come to the Father except me. Christ who lives in the highest exultation took humblest road.

    However in this intellectual circles and ironically no one listens to reason when they want what they want. Reason, itself only becomes a tool to attempt to justify their psychological and emotional appetites. That men and women are biologically complimentary and therefore are at no doubt to be the psychological norm does not persuade these people to accept homosexuality as abnormal, even in title, which is actually insane.

    The debates that manifest themselves are insane, we now have gotten into this practice where the most obvious theorems have become debatable, that water is 'wet' for instance becomes a debatable subject. When we acknowledge to these homosexual groups and their supporters that we never agreed on this re-designation of homosexuality as being psychologically normal, we are ourselves castigated as psychologically disordered. We are 'homophobes' and bigots.
    I can not even justify this new disorder of homophobia. I cannot believe that is a legitimate psychiatric disorder and even if it is we do not all share that disorder because we do not believe that homosexuality is psychologically healthy. On the contrary homosexuals have become a political force and we have a right to disagree with their position and their ambitions for our lives in this country.

    Is it not a fact that medical community here in America is in a catastrophic state both in terms of American access to health care and in terms of the philosophical approach to the health care that is presently being provided? Abortions, euthanasia, cancer treatment with neither cure or compassion for the chemotherapy patient and of cousre the state of psychiatry in America.

    The American health care system has been as staunchly defended by many Americans as 'the best in the world' similarly to the American military to the point where it has not gone under series evaluation on philosophical basis for years.

    I do not say it in any way to slander our military but from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not mention Vietnam we have witnessed the limitations of our armed forces and perhaps the fault lies in how the military is being used. However, it is not this infallible ghostly power which can cure and shape the world in any fashion it sees fit and neither is the medical community here in America, it can be infected and it can it can go bad and can have errors.
    I think that homosexuals are de-facto a subversive community who want to harm society which is why they try to make all these social destabilizing changes and currently they are rooted in our Institutes of higher learning our medical communities and even in the Church.

  6. Richard
    5 years ago

    The acts of homosexuality, and probably the belief of the individual that homosexuality is acceptable, clearly are not within the Word of God. Leviticus is as unequivocal on the matter as it is bestiality - and indeed other forms of sexual immorality. Jesus said that not a single jot of the Law of Moses was not abolished by his coming - and lest we be unsure, he explicitly stated that any of us who causes one of the innocents to sin it would be better that person had never lived at all. Ergo, promoting homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle before God actively promotes that the innocents should enter into sin, and patently violates a very unequivocal pronouncement by Christ.

    Sure, love the person of the sinner but hate their sin - and remember that Paul told us to expel the immoral and/or unrepentant brother, to not tolerate unrepentant sin in the Church. So never forget that forgiveness comes from repentance, not from promulgating sin and preaching it to the innocents.

  7. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    brendan, there is nothing immoral or evil about being homosexual. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual ACTS are evil because they deny what sex is meant for. Of course, love is always important, and homosexuals are perfectly capable of love. But creating life is just as important.

  8. Evil Man Supports Evil Acts
    5 years ago

    Supporting abortion and same sex union is an evil act. It's really a pity and regretable that the President of the most powerful nation on earth is fully supportive of this evil practice. The evil one is really penetrating the American people. Let's us all pray for the American Christians and the American people that they be spiritually strong. God bless America

  9. Evil man supports evil activities.
    5 years ago

    From a Christian point of view suporting abortion and same sex marriage is an evil act. It's a shame and unthinkable that the President of the most powerful nation on earth supports this evil act.

  10. Komrade
    5 years ago

    *sigh* Jesus taught me to love my neighbor, and my enemy. And I shall do my best to do so. If homosexuality is wrong, then God can decide in heaven. It is NOT our place to judge, didn't Christ say that himself? Let the laws of man be equal and fare, if the Lord disapproves He will work it out on his own.

    But I refuse to hate my neighbor simply because he has feelings I don't understand. To do so disgusts me far more than his preferences. Are we all not made by God, in his image?

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