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President Obama Receives Nobel Peace Prize. War on the Womb Continues Comments

God spoke through the Prophet Jeremiah in warning many centuries ago 'Peace, Peace! they say, though there is no peace.' Continue Reading

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  1. Justin
    5 years ago

    One thing I can't stand is the fact that we live in the United states of America. Everyone's view is different. You can not punish someone for something you do not like. Hey I don't like abortion either. but this country has a clause of church and state must be separate. So if we believe abortion is wrong we can say so, but can we force people to go our way or no way at all. No that's immoral and unconstitutional. Btw just so you know all of those republicans and democrats who say they never would get an abortion is bull. As a matter of fact do you know it was Texas's governor and President Nixon who legalized abortion? Probably not, so I would suggest you take you anger out on the real culprits.....ourselves. It's law and will never be changed and women won't be sent to jail for it. Instead of focusing on the law let's focus on helping the mothers. I've seen a lot of people talk a good game but when a mother needs help I have seen many turn there backs, in church especially. Fix ourselves first than worry about the rest . God bless you all

  2. Earnest Bunbury
    5 years ago

    This adulation for the President has an anti-Christ feel to it. Calling him a savior or "messiah" goes far beyond just Obama not being George W. Bush, which is why he received the award. The Book of Revelation indicates the replacement of Christ in society by a false prophet. If we fail to hold to the values divinely revealed we give free reign to those who would support this false prophet, whomever and whenever he may be.

  3. Ed Burke
    5 years ago

    Americans allow pornography, and call it Free Speech. The father of all Lies takes another bow for the crowd !
    Immodest dress, and near naked women proliferate the media, the fashions and the entertainment till small innocent young girls in school try to dress like hookers so they look the part they thing they should play to fit in. We all know how desperate young people try to fit in, and follow the crowd.

    We just had 8 years of the guy Catholics were told they must support, because certain Bishops threatened excommunication for supporting the abortion candidate. We have two as yet unresolved wars, going badly, and that genius went back home after 8 years having done no more than say 'Adious !'

    The Bible says we reap what we sow. I'd say that has yet to be proven wrong in America.

  4. Dan
    5 years ago

    Thanks Max for your comment, and you make a valid point. 'Moving' is a relative term. Although 50% of Americans now consider themselves 'pro-life' it has not resulted in a positive change on the macro level nor in the heart of most secular Americans. Give it time Max, Jesus won the fight at The Cross and He saves souls individually even in these times.

  5. eithena
    5 years ago

    AMERICA ,If you buy in a shop you know what your buying,Did you not know what you voted for?????? as you sew you reap, Turn to your FATHER and pray,hope, and try not to worry , GOD IS IN THE DRIVERS SEAT, HE CAN RAISE THE DEAD but you've got to make amends do fasting, prayer, penance But wake up {I AM A VOICE CALLING FROM THE DESERT REPENT JOHN THE BAPTIST}

  6. Lori
    5 years ago

    Search deeply your will find we are all responsible for the condition of this country. We fail to love and do the charitable deeds required of us. We look to the government to provide the laws, services, and solutions. Is it possible that we choose to speak out in place of action? This is the article's key contasting issue which many of you are missing...Obama "speaks" peace but his political platform "enables" and "supports" as a solution, to the impoverished unloved condition of too many children, DEATH. Mother Teresa not only "spoke" peace but gave of herself in support of LIFE. Peace does not come from any policy that supports death in any fashion. It is our ACTIONS that define us as a people. Mr. Obama has made headway in one sense that he is anti-war and chooses diplomacy with even our worst enemies, but he supports the abortion of the most innocent peoples in our own country. Consider that please for just five minutes and tell me what is defined by that policy? On very meager resources Mother Teresa brought hope and prosperity to multitudes of suffering people by simplistic employment of love. We have many unemployed and wanting change...let us make it for ourselves. Love each other, support each other, buy each others products. As we learn to love each other...our peace will overflow to the world.

  7. Steve Jussaume
    5 years ago

    Yeah, I really can't count how many times the 'first neighbors' or 'Natural Law' has been mentioned in these articles.

    I swear you can make any article about abortion,LOL. I'm waiting for the day where the title is about something like 'Habitat for Humanity'.....and somehow it gets turned around into abortion and the 'first home of the human race' .

    This site would have more merit if of broadened the topics. Watch, scientists will invent a new type of vehicle and somehow it's gonna get turned around into something about abortion. LOL

  8. J
    5 years ago

    Right on Ed Burke! They act like Obama started abortion.

  9. Max
    5 years ago

    @ Dan- your statement that "Americans are finally moving pro-life" is preposterous, and an example of the silly breast beating we get from believers. In a recent poll, only 15% of Americans thought abortion was an "important" issue. No one cares about this except a core constituency of fanatics that believes itself to be in the majority. Get over it already. This issue has been debated to death, and the religious establishment has been soundly rebuked- if not outright ignored- by the majority of Americans.

    Get over yourselves, folks- you don't have a patent on morality. You never did before, and you certainly don't have it now. Spare us the moral certitude. We're sick of listening to it.

  10. Martha
    5 years ago

    To Michael - please do your research before posting. You are wrong to say the man has no blood on his hands.

    To Ed Burke- Prayer IS the principal weapon in this war!

    To my friend Buljaber - I think maybe I finally understand where you're coming from...your God is of the human variety and he is presently residing in D.C.


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