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Archbishop Chaput on 'Health Care and The Common Good' Comments

Funding killing of unborn children or discrimination against the elderly and persons with special needs is not 'common ground'. Continue Reading

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  1. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    to "DAVID GROSS" please do as JOHN PAUL told us all to do and that is "BE NOT AFRAID". I am sorry for your many health problems and know that so many are in your position and very afraid of what the government will allow for treatment and meds to those of us with pre exstisting conditions and serious
    health matters that are disabling...we have every right to FEAR! the enemy is reaching out with an ugly hand but we will fight on and pray and we know that OUR GOD will hear our pleas and all will be well.....Do all in your power to contact ALL the congressional people...THEY HAVE TO HEAR THE CRYS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Or they shall reap what they sow and that is LOSS by the dozens in elections and a sheer cleaning out of the infidels!!! THEM! TAKE HEART and FIGHT as BEST you can....GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!

  2. David C. Gross
    5 years ago

    I am one of those with multiple special medical needs,I am 47 and a member of the Charlotte NC Diocese.

    I worry very much that without healthcare reform I will be left behind due to the fact that I am unable to purchase medical insurance due to my medical problems. Every time I call to talk to one of these companies, they ask me if I have a pre-existing condition, and I tell them truthfully YES and they hang up on me.

    I am presently on Medicaid and I am in the process of appealing a negative SSI decision, without my Medicaid, I will be unable to afford the many expensive medications that I take just to stay alive. I am in training to become a Lay Minister in my Diocese which is under the wise leadership of Bishop Peter Jugis, who I adore. But I am scared that being left behind with NO insurance means an early premature death for me, I don't see anyone really addressing this issue and looking at it from my point of view

  3. judy gray
    5 years ago

    Bravo, Bravo. A voice of reason in the wilderness. I support health care for the needy, but not this health program that has no "care" in it.

  4. KHanley
    5 years ago

    Thank God we in Denver have such a strong shepherd in Archbishop Chaput! Bishop Walker Nickless pointed out something important too that is somewhat lost in the whole healthcare debate...a more just system of healthcare needs a large pool of young people to help pay into a system that will help pay for the large medical expenses incurred at the beginning and end of life. Take a look around your own families and start doing the math on the depopulation of your own individual families thanks to abortion and contraception and you can see we simply won't have that large pool of young healthy folks to help pay for the healthcare. If we really didn't want a single payor system, we should have thought about that before aborting and contracepting away our future generations! May God have mercy on our country!

  5. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    I stand CORRECTED as to the name of Dr. Emanuee in full...his name is "EZEKIAL Emanuel", I wrote Izak above...

  6. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    Archbishop Chaput thanks for a wonderful article on this most serious topic. In this nation I believe we are seeing some of the most HORRIFIC happenings in my lifetime and I am a child of the HIPPIE 60s era....thinking that was BAD ENOUGH...This TOPS it all in that the nations entire population is at risk, BUT most especially the weakest, disabled, elderly,our VETERANS and anyone the HEALTH CZAR and his allies determine to not be a PRODUCTIVE MEMBER of SOCIETY! I am stunned at the callous disregard for ALL life. One only need look to the CZARS the president has APPOINTED without SENATE APPROVAL or any other councils approval. These people have dubious backgrounds if one takes the time to read up on them. I strongly suggest all to read the writings of Izac Emanuel, a philospher and physican. The others to be looked at are equally as frightening in that some have read or spoken that a child could be killed if the parents wished up till 2 years old due to lack of not knowing the next day.....I am NOT making this up ..there are radicals in this administration some of whom claim catholicity that have and are speaking and writing the UNSPEAKABLE..the doing away with other humans at
    THEIR DECISION! This is abortions results as predicted by all the popes since Roe V Wade .... That it would only be a matter of time when ALL human LIFE would be up for KILLINGS!
    We are seeing first hand the DEVILS HOLD IN ACTION and it is UGLY.
    As for the man who spoke on these comments about his wife with MS and that insurance is just as bad. Yes Insurance companys need reforming, but the EVIL that is spoken of by Archbishop Chaput and the mother of the Downs Baby far surpasses ANYTHING that insurance companys evils!
    90% of all DOWNS BABYS ARE ABORTED!! That is an extra mortal sin in that these babys are EXTRA
    SPECIAL ANGELS. They have an ability to LOVE that surpasses understanding, I have some in my extended family and they have been loving and caring people. I beg GODS MERCY ON THIS SOULESS COUNTRY!

  7. Doug P
    5 years ago

    Dear Mike M:

    It is tough to read of your challenging situation. I will pray for you and your family tonight.

    With respect to your 3 points, I would like to add my comments.

    * Stephen Hawking…? I don’t think you can use a celebrity as your one and only example. As our British friend I’m sure could point out there are many more examples of rationed care that has strongly encouraged those to pass on as labeling them as a burden to society vs giving them the dignity that every human being deserves.

    * The Government in the U.S. runs very few things properly; most notably the federal government. The beauty about private insurance is we have the ability to choose. This is what America stands for. We should be free to choose how to live our lives, and that freedom goes hand in hand with what we want to eat, how we want to live, and what type of insurance we have, if we choose to have it at all.

    * With respect to life insurance and other items, this is something we should have since the time we are 22 years old. We should start paying for it then if you know you are going to want it when you are 30,40, 50 what ever age you find yourself with dependents. This is planning that must be done at an early age. Of course an insurance agency won’t pick someone up with a terminal illness. To do so does not make good business sense.

    However, you mention you have private health insurance, and that is something you should be thankful for, because under the new proposed plan, who knows what type of treatment both your wife and your mother-in-law might receive. Perhaps they would be put on the cost preventive measure list, and encouraged to evaluate their “usefulness” in society. A thought I find revolting that any human would be encouraged to ask themselves this question, but I know that happens to some of our older veterans today, and people on the state run care in Oregon.

    I hope that your life and your choices in it have been the ones that you want to live by, and I encourage you to continue to work hard and love your wife, your children, and your neighbor.

    God Bless You.

  8. Mike M
    5 years ago

    To John, the Briton:

    First, thanks for your comments. Love the UK and spent some time there myself.

    * As for Briton's health care - Stephen Hawking, who is severely disabled, and now elderly, thinks its just fine. He has not seen his benefits cut.

    * As for trusting the government with health care - I am indeed skeptical. However I trust insurance corporations MUCH LESS. Ever had to fight one to get them to provide care for a very sick child? I have.

    * As for rationing, we have that NOW. My wife has MS. We will never be able buy private life insurance. Same for my mother-in-law who has kidney disease, and many others I know. I will never be able to retire, less I makes me loose my house, my kids college money, etc, or my wife goes without health care.

    This rationing that we have NOW, based solely on harsh, unchristian economics, is why we Americans are less healthy than people from other industrialized countrys - we cannot afford doctors and medicine. And so, we die younger, are medical bills are higher, our infant mortality is higher.

  9. Bill Sr.
    5 years ago

    While the Real Enemy is in our mist - Who’s protecting America?

    America is involved in three wars at this time, two abroad and one at home.
    9-11 initiated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of the savage attack by radical Muslim Jihadist on the World Trade Center AND the refusal of Saddam Hussein to comply with United Nations provisions imposed after the first Gulf War which included acknowledging the known use of and inspection of weapons of mass destruction.

    Prominent leaders of BOTH political parties spoke out openly against Hussein’s tactics and POSSESSION of WMD’s prior to voting to allow the president to use FORCE to resolve the issue. The United States, joined by forces from several other nations brought an end to the standoff and helped establish a democratic government to Iraq. However, the far left wing of the democrat party here who hated George Bush and everything he stood for continually condemned the “intrusion” into the affairs of Iraq even with full knowledge of Hussein’s barbaric regime against his own people. That war is winding down and our “pullout” will be completed next year unless the Jihadist, who have had time to regroup while we assisted in turning the fighting over to the new Iraqi troops, should mount a strong counter offensive.

    The Afghanistan war, which EVERYONE agrees was justified in order to route out elements of Muslim Jihadist responsible for the World Trade Center bombings, is still raging and appears to be a long and cumbersome objective. With no end in sight and little help from other countries in this war the anti-war ranting of the liberals in congress who never stopped calling for a withdrawal from Iraq where also the population has been oppressed for years is strangely absent.

    The third war being fought which has far greater consequences for the people of this country than the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan is taking place on our own soil. This war is being fought for no less than the soul of America.

    You can refuse to accept the obvious but the proud Judeo-Christian nation of the mid-twentieth century which stood victoriously at the end of WWII as the world’s champion of freedom is at a “spiritual crossroad”. That courageous nation, which had been awakened from the sleep of peace by savage Imperial forces in the Pacific and brutal sadistic political governments of Europe which were on the verge of casting the entire world into chaos, arose to eradicate all of those evil forces of tyranny threatening mankind. Pray that we have the fortitude to stand together once again against the real threat we face today even though the president says we are no longer a “Christian nation”.

    Barack H. Obama, with billions at the disposal of his administration and the many Czars’s put in place to do the biding of his handlers, have quickly and tactically assembled the engine of a Teflon Tyranny which intends to drive a Velvet Steamroller of “social justice” over the will of the people and our Constitution. Do not be deceived by the MSM or the liberal lullabies, a REVOLUTION IS IN PROGRESS and it’s fuel is self inflected CRISIS one after another while they have total political control

  10. John
    5 years ago

    Some of the comments here don't get it. Having the government run aspects of your life, such as healthcare, is a big mistake. It inevitably leads to problems such as rationing whereby, when funds are tight, which people do you think are going to get the least funding? The eldery and unborn.

    Furthermore, as a Briton, I can tell you about other things your government will try to do if it controls healthcare. Apart from 'the basics' such as forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions, they'll also be pamphlets 'teaching' children how best to have sex etc. It's happened with our liberal government - it'll happen with yours.

    Ultimately, America's founders got it right when they talked about the dangers of big, intrusive government. It's a nice fairytale belief that the government is looking out for the people but the reality is that it isn't. THE PEOPLE are the ones who must help each other, whether through charity or commerce. The government forces charity (i.e. it's not charity) and steals your money to pay for things you morally object to.

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