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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Succumbs to Heresy Comments

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America abandons orthodox Christian faith and practice by a 'majority vote.' Continue Reading

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  1. Zimmerk
    5 years ago

    Sue, the Church is the only path to eternal life as you said. We do not need to start think that as we have known it for close to 2000 years. What the one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church in union with the see of Peter teaches is for the benefit of people's salvation by the authority and merits of Christ. Rejecting the Church is to reject Christ. They are inseparable. There is the one and only Christian Church. Then there are those who teach false 'truth' known as heresy.

    Also, the men who become priests are not forced to be celibate. They were free to choose the vocation of marriage if they wanted to. They freely choose with their consent and support of the discipline with their vows. But also do not forget that at no time was it licit for those already ordained to get married. Only that those who were already married to begin with were allowed. Even if the Church did away with the celibacy, those who are already ordained will not be allowed to marry. Even those whose wives have passed on.

    One thing I am starting to see, is that maybe one reason Jesus only ordained men to the Priesthood is that there seems to be a very vicious version of pride found far more common among the female population. I know there are many more reasons why He did so, many we will not know in this life. Do we see a rampant movement of men potentially damning their souls because women won't allow them to become pregnant and bear children themselves? No! Either we trust Christ, or we don't. God speaks, and it happens. Creation itself happened with the Word. He promised that the gates of Hell would never prevail over the Church. That means the Church's officially defined teachings on faith and morals will never be in error. Both mankind and Satan have no power over the Holy Spirit for it to be otherwise. Peace!

  2. Er Vasol
    5 years ago

    God always fascinates us. He shakes them and leads them back to his fold. Mr. Jason Miller is right, there will be something good coming out from this "heresy" inside ECLA.

    Welcome home to Rome.

  3. Martha
    5 years ago

    Wow. The point that the progressive agenda is one of regression is inspired, and True.

    To Sue Benson: May those who have ears, hear. It is there for your choosing. May God bless you on your search for His Truth.

  4. mjgt
    5 years ago

    Sue Benson, I believe that this article is exciting and inspiring. Every sentence you wrote contains major factual errors. You do not dislike the Catholic Church; you dislike the fiction that you imagine the Church to be.

  5. Peggy
    5 years ago

    It's easy to become alarmed when these things happen. I really do believe the Scripture: "All things work for the good for those who love God and are called for His purpose".

    People who go astray do it usually because they have lost their way. With compassion and love we can pray for them and trust God will - make things work for the good.
    Peace be with you.

  6. Nate
    5 years ago

    I agree with Jason. It seems that Christianity in America is heading towards complete polarization. People will either recognize the Church as the only beacon of truth left or succumb to heresy. We must be ready for a whole lot of white martyrdom in the years to come, but with fasting and prayers America will be won for Christ.

  7. vijeya
    5 years ago

    To Sue Benson: The Roman Catholic church has been established by Jesus Christ himself for his people. Jesus Christ came to this world to bring us to him. That means us coming closer to him will affect every facet of our lives. So that's why Catholicism extends to every facet of our lives. Catholic church is inspired by Holy Spirit and Jesus has said He will be with her. So if this church makes any decisions that would be very likely with the guidance of Holy Spirit. Being a lamb means being obedient. We are not smarter than God. If we have any questions about anything of Catholic church, we got to read the Catechism, pray, meditate, read Bible and talk to Jesus. We all are his kids, if we have any doubts/questions, he will clear them for us. We have to trust in Him and accept the fact that He established Catholic church and then start asking questions.

  8. vijeya
    5 years ago

    I thank God for having borne me in a Roman Catholic family. When I come across these kind of things, I am sad at what's going on but very happy and relieved to be in the church that really follows the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus. At the same time, I also pray that true believers of Christ, in whatever denomination they are, come out of it and become one in Roman Catholic church. Every other christian denomination leads people not to Christ but tries to manipulate Christ's teachings to make it comfortable to the people. We are born in this world to glorify God and be obedient with our free will. That means following his words. These kind of issues actually pull the faithful from those denominations and bring them into Catholic church.

  9. Joanne
    5 years ago

    Why the bitterness against the Catholic Church, Sue?

    The Catholic Church is in people's bedrooms, doctor's offices, on the streets, and everywhere else because you can't exclude moral teaching from where people habitate. Many illegal acts happen in bedrooms, offices, etc. like spousal abuse, rape, theft, etc. What makes the bedroom and doctor's office so sacrosanct that no one has the right to condemn illegal and/or immoral behavior occurring there?

    The Catholic Church has no authority to change the Tradition of women becoming deacons, priests, etc. If Jesus wanted that He would have chosen some women to be apostles. Women, however, are involved in all types of lay and religious ministries as wives, mothers, sisters, nuns, etc. Many of these women hold high posts in their organizations such as hospital CEOs, administrators, etc.

    We are on the path to eternal life through faith, sacraments, God's grace, and following His Word.

    The Catholic Church does not force anyone to be celibate against his will. If a seminarian decides that the celibate life is not for him, he is free to leave. Prior to being ordained, a seminarian voluntarily makes a vow of celibacy.

    The sexual abuse of young boys involved a very small number of priests. The overwhelming majority (96%) of priests are trustworthy faithful servants proclaiming the message of Christ. According to polls, 98% of priests say they are happy with their vocation.

    What happened to those youth who were abused is tragic, but do not tar the whole priesthood with the same brush. A higher percent of public school teachers have abused children, but I don't hear widespread condemnation of the entire education system for that reason.

    It is out of Christian love that we point out errors. Is it better to say avoid this sin, or I do not care if you are going to hell? Read Matthew 18 on fraternal correction.

  10. savvy
    5 years ago

    Sue Benson,

    Maybe when you find out what the Roman Catholic church actually teaches and why, then maybe we'll take what you have to say seriously.

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