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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Succumbs to Heresy Comments

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America abandons orthodox Christian faith and practice by a 'majority vote.' Continue Reading

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  1. Joanne
    5 years ago

    It does not get anymore biblical than this: A tornado struck the Lutheran church across the street from where the delegates decided to allow gay clergy to minister and not remain celibate.

  2. Darth J.
    5 years ago

    This just goes to show that though all other "churches" may fall, the true Church will cling to the truth and never sucumb to such perversion.

  3. Peter I.
    5 years ago

    I second Gus' comment.

  4. Nicole
    5 years ago

    I am still reeling. The ELCA has effectively pronounced that Jesus Christ is wrong, and the current renaissance of celebrating sexual sin is a phenomenon that the church must adapt herself to. The One True Church is Unchanging. The Bible is Unchanging. The way God made us is unchanging. If you do not see that, read first the Scripture and then the Catechism.

  5. Bin
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, Everywhere, At All Times!

    Dear Sr. Susan Russell,

    It is indeed sad that you despise that which you know nothing of, that you condemn something that which you have no understanding about.

    Ordination to the Priesthood, is something exclusively found in the Judeo - Christian world. The cry for 'women priests', is something that is pre-Christian (infact pre-Judaism). Almost all the other religions had women priests (if not exclusively women priests) and most of them had different forms of goddesses. For the kind information of Sr. Susan Russell, most of these women priests were nothing more than concubines / sex slaves, who were attached to certain temples (especially true for Indian religions).

    It was Christianity which had really and truly freed the women from the sexual slavery that pervaded the pagan world (one to which the modern culture beckons, which gives sexuality such casual importance - including Christian churches, which seem very familiar to most pagan religions).

    As G. K. Chesterton said, to learn history is to avoid repeating the errors of history. It seems a lot of us are not very well read on our history (not that I am), lets first learn our history, to better appreciate Christian values.

    And no homosexuality and women priests do not form part of Christian values.

    If you consider equality for women being equated to women priesthood, then that equality would soon develop into science in which men would get pregnant also. But as is obvious (so far) to common sense, that is against nature and more importantly, that is degrading of one over the other.

    Equality for GOD is not the same as our human concept of equality, its more harmony.

    Have any doubts for the same? Why don't you check within your families, a generation or two ago, both Parents knew very well their responsibilities and not squabbling / complaining to each other. Without each Parent fulfilling their responsibility, the family would suffer.

    Today that is what we find in the world, family is suffering due to the unnatural equality imposed on the family.

    Once the harmony is lost, and do not expect everything to go on smoothly after that.

    The Catholic Church beckons everyone to return to true Christian values, which has sustained our societies and is the only one which will sustain it in the future.

    GOD Bless!

  6. anzlyne
    5 years ago

    thank you Deacon Fournier- once again- I hope this article is read by multitudes of people -especially Catholics

  7. John Grimes
    5 years ago

    Since when exactly did Lutheranism become "orthodox" in any meaningful way? Ditto for the other denomimations Deacon Fournier gives this title to. Simply because they may join their voice to that of the Church on occasion does not mean that they are not heretical or schismatic, and it's been that way for many centuries now.

  8. Warren Anderson
    5 years ago

    I agree with Jason Miller's assessment of the cause and effects. And, Gus' point is well taken. The protestant reformers long ago abandoned orthodoxy and chose to make themselves each their own pope. Where Catholics have but one pope, protestants have millions.

    Concerning the comment - "When the Roman church gets out of people's bedrooms, doctors' offices,...", etc. Ms. Benson could do better first by looking past her apprehensions about Catholicism, and secondly cease from unfairly reproducing a tired caricature of the Church. For one, the hundreds of thousands of faithful clergy currently in the world and the millions of selfless nuns, monks, friars, sisters and diocesan priests down through the centuries deserve better than to be smeared by some careless and callous comments that reflect the latest form of bigotry. Such bigotry is unworthy of a son or daughter of God.

    The Church is a personal religion lived in a public way. The corporal and spiritual works of mercy are patterned on Christ's actions and dispose our wills to Christ so that He may act in and through us. Jesus said that if we love Him we will keep His commandments. He gave us a new commandment - love one another as I (Jesus) have loved you. Because the Church takes seriously Christ's call to love, the Catholic Church started hospitals and universities which contributed to the rise of modern science. The Catholic Church is the largest non-governmental aid organization in the world, providing through her tens of thousands of allied agencies disaster relief, housing, nutrition, farming technologies and medical services often where no government nor any other NGO will go.

    Many converts like myself have discovered that the Catholic Church is a home for saints and a hospital for sinners. Given that the ELCA and the TEC have both slid further into error, it is not hard to imagine that many people tired of the cognitive dissonance (well put Mr. Miller!) will be swimming the Tiber in short order and discover what I and so many others have come to love about the Church that Christ founded.

  9. Liz Kayne
    5 years ago

    Another example of the tail wagging the dog. Sue Benson, why can't you see it for what it is? As for "equality" in the church, this is a question of rites not rights. Christ was a male. A priest stands as "alter Christus". The priests who molested children - most were homosexuals - and other denominations had these problems as well - just that there are a lot more Catholics than any other denomination. My question is, are you Catholic? Why? We must all live with a "formed" conscience. We have a free will. We can make choices - informed or otherwise. And, if you are not Catholic, why should you care.

  10. Bin
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, At All Times, Everywhere!

    Firstly, they're already in heresy, having rejected the Catholic Church, secondly, if things were to be decided by a majority vote, then none of us would've been Christians, as, when St. Peter decided to preach to and baptise non Jews, there was opposition in the Church and it was The HOLY SPIRIT, guiding St. Peter, WHO led him to this path (inspite of initial objection and possibly some rejection by the Christians of his time).

    Let us not forget our History, unless GOD builds the House, that House would never be built - no Church that is not in communion with the Catholic Church (the Chair of St.Peter) can survive, for it is not guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, in the manner in which HE guides the Catholic Church.

    I'm sure such actions of the ELCA, would lead more people into the Catholic Church and into complete Truth (Truth is never a compromise).

    If ELCA believes that their actions so far (regarding marriage and homosexual unions) were wrong and they're correcting it by these actions, then they've also rejected the ancient teachings of the Church and thereby rejected any and all Apostolic (and infact JESUS') teaching and tradition.

    Lets not pretend to be otherwise.

    GOD Bless!

    PS: GOD can bring good even out of evil, we Trust in HIM.

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