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Catholic League: Penn and Teller Must Go Comments

CBS/Showtime needs to send Penn & Teller a message and let them know that they have crossed the line for the last time. Continue Reading

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  1. Deacon Keith Fournier
    5 years ago

    Dear "Karl"

    No, for two reasons. First, I did not write this article. It is a Press Release from the Catholic league; and

    2) Because I find Penn and Teller offensive on many fronts. So, having someone claim thay also offend other faith traditions doesn't mean much to me.

    I love good comedy. To me, they are far from it.


    Deacon Fournier

  2. karl
    5 years ago

    ||But Muslims need not worry: it’s not all religions that Showtime likes to trash — just Catholicism.||

    To be fair, P&T have been asked this a number of times, why they don't do a show about Islam or Scientology. The implication is they fear the reaction. P&T have, however, stated many times they're doing a show aimed squarely at Americans. There aren't many Muslims in America and there are far fewer American Muslims, say, trying to get laws passed in the USA based on Koranic principles. The same cannot be said for Christian politicians. It seems fair to examine a faith politicians use to justify legislation that would affect us all.

    It's also not true they only attack the Catholic branch of Christianity. They did a show on creationism (not a tenet of Catholicism). They did a show called "The Bible: Fact or Fiction?" Again that seems more directed at fundamentalist Protestants. I seem to recall being taught in Catholic school that Genesis, for example, was not to be read as historical fact. They also did a show about the Boy Scouts with a slag at its Mormon controllers.

    So it's not fair claim P&T only trash Catholics, as it's quite obvious they've taken digs Protestants.

    Mr. Fournier would you like to clarify in light of this new information?

  3. Jonathan
    5 years ago

    What is wrong with all of you people. I completely disagree, you get so offended and riled up by someone calling the wrong doings of your organization out in a public forum, yet you have no problem at all with intentionally misleading your followers, using scare tactics and brain washing to make them submit to your will, and teaching them from the earliest of age to be completely submissive and complacent with all of your policies. To question the judgement of the Catholic Church would be to question the judgement of a God.

    The largest problem facing humanity today is not a show that exposes things and tells the brutal and sometimes inconvenient truths. No, the largest issue is religions whom have a deathgrip on yesterday and discourage independent thinking.

    I am not telling you to be an Atheist, I am not telling you to do anything - that alone seperates me from any church or religion. All I am saying is there is nothing wrong with objectively questioning EVERYTHING that EVERYONE says to you, and using your own brain and knowledge to formulate the conclusion that works best and agrees best with you. Not blindly following something based off of millenia year old agenda driven lies.

  4. Mike
    5 years ago

    Is Catholicism so fragile that it can't stand up and dispute whatever is said on the show? Is it our fear that Penn and Teller's show contains some truth that will kill the church? That's what it seems like on this discussion page. What is the fear?

    Do any of you know what it contains? How about talking about the facts of the show after it airs? Aren't we being bullies in insisting that no other view is allowed? Is what we're saying, "Shut up or I'll do everything I can to shut you up."? What happened to discussion? Freedom of Religion also means that people who disagree with us get to speak. Is it the Catholic position that all people must agree with us? Does the rest of the world have a right to an opinion?

  5. Emma
    5 years ago

    I read all the comments so far and no one person has said Penn and Teller are "funny" or referred to them as comedians. Why? Because they are not funny and nothing in their act can be considered true "comedy". I can't believe anyone pays good money to see these two losers! And I canceled my Showtime and HBO years ago.

  6. Tom
    5 years ago

    I respectfully disagree.

    Penn and teller have attacked most all of the major religions to this date. not just Catholicism. if the Catholics are worried, perhaps you should just not tune in to the episode, as i understand it, they have a right under the constitution to say whatever they would like, whether it be true or false, and if you disagree, pulling t plug surely isn't the way to go, rather, refuting the evidence they present seems to be the proper way to handle it. you are simply all adding fuel to the flame. and as i said previously, if you don't agree, don't watch

  7. Sam
    5 years ago

    Where are my comments? Was I edited out because I respectfully responded but disagreed?

    Thank you


  8. Emma
    5 years ago

    I sent the following email to Showtime:
    To whom it may concern:
    I am writing to complain about the Penn and Teller show. My main complaint is not just my disgust as a Roman Catholic to the following:

    On his Twitter page, Penn Jillette brags how he rips a Catholic encyclical on sexuality: “I’m dressed as Darth with a condom c--k light saber.” He even boasts that the show is “hardcore,” admitting that “we attack the Vatican.”
    This is not the first time Showtime has featured a vile Penn & Teller show. In 2005, Mother Teresa was called “Mother F---ing Teresa,” and her order of nuns were branded “f---ing c--ts.” The year after, Jillette said on his CBS radio show that Mother Teresa “got her [sexual] kicks watching people suffer and die.”

    No, my major complaint is that they are just not funny! I love many comedians who frequently bash the Roman Catholic church and rightly so. The always brilliant, often bitter, acerbic humor/commentaries of the late George Carlin immediately come to mind. However, some so-called comedians just use their "comedy" as an excuse to revile things the things that hate and despise while not being in the least bit "funny".
    Some, like Andrew Dice Clay, are "hot" for a while and then fade into blessed obscurity. But a few, like Penn and Teller, outlive their welcome, thanks in part to their stints in that most infamous of cities, Las Vegas. Penn and Teller are talentless hacks who have parlayed their lackluster, mediocre talents into a francise suitable for the fratboys and potheads who love shows like Jackass. Give me a break. Is that the best you can come up with by way of programming? Oh, it is.
    So, I ask you to cancel their upcoming show not in interest of decency, good taste, and fairplay (concepts I know you are unfamiliar with) but simply because THEIR ACT SUCKS!
    Thank you for your help in this matter and have a great day.

  9. A. M. Hatfield
    5 years ago

    Penn and Teller are merely bullies and cowards. Like all bullies and cowards they merely attack easy targets like Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church. In our post Reformation and post Enlightment society they can do so safely and without repercussion, either legal or from physical violence.

    They do not have the chutzpah to attack the religion whose followers are wreaking havoc throughout the planet, Islam.

    Penn and Teller should hang their heads in shame for their cowardice and lack of pertinence and so should CBS for encouraging same.

  10. Jean
    5 years ago

    Jillette respectfully and humbly its not that we dont resprect their right to freedom of speech we do respect this. We respect freedom of religion big time of course.

    Its the fact that they are very insulting and close to bigotry.

    Pathetic. I would say they are pathetic for not having an inkling of who Mother Teresa really is and was or they wouldnt have made this kind of statement.

    She, Mother Teresa was not perfect no one is but she didnt deserve this kind of put down.
    How do I know they dont mean something sexual? They called her a "f_cking c_nt." Which implies descriptive sexual overtones.

    The reason we all came to this country was to get away from this kind of thinking--religious persecution.

    Religion "bashing" or persecution because others dont believe the way we do doesnt mean we dont respect others for their beliefs.

    Suppose they cut us some slack and leave what we hold dear and sacred alone.

    There is nothing wrong with defending what is God's.

    There is nothing wrong with defending what they say, Give unto God what is God's and give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's.

    Penn and Teller can have all of what Ceasar has given them but they should leave what is sacred to God alone.

    I can boycott CBS all I want and ask others to do so. That is their choice and mine.

    I dont hate Penn and Teller. I think they are very intelligent and articulate at times.

    Would they say this if Mother Teresa was alive? So why now?

    By the way I read recently regarding condoms in this statement below from one of our posters here she read in rubber magazine that its a fact that there are tiny holes in them after scientific testing."

    I wonder if Penn and Teller know this scientifically.

    So how safe is a prophylactic today really?

    “I’m dressed as Darth with a condom c--k light saber.”

    We left this persecution in Europe to come to this country.

    Still as of the American Revolution our own Catholic delegates could still not even participate at the signing of
    of the Declaration of Independence because of bigotry.

    So we whethered persecution even into this country in its early days.

    We were hated by the Ku Klux Klan for our beliefs and others.

    No we do not have to remain silent regarding this kind of dishonor.

    Bill Donohue has a right to speak for us because he was chosen to do so. I respect this.

    We do not have to be doormats either.

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