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Catholic League: Penn and Teller Must Go Comments

CBS/Showtime needs to send Penn & Teller a message and let them know that they have crossed the line for the last time. Continue Reading

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  1. Scott
    5 years ago

    I'm of the opinion that in the USA you do not have the right to not be offended. If you don't like what Penn and Teller have to say, then don't watch them. It's as easy as that. If the your religion and your god can't handle a little criticism from a couple of magicians/entertainers, then maybe that religion isn't worth following. It's not as if they said anything untrue. Their main objection to the catholic churn, and mine as well, is their stance on birth control, particularly in Africa. They also take issue with the churches attempt to stifle the free speech of an Italian entertainer, and this article is obviously another attempt at doing the same. Once again, if you don't like the show, then don't watch it. There are a million other things you can be watching. And if you are someone who already isn't watching the show then you have no business writing letters in to TV stations telling them to cancel shows. You aren't even a customer.

  2. KA
    5 years ago

    Just remember that every time someone mocks us for our faith they are just fulfilling the Bible's prophecy. I'm not saying that we should just accept this...certainly Catholicism is vastly misunderstood & media & the "arts" attack the Church endlessly. How many people can you win over by calling Mother Theresa that kind of name, though?

    While you remind Showtime that you are a consumer & want the show cancelled, remind yourself to smile for you are suffering for your faith.

  3. Mitch Kahle
    5 years ago

    Penn and Teller are right on the mark as usual. The Vatican needs honest criticism more than ever!

  4. victoria duran
    5 years ago

    I didn't find your posting till it was to late and I by chance ran upon the show in question. I must say you are so right in stating that they must be stopped. I believe in free speach but I also believe there is a difference in free speach and purposly being hateful and setting out to defile anothers belief.Freedom is aloud when you respectfully,base your opinions and comments on facts not twist partial sentences or quotes into what you want so as to be derogitory.It all comes back to "do unto others" and by that I mean what must of happened to them as children that they are so full of hate that they have nothing better to do then project that onto any poor sole who will listen. Then they throw in the promotion of naked women through out the show just proving that they don't even believe what they have to say is important enough to sustain your interest. Should we be made at them or take pitty on them and send them our prayers. So that one day they to may be filled with love.

  5. zh
    5 years ago

    judge for yourself (least you yourself be judged as a weak-minded idiot without an opinion of your own). The entire show is on in 3 parts. search on: "ptbs S07E10 The Vatican part" part 1 through 3 should come up at the top of the search result.

  6. Steve
    5 years ago

    It is not bigotry because they do not separate religious beliefs from other Non-factual beliefs. You may separate Catholicism from alien abductions(which they did a show on)but non-believers don't.

  7. Alessandro
    5 years ago

    Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe they know the show is going to be canceled, or there are good chances of it happening, so they opted for an outrageous Gran Finale. That way, they could blame those bigots, the free-speech hating Catholics, for putting them off-air. Just a thought. I think you should fight anyway.

  8. Emma
    5 years ago

    Regarding the suggestion that Catholics should tune into the Penn and Teller act to see for ourselves what the fuss is all about, I say you don't have to peer into a toilet bowl to know what's in it.

  9. df
    5 years ago

    if you feel trashed why take a random swipe at muslims in the middle of your letter? you insinuate muslims would respond with violence if this was targeted at them yet bigotry against islam is quite common and uncontroversial in american television, movies, books, and other forms of culture. i constantly hear the 'what if this was about muslims' argument from news entertainers who routinely bash the religion and don't seem be aware that they're all in one piece and dandy.

  10. karl
    5 years ago

    @Deacon Fournier

    Thank you for responding.

    1) the press release makes some clearly false or misleading claims that I've demonstrated incorrect. For example:

    ||itís not all religions that Showtime likes to trash ó just Catholicism||

    Clearly P&T have "liked" trashing other faiths in their show and the statement is false. Logically if you claim there are no egg laying bats and I produce even one egg laying bat, your original claim is wrong. I've produced three egg laying bats, so to speak.

    2) You may not be the author but you're asking Catholics to pass it on. I would assume you'd also vouch for its inerrancy.

    The problem I have with this press release (and the problem I have with anyone passing it on without proper clarification), is that the factually incorrect line that P&T only trash Catholics makes it appear Catholics are being singled out by a major media organization. While some people mock Christian beliefs in the media, surely Catholics deserve from their own religious media an accurate depiction of reality. It would be like the Chinese Benevolence Society issuing a press release that US Immigration is subjecting Chinese people to increased scrutiny at ports of landing. But then the reality turns out to be US Immigration is subjecting all foreign nationals to increased scrutiny. In the first case it appears like US Immigration is unfairly discriminating against one group of nationals. In the true case, the rule is being applied in a consistent fashion and the inconsistency charge is fallacious.

    Claiming immigration singles out Chinese or P&T single out Catholics just distracts from what might be the actual issue. In my immigration example, one might argue whether or not such increased surveillance is justified or fair. In the P&T case, the real issue is should P&T mock people of religious faith?

    As far as I can tell, Penn does not have anything personal against people of faith. He regularly appears on a radio show with Glenn Beck, a rather out-spoken believer in the Mormon faith (as noted, P&T mocked Mormon policies regarding the Boy Scouts). If you went up to him after his show and told him you were a person of faith, he would treat you with the utmost respect. However, if you told him you thought the laws of the USA should conform to your religious view and you wanted his vote, then that might be a point of debate.

    Anyway, I thank you for letting me correcting the inaccuracies in the press release you posted.

    (And my name is Karl. No need for the scare quotes.)

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