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Pope Laicizes Priest Involved with Purported Apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje Comments

The Vatican granted Father Tomislav Vlasic his request and laicized him. An ongoing investigation into growing concerns over the alleged apparitions continues. Continue Reading

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  1. Paul Mac Millan
    5 years ago

    How in the name of God, do we choose?

  2. cris
    5 years ago


  3. Eric E. Helm
    5 years ago

    I'm a 33 year old attorney (med. mal. defense). When I was 10 (1985), my parents took my siblings and I to Medjugorje because my mother heard that Mary was appearing to children like she had done at Lourdes and Fatima.

    My father was not religious (he thought Jesus was merely a good man), but agreed to take us if he got to visit Rome, Paris, etc.

    While Mary was appearing to the children inside a building near the Catholic Church, crowds gathered outside to pray the Rosary. My father (cardiologist in Baton Rouge) warned us not to look at the sun no matter what the crazy people said because it would permanently damage our eyes. While the crowd of a few hundred prayed the Rosary, my siblings and I were bored to tears.

    Out of nowhere, my little brother, who was about 3 years old, clung to my mother's legs, started crying and pointed at the sun. We all looked up (my father even eventually looked up), and all six of us saw the miracle of the sun.

    It lasted for about 30 minutes. It looked as if a host (or Eucharist) was dancing in front of the sun. The rays of the sun could be seen behind the sun. The sun even moved at times and appeared to pulsate and come closer to the earth. We could all look directly at the sun the entire time. The entire crowd was astonished. My father was the most impressed because he was the biggest skeptic. Ever since that day, my father has been a devout Catholic that goes to daily mass. In fact, I believe my father's conversion saved my parent's marriage.

    My family went to Medjugorje after that and saw other miracles. Bottom line is that what is happening over there is real. The standard to determine if apparitions are real is not our judgment as to whether the people involved are perfect. We will always be disappointed in imperfect people. Nonetheless, this article seems very biased and unreasonable considering that the author basically concludes that it cannot be real if the visionaries make money and marry. My father is friends with some of the visionaries. They are not all wealthy, as is claimed in the article. They are normal people, with normal desires, wants and ambitions. Some were asked to become priests and nuns, but they chose to have families instead. They sound like normal imperfect people to me, just like the apostles.

    It is a shame that the devil is doing such a good job of marginalizing this beautiful miracle.

    Eric Edward Helm, Esq.

  4. JayG
    5 years ago

    Caldwell misrepresents (I'm being charitable) Pope Benedict when he writes “Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, issued a ban on pilgrimages to the site but this has been widely ignored."

    Truth is the Vatican twice has stated through its press office that unofficial pilgrimages are accepted, and that it is even advisable for priests to accompany visitors while the Church tries to discern the matter

  5. Ken
    5 years ago

    Simon Caldwell is biased against Medjugorje. His agenda includes misrepresenting the facts by omitting the full truth. But all previous apparitions faced trials by some skeptics who were eventually converted. God willing, he will be one.

  6. Linda Rose
    5 years ago

    If all the monies time and efforts to promote the Apparitions of Medjugorje went into living the Message of Fatima approved by the Church the triumph of Mary may have taken place long ago.
    Disobedience to legitimate church authorities puts one in danger of cooperating in sin. The Bishop of the diocese in which the apparition takes place have the grace by God to discern the truth of an alleged apparition. Not even a Bishop of another diocese can go against the bishop of the diocese in which the apparitions take place. How many bishops have failed here to counsel the people to obey and wait. If it is from God he will change the Bishops mind.-Linda Rose

  7. Dixie Meyers
    5 years ago

    Grow Up and Obey the Pope! Always thought that Medjugorje was a Phony, Ambiguous Apparition! Now, it's Official! Obey the Pope, and No Longer Promote it. Thanks be 2 God!

  8. rafaelmarie
    5 years ago

    Here's a good article for you detractors of Medjugorje:

    Regarding recent news reports concerning Fr. Tomislav Vlasic:

    After the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje began and the pastor of Medjugorje was put in prison by the communists, Fr. Tomislav Vlasic was assigned to St. James parish in Medjugorje. In September, 1984 he left Medjugorje and in 1985 was assigned to the parish in Vitina (with all priestly faculties - to preach, to hear confessions, celebrate Mass, etc., ie., when he left, he was in good standing with the Church). He was never formally designated pastor of St. James parish. Parish records state that Fr. Tomislav Pervan served as pastor in Medjugorje from 1982 through 1988.

    Fr. Tomislav Vlasic moved to Italy in 1987 and in 1992 joined the Italian Franciscan Province of Abbruzzo. All these years he has not been a member of the Franciscan Province of Herzegovina. It appears he decided to go on a different path in the mid 80’s, having been heavily influenced by a German woman who had come to Medjugorje, Agnes Heupel, who claimed to be a visionary, and with whom he formed his own community in 1987. During this time he tried forcing one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, Marija Pavlovic, to publicly state that Our Lady supported his “spiritual marriage” with Agnes Heupel and the new way of life of his community. To the contrary, Marija’s conscience forced her to write a public statement on July 11, 1988, disavowing any connection with him or with his community: “I repeat that I never received from the Gospa, nor gave Fr. Tomislav or anyone else, a confirmation of the program of Fr. Tomislav and Agnes Heupel.” Though Fr. Vlasic would later build a house outside of Medjugorje behind the hill of Crnica, between the village of Surmanc and Bijakovici, he, himself, kept distant from Medjugorje and was never involved in any activities of the parish.

    The fact is that in the mid 80’s Fr. Vlasic decided to go his own way and since then none of the visionaries of Medjugorje have had any contact with him.

    Let’s not forget that during this time the events of Medjugorje were situated between a hostile communist government and a bishop who had stated publicly, “I want Medjugorje destroyed!” (and that anyone purporting Our Lady was appearing in Medjugorje deserved the lowest place in hell)! During a filmed interview in his Episcopal residence in February, 1989, in response to my question, “Who is the pastor in Medjugorje?” the Bishop replied, “I don’t know, I think it’s the fat one!” Medjugorje has not been cared for by the local Ordinary – though literally hundreds of bishops throughout the world are testifying to incredible graces having come into their own dioceses through Medjugorje. Though vulnerable itself from attacks on all sides – lacking protection that should have been in place – this little parish has continued going forward, renewing the Church! The parish – and visionaries – have been nothing less than heroic! Let’s not forget that early on in her messages Our Lady had warned that Satan left many places in the world in order to focus his attack against Medjugorje – to try to thwart what God was doing there. All those who continue answering Our Lady’s call to be her apostles are vulnerable to his attacks.

    Don’t be distracted by what you might read in the media. Present developments are a good sign. Rome is finally beginning to give some shepherding to Medjugorje – to take seriously protecting what God is doing there. Good things lie ahead!

    Denis Nolan

  9. Marty Lund
    5 years ago

    The Holy See DID indeed ban the organization of Pilgrimages to Medjugorje for the purpose of visitation an authentic site of Marian Apparitions.

    "Pilgrimages to Medjugorje, understood as a place of authentic Marian apparitions, are not permitted to be organized either on the parish or on the diocesan level, because that would be in contradiction to what the Bishops of former Yugoslavia affirmed in their fore mentioned Declaration." - Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on March 23, 1996.

    That doesn't mean people can't go there for normal reasons.

    The Holy See, however, has not acknowledged these visionaries or apparitions as authentic.

    As such they should never be treated as one would the visitation of Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Deigo or Our Lady of Fatima.

  10. rafaelmarie
    5 years ago

    The Pope never banned Catholics from going to Medjugorje, that's a lie!

    I personally went to Medjugorje, I would be remiss with our Blessed Mother if I didn't say that Medjugorje is Heaven upon earth!

    Please read my testimony!:

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