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Pope Laicizes Priest Involved with Purported Apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje Comments

The Vatican granted Father Tomislav Vlasic his request and laicized him. An ongoing investigation into growing concerns over the alleged apparitions continues. Continue Reading

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    5 years ago

    It was just a few moments ago that I posted a comment relating to the Medjugorje article. It was almost immediately after this that I realised I had perpetrated a small 'deception' myself, quite by mistake. As someone is bound to correct me, I thought I had better leave this additional small post to correct my error.
    Firstly, although I have certainly met Fr Tomislav Vlasic, it was not he who invited me to the apparitions room in 1985. His name was uppermost in my mind simply because of the article which referred to him. It was, of course, that other most holy man, Fr Slavko Barbaric.
    Secondly, I alluded to Maria as being the elder of the girls. Even though there are not too many months between them, I have to correct this as I have now worked out their birth dates and realise that Maria was the third eldest.
    I apologise to all or anyone who might read my humble posting and hope that it does not irritate you too much!
    God bless
    Ray Francis

    5 years ago

    I refer to Ken’s post, (29/7/09) where he says, “ . . . Simon Caldwell is biased against Medjugorje.” The truth, it seems to me, is that Simon Caldwell is biased against almost everything and everybody who is not for, or in agreement with, all things Simon Caldwell!
    I watched him for a full hour, last Sunday morning, on a popular TV topical, theological discussion programme, where he was pontificating on his great knowledge and understanding of all things! His rhetoric was rude, crude and highly arrogant. For a man who publicly professes some kind of Christian faith, he seems so very full of himself and sadly lacking in any kind of humility and human empathy. Of course, if he were in possession of these very basic Christian virtues, he might, perhaps, be working for a ‘proper’ newspaper. We must forgive him, but feel sorry for him and – pray for him, don’t you think – whilst we all pray that the scales of doubt and scepticism are taken from all our eyes.
    Like so many others who have posted here, I also went to Medjugorje, saw the wonderful work of God and the Holy Spirit there and all that it created for the good in literally hundreds of people who were there during that one week alone.
    I was incredibly humbled, as someone who had, almost totally, not just lost but thrown my faith away, to be singled out, (I know not why – other than by God’s good grace), by Fr Tomislav Vlasic to join him and the visionaries in the so-called room of the apparitions, where I witnessed five, so obviously devout, though quite normal, young people in peaceful prayer and contemplation. As if being invited to the upper room was not sufficient a shock to my spiritual system, Maria, (one of the elder girl visionaries), then pointed to me and indicated that I was to lead the Rosary. I was not only shocked but began to quake in my boots with fear, since I had all but forgotten what the Rosary prayer even comprised. When I protested, she gently smiled and said, “You must – God wants you to.” Somehow or other I stumbled through and little by little began to experience the most amazing spiritual change within myself actually taking place at that very moment in time. Whatever else was wrought in that room, that evening of the 5th October 1985, I left it a transformed spirit, determined to try to find my way back to God and a life more meaningful. By the way, this is not some old mad-man’s dream but is fully verifiable.
    I too, like so many others, saw the sun ‘jump’ about, the skies change colour, a special light shining on the cross on Crizevac mountain. Were these things miracles? I have no idea. And, in any case, who cares? The real miracle that I saw and experienced for myself was one of internal change – the creation of a new person in Christ Jesus. A learning all over again of what it meant to be God’s loved one and how it was my responsibility to share that loving with all other creatures.
    Someone on this forum has written words to the effect that we have to rely upon the church for our salvation and must therefore obey it to the letter. I am sorry, but glad, that I have to disagree. Whatever miracles are performed are not performed by ‘the Church’ nor priests nor the Pope – including almost the greatest one of all when bread becomes our Saviour himself. All miracles are God’s preserve and he has already performed the very greatest miracle of granting my and your eternal salvation by allowing His son to die on the cross for me – and for all of us! We can’t buy it, or earn it through prayers and indulgences and a myriad other kinds of medieval mumbo-jumbos. It is a gift, freely given by God. All we have to do is accept it – that’s what Medjugorje did for me – and for hundreds, perhaps thousands of others I have met and read about.
    I have seen the church, over the last 31 years, tear itself to pieces over Medjugorje. Whilst nothing but good, it seems to me, has come out of that place, all of these shenanigans between this Pope or that Bishop or some priest or self-styled expert, has done nothing but harm.
    I will finally share with you a small prophecy which I believe I have been given since my ‘day of grace’. That is, I sincerely believe that Satan’s greatest deception of all is being enacted, to his great pleasure, within the church itself. He is using the church itself as a tool to pull off the ultimate lie. Not just over Medjugorje, but in so many areas of the church’s life. Just one major aberration is political correctness which, in so many areas of everyday life, has bogged the church down and prevented it from doing what is genuinely God’s work in the world. A church divided against itself will fall, greatly. Which I believe is just what the Devil plans. A church which, in the words of the poet Wilfred Owen, ‘bawls allegiance to the state’, is doomed and many millions will go down with it. Earlier in the poem Owen writes, “Near Golgotha strolls many a priest, and in their faces there is pride that they were flesh-marked by the Beast, by whom the gentle Christ’s denied.”
    I am sad for Fr Tomislav; he seemed a very decent man to me and whatever it is alleged he may have done is not for me (nor the Daily Mail) to even contemplate. I prefer, “Judge not so that you will not be judged.”
    Owen’s poem, however dark in its conception, thankfully concludes with the recipe for salvation, Christ’s own sacrificial death; “But they who love the greater love lay down their life – they do not hate.”
    Do let’s stop griping about what has ‘not’ been happening at Medjugorje and rejoice in the love and grace that has unquestionably flowed out of it. I know – I was there!
    Ray Francis

  3. Anon
    5 years ago

    I've been to Medjugorje. I saw no proof that the seers are rich. Granted, the whole town has benefited but what is wrong with a dignified house? There are those few homes that have pools but immaculate gardens hardly mean wealthy. We stayed in the home of a cousin of one of the seers. Full pension, clean, simple rooms with bath and spent very little. The hosts rent our parts of their own homes and live in small areas just for them. I saw many Mercedes...older newer models. These are cheap and plentiful and as they are well made, they are a considered a good buy. Homes are built a bit at a time over many years even when there is enough money to continue construction.
    The fact that the seers are married is wonderful. The greatest vocation is the married life. It is much harder to carry Catholic values in a secular world. They've had children, which is a sign of hope that somehow, things will work out and that we should not be afraid of the chastisements.
    Regarding the defrocked priest....he is human with all the temptations men go through. We must pray for him.
    Satan is doing everything to discredit the whole thing and it seems to be working, and this is a real shame.
    Anything that brings men of all religions and non back to God is a good thing. How can it not be?
    We are not required to believe in the apparations but the messages say to pray the rosary, fast, read the Bible. These are stepping stones to Heaven.

  4. Nwajagu Hilary
    5 years ago

    The magisterium of the church, which from the scriptures, is built on Peter, the first Bishop of Rome, his office now rests on Pope Benedict XVI, and will always subdue the gates of the underworld. cf.Mtt.16:18. It is the responsibility of the church to declare in the person of Christ the legitimate ways God has chosen to make His people believe in him most. In doubt for sure, the church do not at times act. The Holy Spirit is with the Church, and will continue to be with her till the end of time (Mtt: 28:20. May all obey the magisterium. Obedience for sure is better than sacrifice.

  5. Jean
    5 years ago

    Trust in Holy Mother church.
    She has the wisdom of Christ on her side. Never fear as she has said.

    Faustyna: "I trust in you Jesus."

  6. Sem. Lubula Joseph
    5 years ago

    Am not a church spokesman so this is just my simple way of viewing reality. first of all its really fair to give time to examine all the so called apparitions other than waking up one day and declare this and that. the church magisterium takes time and by the fact that with God´s ways even 1000years are like a single day, i do believe that given time, all these cases can be examined well so as to give us a concrete straight answer as regards our belief.

    i really dont think there´s need to rush since God´s workings dont come with storms and trumpet sounds but rather with a cool breeze sensed by only those who find time to listen intimately to themselves (if i may use the words so to speak) so all these so called prophets even though priests and Bishops no matter their tittles, need to be prudent so as not to mislead the people.

    true being a priest and religious weighs a lot and for this matter many people trust what the leaders have to say but the fact also is some overstep their boundaries to think they are beyond any control. I believe moving together and above all having full blessings of the Magisterium of the Church can leadc us a step further other than following persons who some times mis lead us.

    so please whereever we are lets try to listen as much as we can and seek advice even more often from church leaders in matters regarding our faith but above all resisting attempts of over believingb in personalities; Cyhrist is the only PERSON worth our full trust but we individuals are prey to human waeknesses.

  7. Linda Rose,OCDS
    5 years ago

    We need to understand the difference between supernatural miracles God alone can do and preternatural miracles worked through the angelic spirits good angels or bad? On April 10, 1991 the Bishops of ex-Yugoslavia declared: "... On the basis of the investigations, so far it cannot be affirmed that one is dealing with supernatural apparitions and revelations.” This does not rule out preternatural phenomenon. The miracle of the sun as viewed by so many at Medjugorje did not happen in the same extraordinary manner as at Fatima witnessed by everyone present and in a 70 mile radius by believers and unbelievers.

    I was brought back to the church by an unapproved apparition in Bayside NY. It took me years to pull away from it having the same feelings and using the same arguments as Medjugorje devotes do today. I also witnessed miracles; rosaries turning to golden colors, photos with unexplained image popping up and the miracle of the sun. The devil was keeping me in bondage in disobedience to legitimate church authority and this sin lead to other strange beliefs that the church was not teaching. I felt I owed our Lady to defend the apparition. I know what I witnessed! I did not understand the difference between supernatural and preternatural miracles. Thanks be to God I learned “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” The Devil does appear as an Angel of light and has appeared to Ann Catherine Emmerich and other mystics as Jesus and Mary. If they never had a true vision they would have been deceived. The devil divides and conquers!
    Obey the Church our Holy Mother. Follow the bishops in union with the magisterium. Your Salvation and the salvation of others depend on it! Linda Rose,OCDS

  8. 5 years ago

    Let us seek the Holy Spirit's guidance for all involved and ourselves and continue to pray for all... God and His Catholic church is bigger than all of this.

  9. Monika
    5 years ago

    AAh, yes... It's crystal clear how satan is trying to do everything in his power to destroy what is good.
    Little advice...pray and fast on Wed. and Fri. for Marys intentions and for this matter. (you may offer it for Marys birthday which is August 5th.)I'm sure she would be pleased.
    God bless

  10. Matthew
    5 years ago

    Authenticity and integrity are at the heart of this matter. So why is giving space to Simon Caldwell (calling him "the ever reliable reporter") when he works for a sleezy tabloid newspaper? Why does Simon choose to associate himself and contribute his ability to this culture-damaging enterprise? How does this evident lack of moral discrimination affect his reporting? How reliable is he really?

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