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Pope Laicizes Priest Involved with Purported Apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje Comments

The Vatican granted Father Tomislav Vlasic his request and laicized him. An ongoing investigation into growing concerns over the alleged apparitions continues. Continue Reading

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  1. Margarett RBC Zavodny
    5 years ago

    More explanation is needed, if only to refresh our memories. Is "defrocking" actually the same thing as "laicization"? Is it forbidden to believe in these apparitions, or merely not required? What is the latest official Vatican ruling on Medjugorje?

  2. Paul Welsh
    5 years ago

    I am grateful to God for blessing the church to be on the side of caution in regard to these claimed apparitions. My former local parish had been warned by our elderly Canon a few years ago, that Medjugorje was not true. This was a surprise to all of us at the time, as we had heard of the apperitions over the years. Nonetheless the Canon's word was taken on board, and some people who had visited the shrine from nearby parishes got upset when I relayed this to them, which is understandable.

  3. carol a. prim
    5 years ago

    I knew all along that medjugorje was false. Those young people were to willing to talk and be the center of attenton. True visionaries never did those kinds of things. They never sought public attention, like these young people did.

  4. Jean
    5 years ago

    God Bless Linda Rose and everyone who defends the faith as Christ intended.

  5. Linda Rose, OCDS
    5 years ago

    Medjugorje devotees are busy going around in a never ending circle of words using circular logic to defend their errors What is wrong with FATIMA people? Fatima is approved by the church! Your wasting precious time and failing to evangelize the greatest Marian apparition that has ever taken place along with the greatest public miracle of all time. Pope John Paul II said that Fatima is a reaffirmation of the Gospel.
    Fatima is about Consecration to Mary who is leading us towards the greatest conflagration of Good over Evil. A battle that is yet to come. The annihilation
    of some or many nations is a prophecy that may still be fulfilled if we do not
    do as our Lady asks. Fatima is about the UNITY of the Church. How sad that
    we are not united in the majesterium as children of Mary. Fatima is about
    conversions not just Russia but the Jewish people and the Muslims. The falling
    of the Berlin Wall was a sign of what our Lady will do in the next battles that are
    soon facing the Church. It appears that Medjugorje devotees are so busy defending
    their own errors they do not even see the beginnings of this battle being raged around
    us and are already the first casualties in the spiritual war. I repeat again obedience
    to the majesterium of the church or you will not survive this war. Linda Rose,OCDS

  6. lex pablo
    5 years ago

    Thanks be to God and to you Alissa.We pray that The Holy Spirit enlighten all of us hence be guided and led back to Jesus Christ through His Church, The Roman Catholic Church. amen

    5 years ago

    I quote Alissa – 4th August 2009: “I am profoundly perturbed by one of the commentator’s remarks . . . . . that he disagrees that we have to obey the church to the letter.”
    Dear Alissa
    I am sorry, but I really think it very important not to take one person’s comments out of context. In all humility I must point out that I was referring to another commentator when she wrote that ‘we rely upon the church for our ‘salvation’ and to that end must obey the church to the letter’.
    It is not true at all, (as I stated further on in my piece), that we rely upon the church for our salvation. The point I was making was that if the church went up in a puff of smoke today, (however unlikely!), I am still a saved soul since Christ himself has assured me of that!
    Additionally, I have to tell you that 43 years after my baptism as a Catholic Christian, I have the growth of wisdom through many years of personal experience and received discernment given to me, I believe, by the Holy Spirit Himself. And, other than in matters of faith and morals, when promulgated by the Pope himself, I am not able to agree that we must obey the church general in every ultimate. I have personally been on the receiving end of some pretty dastardly, even evil decisions made by the servants of the church (i.e. priests and religious) and witnessed many others who have suffered the same fate as a result of the actions of these zealots. Indeed, it was what drove me from the church in the first place. It was God Himself who drew me back – not a priest, sadly, and I am once again very comfortable to be a part of the Catholic church and in communion with all men of faith. But, a bit like St Thomas Moore with his monarch, Henry, I am the Church’s good servant – but God’s first!
    I believe God gives us all ‘discernment’ through His Holy Spirit, as long as we are open to Him. So, in my book, a small example of acceptable disobedience is that, should I be in a position to advise people living in HIV torn communities whether to use a condom or not, I would have no alternative but to advise the use of a condom, for the sake of the general health of the community. Whilst it would also present to me a wonderful opportunity to teach the virtues of abstinence and even chastity, as given to us by the Popes and our own received right moral thinking, I have to accept that we live in a world where we must also listen directly to the voice of the Holy Spirit to discern what is the most practical, and more importantly, most loving course of action. A very serious understanding of the maxim, ‘Hate the sin, but love the sinner,’ is required. God, I am sure, does not expect us to make unloving and therefore, ‘evil’, decisions for other people’s lives or for our own.
    Let us all stay close to God, first and foremost and cast His love upon the waters and I am sure we will all ‘wind up merrily in Heaven’.
    Medjugorje is like this. I believe that the sincere voice of a man or woman or child saying that they believe that all of it comes from God, no matter what the magisterium of the church says, and then go on to show the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their lives, is a great deal more positive and world-changing than the hateful words of one Bishop of Mostar who declared he wanted to destroy Medjugorje and everything about it.
    ‘Different horses for different courses’; ‘God moves in mysterious ways’, and all the other clichés, etc. You see, the other point I was making was that frankly, I really don’t care what the ‘church’ thinks about Medjugorje, “I only know that once I was blind and now I can see!” Jesus and His blessed Mother have many more miracles up their sleeves, I am sure!
    Peace, Love and Joy, Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
    Ray Francis

  8. Michael Shannon
    5 years ago

    Simon Caldwell is to be polite, WRONG. A bad priest does not make a false apparition. Judas was a bad Apostle. Jesus was and remains the Lord. Mary remains Our Mother. The question we should have is why aren't we listening to her. Fear of being wrong. The early Christians had that problem. Mary is appearing and the fruit of her appearances is saved souls. Simon Caldwell is blind to that. Don't listen to him.
    Mike Shannon

  9. Alissa
    5 years ago

    Our merciful Saviour can bring good out of evil - you need only look at a Cross to see this evidenced. I know of people who have received miracles and spiritual graces from Medjugorje and Ray Francis' account of a Life-giving and life-changing conversion in Christ speaks of the great mercy and love of Christ. God is always looking for opportunities to bless us, to reclaim his prodigal sons and daughters - I know because I too was one of them - and He works in mysterious ways. Saint Augustine once said that if a priest were to be wicked but were to give absolution to a penitent, the forgiveness of sins would be valid, the penitent would not suffer because of the crime of the priest. And so it can be applied to this controversial apparition site. One must be cautious and attentive to the subtle, undermining stratagems employed by Satan, who constantly seeks to devour us, to deceive us and destroy us. Satan, the prince of duplicity, can appear as an angel of light. Satan can and has produced apparitions himself, he can work signs (read Evidence of Satan in the Modern world, for instance). "By their fruits they will be known." If these visions and signs seem so sublime, so good, but the fruit is people turning away from the Christ-given authority of the Church because the Church, imbued with the Holy Spirit, has voiced Her concerns and has with-held Her benediction from these purported apparitions, then that is a grave, grave matter and clearly a fruit of the Evil One. The ultimate evidence, allegations of making a lucrative business out of the apparitions, sexual misconduct of the priest, now laicized, etc, aside, the fruit of doubting the Church's infallible authority in matters of Faith and Morals and Christ's promise of protection, is the greatest proof of potential diabolical origins in these visions. I am profoundly perturbed by one of the commentator's remarks regarding the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that Christ founded upon the Rock of Peter,stating that he "disagrees" that "we need to obey the Church to the letter." Did Christ not promise His Catholic (which means "universal" - the original and true Church He founded) that "the gates of Hell will not prevail against it," and that "whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." Did He not give the "keys to heaven" to our Church authorities, the successors of Peter, the Pope (even anti-popes in the past, though wrongfully inheriting the papacy, and leading corrupt lives, by the grace of God, NEVER made ex-cathedra or infallible proclamations on Faith or Morals, which constitute the pillar and bulwark of Truth as revealed by Christ). When we obey our Church in matters of Faith and Morals, are we not obeying Christ? So many Catholics have been deceived by Satan into thinking that they are wiser than Christ's Church, that contraception, abortion, sterilization, etc is okay, that they are somehow more spiritually mature and informed and experienced than our hierarchical Church authorities in discerning whether an apparition is an unholy hoax or legitimate. Caution, my friend. Pray for insight into the matter and examine how this is leading you away from wholly submitting to Christ through His Church. Even saints, like St Padre Pio, who were under examination by the Church and who suffered greatly and redemptively because of the necessary measures that had to be taken to ensure they were truly receiving graces from God and not fabricating them or worse, humbly, lovingly, and trustfully submitted to the Church, knowing that Christ guides and guards the Church and that they will reach the Truth in the end. And so She did and he was vindicated and canonized along with others. We are all called to this fidelity, this depth of Faith, and obedience "He who heareth you, heareth Me." The Bible warns us that a fallen-away Catholic is worse and more dangerous than an unconverted one - let us not backslide and question Church authority. If you believe in Christ's promise, then, you should rest assured, that if these are genuine apparitions, the Church will approve them - but if they aren't, the Church must condemn them, to protect the Faithful. Ave Maria, gratia plena, ora pro nobis. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, misere nobis.

  10. Father Ron Mathews
    5 years ago

    Simon Caldwell does not speak for me. I am not surprised, there are so many negative witnesses in the Church; that was the Yeast of the Pharisees! I have been privileged to share in the Medjugorie experience, and Lead many pilgrims to this amazing site. May Our Lord, and Our Mother Bless us and keep us close to God Our Father. Mary, Queen of Peace, Pray for us!

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