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Is Euthanasia Included in National ‘Health Care’ Reform? Comments

Does 'Health Care Reform' also require that anyone on Social Security undergo a mandatory counseling session every five years? Continue Reading

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  1. Bin
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, At All Times, Everywhere!

    Clearly Rose, the Deacon is asking that he be proven wrong, hence a word / commitment from the Obama Administration will hardly count as proof / evidence.

    Regarding the whole strategy of the Administration (under Obama) has become one of intimidation and threats, as is evident, by even holding the view that such a voluminous bill should be passed before the August recess of the Senate is itself a form of intimidation; everyone is expected to sign on, without even having the opportunity to read and go through it thoroughly.

    This sort of strong-arm tactics should've been expected in the first place, for those who hadn't expected, my pity. The worst/saddest part of the story, is those people who still look upto to the President (as some sort of Divine Gift to the World), those who're still under his thin veil of cool, calm personality (which for sure is coming off now).

    I pray for everyone, that their eyes may be opened to see the Truth, the real Truth.

    GOD Bless!

  2. Teresa
    5 years ago

    Why would you be surprised, Deacon? I've noticed that while there is LOTS of concerned Catholic "activism" for the unborn, there is precious little for those in nursing homes. At the home where I volunteer, Mass is celebrated ONCE a MONTH. That's all! Anointing of the sick? Once a year! The nun-chaplain (who was excellent)was let go because her pastor & pastoral council said they couldn't afford to pay her salary. Shortage of deacons? No! Anyway, they'd rather preach than visit a nursing home. Shortage of priests? Yes. Still, they have time to visit with the parochial school children (they're CONSUMED w/the school) & attend meetings of the hospitality & other social committees. Pro-lifers (at least in the Philadelphia suburbs) are attracted to the beautiful, innocent faces of infants (me, too!!) but don't seem to have a similar affiity for the wrinkle-lined faces of the lonely aged.

  3. Cathy
    5 years ago

    I am against Obama's health care plan. He is trying to destroy Americas people.Euthanasia & abortion is wrong.

  4. mark
    5 years ago

    This may be helpfull a link to euthanasia right under our nose.

  5. Pam
    5 years ago

    It's the "Plan" we need to see. If someone has "time" to read all of it, can you give the citations? That would help. And we can't forget the undercover words that allow for such an "interpretation" as euthanasia. And knowing our courts.... Well, it doesn't take much to add things up!

    5 years ago

    When should a Catholic just give up and admit that that it is not realistic to be concerned about the health of some person who is doomed to an "obvious" miserable death? There is no better no-nonsense answer than by God; it can never be better defined than by the actual seeing in action God's Health Care Plan in action at Lourdes high in the mountains near Portugal. Unbelievably gruesome cases are cured, defying any unbiased scientific
    contradiction. I suggest that the Obama health experts try to find any error in the reports and documents prepared in Lourdes-which have already been tested by brilliant medical opponents whose own attitudes have been sometimes been atheistic, anti-Catholic, anti-God, and, finally,anti-intelligent. That some of these enemies of God have become ardent believers in God and "God's Health Care Plan" only adds to the undisputed accuracy of the Lourdes cures. No, not everyone is cured, but the cures reveal that God does not regard ANY condition as one which deserves no attention.

  7. Chris Dundas
    5 years ago

    Rose I am sorry to tell you that it is in the 1000 page Obama healthcare Bill. I have started reading some of it, You should do the same it is available in PDF format, you should educate yourself by reading it. Obama also gave a speech about a month ago and said that people over 70 that get a serious expensive medical problem should only get pain meds to ease their suffering before they die. Hows do you think they are going to try and fix Social Security. They are going to let seniors die after 70. God that Obama is such a nice person just like his wife beating father.

  8. rafaelmarie
    5 years ago

    The dutch euthanize their elderly all the time against their will.

    And also euthanize deformed infants.

    You don't think that we won't go down the same slippery sloap?

    Think again!

  9. Rose
    5 years ago

    I have a question, Deacon. You say you want to be proven wrong on this. If the Obama administration said that the health care proposal doesn't include euthanasia, would you believe them?

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