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Is Euthanasia Included in National ‘Health Care’ Reform? Comments

Does 'Health Care Reform' also require that anyone on Social Security undergo a mandatory counseling session every five years? Continue Reading

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  1. Shirley
    5 years ago

    D>S> Your last sentence begs the question! Why would one who profits from ministering to health possibly want to cut my life short? Does not make sense, sir!

  2. Greg
    5 years ago

    A non-Catholic Christian jumping in here:
    Does anyone remember the film series by Dr Francis Scaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop (former Surgeon General) called "Whatever Happened to the Human Race"? Premise was that the legalization and acceptance of abortion philosophically leads to the devaluation of innocent human life. Such devaluation would set the precedent for the acceptance of infanticide, euthanasia (leading to involuntary), and in the end, the elimination of undesirables - much like the eugenicists of Nazi Germany, and Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood's dirty little secret - Sanger was a racial supremacist).
    This is history repeating itself. This path must be opposed.
    To Rose - If the Obama administration said that the "health care" proposal did not include euthanasia, I would not believe it one bit.

  3. Dan
    5 years ago

    This so called health care package that our President is trying to ram down our throats is ludicrous.This President is trying to change to sociaalistic, marxist government.
    He's demanding too much where he doesn't know the consequences. God help the USA, because he won't.

  4. D.S
    5 years ago

    Let's have an honest conversation about health care reform.

    This article represents ideological rants and emotional appeals that mischaracterize the goals of healthcare reform. The goals are simple: create a system that covers every (to be accurate, 98%) American, reduce costs by offering a public option, and develop strategies for preventative care, better information technology, and error reduction.

    I doubt my comment will make it online- but if it does, I'd urge you to consider that healthcare overhaul is a moral obligation on the grounds of Catholic social justice. And I'd urge you to also not buy hook-line-and-sinker the propaganda that the overhaul plans are anti-life. From what I understand, the public option will be much like that offered by the VA and Medicare.

    If anything, for profit companies have much more of an incentive to cut your life short!

  5. Stephanie Zito
    5 years ago

    I am against this health plan for many reasons and vote NO. In brief I do not support abortion. And I don't support euthenasia. As we know the catechism is very clear when it says that "euthenasia" is "murder" and abortion is murder and intrinsic evil. As Catholics we stand by the teachings of the Catholic Church. As Christians we know that throughout the Bible we are reminded "Thou Shalt Not Kill". it saddens me hugely to know that the sick and elderly would be "counseled" and offered "euthenasia" or for others whos life is in danger the option of "abortion". When people are sick they are not thinking clearly and I can imagine that when a person is informed their health insurance won't provide for their care (re:case in Oregon) but will pay for "euthenasian" that definitely makes me angry. Imagine how unloved and uncared and uneeded people feel when they can't get treatment for their illness but yet could be euthenasized. The article refers to abortion and euthenasia and when we look at the "big picture" we have to remember not to support this health plan for any reason at all. It provides for the "extermination" and "elimination" of people in more ways than one. When we remember to have Faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we can accept the difficult times in life including our fight for life in all respects. Standing firm on the word of God in the Bible through diligent study of the Bible and the Catechism provides for the strength and courage to stand up and say no to evil of any kind and know that black is black and white is white. Evil is evil and I hate evil, and I will never compromise myself in anyway. I think this following quote from the article says it well regarding Dr. McCaughey. "Her further claim is that this mandatory counseling would include a discussion of what are euphemistically called “end of life” options.As a pro-life lawyer of several decades, I know what that phrase entails.

    A quick search of Dr. McCaughey on the internet revealed a flurry of attacks on her claims that this National Health Reform encourages euthanasia. However, it was interesting that none of the attackers refuted her specific claims as they related to the legislation and her references to page numbers in the voluminous bill. They all sought to destroy her credibility through the use of guilt by association tactics."

  6. Mike
    5 years ago

    Saint Jude, Patron of hopeless cases pray for us..... This president scares me. I fear for the future of our country, and for our children. Killing innocent children in the womb is bad enough, now the elderly are in his sights. God have mercy on us.

  7. Melissa
    5 years ago

    Thank you for this article. I've been searching for the facts on the bill, out of concern for parents and my (mostly) elderly clients. Sixteen years ago, we used to use the term "snowed" to describe a patient who was euthanized. Then it was "hospice". Now I hear of people being told "hospice is your only option" or "you're pre-hospice", and more people expressing their --concern? fear? what they've acquiesced to believing their lives mean nothing?--"wish" not to be a burden on others. God help us to keep questioning and defending life in all its stages.

  8. J. Kruger
    5 years ago

    The problem is that no one knows what is in the 1000 plus pages of this Health Care Bill. Again, like the bail outs and the porkulus bill...they just sign away without knowledge of what they are truly approving. We must consider God's way as the best way!

    Therefore, reverence for life at conception up to and including the moment of natural death must be our adamant demand! Consider this: Did legalizing alcohol produce fewer alcoholics? Did it create all kinds of different problems? What do you think will happen if abortion is legalized? We must help those who walk in darkness to see the light. Fornication is the basis for abortion...Sit up and take notice all of you out there including MEN who do not exercise self control. You men and women who believe that you are entitled to a sex life outside of marriage...prepare for the hot seat because you are not going to heaven for lack of self control. Fornication is a sin and sin begets more sin. Fornication equals unwanted pregnancy - ABORTION! Pray for self control! Meanwhile, say "No" to Obama's health care.

  9. Jean
    5 years ago

    The counseling issue of social security concerns the possiblity that they will include the possibility of Euthanasia counseling. This article is concerned with the future.

  10. Jean
    5 years ago

    This article is just informing us of watching what is happening.

    The concern of Euthanasia not so much your provisions.

    Its about abortion.

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