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Is Euthanasia Included in National ‘Health Care’ Reform? Comments

Does 'Health Care Reform' also require that anyone on Social Security undergo a mandatory counseling session every five years? Continue Reading

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  1. S.
    5 years ago

    Yes, I know what a proxy is. Sigh.

    Who would this particular bill allow to serve as a proxy? Would hospital workers or others fill this role, even if the patient doesn't necessarily choose this person? Would they look out for the patient's best interests? That's not spelled out. Read the bill.

    And our beliefs are one thing, but they may not reflect what is contained in this bill. There may be good to come of it, but there may be things previously not allowed in society, such as abortion funding (that's in it, btw).

    Read background information on Peter Singer (he did an Op Ed column in the NY Times supporting health care rationing recently), and read the writings of Obama's Science Czar, Mr. Holdren. Both Holdren and Singer are eugenicists. Singer has specifically called children with Down syndrome non-persons. They support both Obama and ObamaCare.

    Again, it's best you read the bill and the background of the people behind it in order to engage in meaningful debate rather than focusing on platitudes or assuming people don't know what certain words mean. That's kind of straw-manish.

  2. Diane Walter
    5 years ago

    There is no federal mandate for euthanasia of the elderly in this overhaul of this health care plan. Our Church needs to support health care reform, supporting life for millions of young and old Americans who are being denied life by a system controlled by money rather than Christians. Are we not people of the Resurrection? Is not our word and action that of life? Let it be so then, and may we live and speak in truth and not fear. Fear only promises a continuation of death.
    Say it. Say "I am not afraid", and minister to the 47 million plus people, many in their youth whose lives are already being cut short. Recognize that euthanasia is already taking place--it is the snuffing out of life and promise of the uninsured.

  3. VMC
    5 years ago

    I simply do not believe that any government healthcare program designed to help the less fortunate in our society to have access to affordable healthcare could be a danger to you and your child.
    A Proxy is a person of your chosing who would be charged with making decision if you were unable to. That's why a living will and power of attorney are important for everyone. They provide for your wishes to be carried out.

  4. S.
    5 years ago

    Again, apples to oranges. There's nothing in this bill to suggest that it will be run as government health insurance is now. Also, you didn't address the end of life loopholes, especially with respect to the function of a proxy (and exactly who that proxy could be).

    They're a couple of pages down in section 1231.

    And I'm not afraid, just vigilant in advocating for my disabled child. She's just as human as I am, and she's a US citizen, as should always be the case. Peter Singer (who supports Obama's plan) and science Czar Holdren take issue with that.

  5. VMC
    5 years ago

    PS End of Life Counseling is done at every yearly checkup in the VA Healthcare system now. It consists of offering assistance and proper forms to provide a living will, for the benefit of the patient and his/her family. Nothing to be afraid of, every single person should have one to protect themselves and thier loved ones

  6. VMC
    5 years ago

    I'm no longer covered by active military care, we are retired. We are covered by Tricare which is funded by the government. The point was that the government can and does run Healthcare Delivery Systems now, and they work just fine. I don't think that is apples and oranges. The Veterans Healthcare System is one of the best in the country (run by the government) and serving some of our oldest and most critically injured veterans. VAHC spends 40% less per patient than the average civilian healthcare system. Medicare covers most older Americans and does a good job. I have never seen any rationing or denial of care in any of the government run programs. Why would everyone, suddenly be so frightened by a government healthcare option??
    The people of this country need to find some intestinal fortitude and start working together for the health and well being of all our people. Stop listening to people who are taking care of corporate profits instead of the American people.

  7. S.
    5 years ago


    Comparing present-day military insurance coverage and medical care to Obama's plan is comparing apples to oranges. My daughter receives Medi-Cal right now, but huge changes are in store for her if Obama's plan passes. Things will be much more like the european system.

    Section 1231 sounds innocuous at first, but as you read through it, there is all sorts of room for abuses, and lots of leeway for those who would want to withold care.

  8. S.
    5 years ago


    What kind of "care planning" are you talking about? Nothing is being rationed by the federal government here in the US, yet; you're right. However, the devil is in the details, and we really don't know how care will be delivered or when government panels will say the end is near for us.

    Rationing is happening in the UK and other nations some in our government look to as examples. Right now in the UK, a few children with Down syndrome have been denied open heart surgeries. Here in the US, such surgeries are common, and they save lives. They greatly improve the quality of life of these citizens. Will they be done with the same efficiency and timeliness after our health care is nationalized?

  9. VMC
    5 years ago

    It would appear that a portion of the people in the country have gone stark raving mad. End of Life counseling is about drawing up wills and especially planning for our own care in times of critical illness or accident. The federal government is not going to kill old people. I have been the recipient of government paid for health care from l964 to the present, as the spouse of a military member. I have always been able to choose my own doctor, I have prescription drug coverage, I have never been denied or rationed in my medical care. I do not believe that anyone is going to tell me when and where to live or what to eat, or how to care for myself, since they haven't in 47 years. I have great GOVERNMENT Healthcare. Wake up and smell the roses, you are all listening to people who want you to be afraid of everything. Be Afraid, be afraid. Where is your fortitude, what happened to all the brave and courageous Americans.

  10. Jean
    5 years ago

    Greg God Bless, humbly and respectfully but Im ashamed to say this but its true but we Catholics should be ashamed of one thing--Our good Pope John the VI wrote "Humanae Vitae long before Drs. Francis Scaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop wrote their treatise/film they just enlarged on it Im sure (I never saw the film but as every Catholic or Christian knows taking life is in any circumstance is never warranted.)

    We all have one older than this, ten commandments, "Thou shall not kill." which pretty much takes in all taking of life.

    Got to be a better way.

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