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Interview with Father Zakaria Botros, 'Radical Islam's Bane' Comments

An interview with the Coptic Orthodox Priest with a 60 million dollar bounty on his head from al Qaeda. Continue Reading

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  1. khamdy
    5 years ago

    Your real beef is with the increasing prevelance of Muslims in the West and their potential for gaining political clout. Your prime motivation is the constanting egging on by the incessant claims of "Islam is the fastest growing religion" and "creeping Sharia". Try to learn a lesson in honor from American and other Muslims who never attack your sacred texts or your religous symbols, let alone fabricate and spread untruths to generate hate. They refrain from doing so because it is part of their religous teachings. The unrest and chaos created in the Muslim world by western governments is carefully calculated and requires meticulous planning, expenditure and mass utilization of immense resources. Sporadic violent reactions to things like propped up tyrannical governments and the mass killings and ravaging of civilians in war and occupation are then used to vilify Islam. Are outbreaks of violent and irrational reactions to war and oppression really all that surprising? What is truly surprising is the lack of a mass upheaval, and that is because Islam preaches patience and endurance of adversity.

    Lets be honest, people like you are trying to socially engineer Muslims out of the west or at least limit their growth as a demographic group. Genocide and ethnic cleansing are still exactly that, even if you don't use an oven to do it. What you do is a reflection of your morality and the system of beliefs from which you derive it. To others, I ask them to read the Quran for themselves and don't let these hatemongers and war peddlers shape your beliefs. Hopefully the contrast between reality and perception will help guide millions more to Islam in spite of these misguided people's efforts.

  2. Ben
    5 years ago

    I've watched something called "Islam Explained" on youtube that features Father Zakaria Botros. The way he shows the origins of Islam it seems as if Mohammed was under the influence of a "Jinn" which Father Botros says means a demon. Well if you look at Biblical prophecy concerning the End of Days it talks about Babylon which is in modern day Iraq. Interestingly enough Islamic terrorists what to restablish the old Islamic Empire with its capital being in Iraq. In Iran the government believes in an "Islamic Messiah" who will rule from Babylon and kill those who do not follow him. They also believe that this "messiah" of theirs' will destroy Israel. They also believe that he can only come about if mass choas occurs. So if you put all this together the "Islamic Messiah" sounds very similar to the antichrist described in the Book of Revelations. Even some notable people such as Glenn Beck have said they see a connection.

  3. Lekha Johnson
    5 years ago

    To all our Muslim brothers, we are not trying to find faults with Islam but instead learning and realizing about Islam and its prophet Mohammad. As you see this article says about Islam straight from its text Quran. I cannot imagine how a prophet can have perverted sexual interests and go to war with other regions. How many prophets before Mohammad have been warriors? I would say prophets will always have their hands full with God's work and not time for wars.

  4. Jeff D.
    5 years ago

    Hey again Sandy - I too would like to see Hollywood make an authentic movie that depicts the true Muhammad; unfortunately I do not think there is a mogul in Tinseltown with the heavy mettle to make such a movie, well, there's Mel, but his is busy currently falling from Grace.

  5. Jeff D.
    5 years ago

    Hey Sandy!
    You may want to rent, "Islam, What The West Needs To Know." Good video.
    Oh, and by the way, Islam is not a religion, it is a social order, much like Totalitarianism.

  6. sandy
    5 years ago

    Wow, after reading this article I would now love to study the articles and books of the Islamic religion. I would love to see as movies, the life of Muhammad documented as well as the different factions of Islam. I think that a trustworthy documentry could be a huge call to the TRUTH and searchers of TRUTH would FIND

    5 years ago

    whatever father zikaria botros may say about islam and our beloved prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) i wii not say a word against christ and christianity because islam has taught that christ born to virgin Mary was a prophet of God and had to be respected.Incidentally i have heared non believers saying that he was illegitimate child of a carpenter from mary to which as a muslim i can neither subscribe nor will ever do.Better for the learned father to meet those allegations than to mallign muslims and their beloved prophet (peace be upon him)I now understand how painfull his harrangues about islam and its prophet for the muslims could first tease muslims then blame them fundamentalists and terrorists.God bless you father zikaria Botros.

  8. Thien Quang Pham
    5 years ago

    After reading the above interview, it remind me that in the Bible saying you only worship the Lord "God" the only "God" not other Gods! So I think other religions like Muslim, Buddhism.... except Roman Catholic, are religious human made. Therefore, I strongly believe with what Fr.Botros say and I keep praying God to protect him and if his life is in danger he will be worth a good priest to follow the Christian Martyrs for His Christian Believers to example him. May God Be With You And Keep You Safe from the power of darkness, Fr.Botros.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Thien Quang Pham

  9. Patapit
    5 years ago


  10. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    A BRAVE MAN, you are Fr. Botros!
    I will pray for your safety and may God bless you with more Wisdom to expose the TRUTH!
    I cannot find any fault in your interview. The sexual part of the report answered the question I have about the martyrdom of Muslim, which it said to reward the martyr 72 virgins. I can understand their man, what about the women martyr?
    You spoke the language, you know your subject.
    God Bless!

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