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Sic Transit Gloria: Good Bye Notre Dame Comments

This latest scandal cannot be seen as an isolated incident, to be lamented and then forgotten when football season starts. Continue Reading

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  1. Harold Olsen
    5 years ago

    Notre Dame, as far as I'm concerned, is a FORMER Catholic university. It disgusts me that they would have people arrested who were praying the Rosary. Do they also forbid the praying of the Rosary in the dorm rooms? I firmly believe that if the Pope himself had gone there to protest Obama the university would have had him arrested as well. This university should be stripped of its right to call itself a Catholic university. All priests should be removed.

  2. Katie Barron
    5 years ago

    For 37 years we have been involved in the Right to Life movement and loyal fans of the Fighting Irish. Now the weekly football parties will never happen. All the shirts, hats etc. have been thrown out. Never again to plan a family trip to the campus for a game. No more trips for the grandsons to attend the football-camp. How sad that all this fun had to end this way. It has really been a two-edged sword for us, as the Right to Life cause has all but been distroyed. When Obama said "CHANGE IS COMING" one really believed it would come to this.

  3. Ellen
    5 years ago

    This article starts out with the public saying of the Rosary being attacked. What a shame. Well those at Notre Dame have yet to discover the Rosary on the airwaves! Where it is still going strong. It is being said aloud proudly on at least 2 Catholic TV stations EWTN (national) and NET (New Evangelization Television) in NYC (and on the internet - live) - We can still make a difference! Keep praying! Ellen

  4. Laurence
    5 years ago

    The bottom line is this. Whom shall we believe and follow? The Catholic Church, which is God's instrument for our salvation, or the rich and powerful people of this world, who, often times, are the Devil's perhaps unwitting instruments and servants?

    Not all change is good. To change from faithfulness to God to rebellion against Him is a lamentable kind of change. The change of Notre Dame from loyalty to God's Catholic Church to being servants for the rich and powerful of this world whose goal is to sabotage and undermine the mission of God's Catholic Church is a kind of change that is lamentable because it is a change that puts one in the path towards eternal damnation.

    Sure, "onward to victory" with the Devil's blessings. That's quite a misguided kind of victory.

    When President Obama speaks of unity, he only means that we be united with him and agree with him in all his policies even if it means abandoning our true Catholic Faith. When he speaks of change, he only means that we should change for him in order to agree with him in all his policies. Notice how he doesn't ask the homosexuals to change, or the pro-choice people to change? Are they open to change? No, they are not. Obama does not want them to change. He wants us to change even if that means turning our backs on God. Is Obama open to change? I don't think so. He is open to changing you and me to conform to himself, but he is not open to change, it seems, not even for God because he opposes God on the most important issues.

    All the Catholics that Obama has hired to work for him are unfaithful and rebellious Catholics. They are Catholics who would rather teach God a thing or two about morality than be taught by God. They have such high regard for their own wisdom that they deem their judgment much wiser than God's wisdom.

    May God have mercy, forgive, and heal us all...

  5. Bill Purcell
    5 years ago

    "John" your comment's are just one more strand cut from all that bind's us to the life movement, all to defend your vote, instead of the unborn.Take the obama bumper sticker off your car and replace it with a "right to life" sticker. (50 million and counting).

  6. Bill Purcell
    5 years ago

    Hey progressive's stop trying to change God to your liking,or being a cafeteria Catholic,I believe that God know's what's best for us, and his messenger's on earth, the church, I trust,wise up.

  7. Laurie
    5 years ago

    It is amazing to see the progression of this once fine university to where it is now. There is no doubt that Notre Dame has followed the same course as most American Catholics. The Cafeteria style believer. Modern advances have change our perspective on our religion. I wonder if anyone has ever pondered why Jesus came 2000 years ago instead of today.
    The argument always has been that the Catholic Church needs to change for the times we live in. I say how arrogant that notion is. Jesus came at precisely the right time and his message was clear than as it should be clear now if only we would be humble enough to listen.

  8. D8NDomer
    5 years ago

    This article reads like something I'd have expected in my days at Notre Dame, prior to women being admitted.

    Yes the past was glorious, but similarly did they think of their church prior to Vatican II, and the renaissance.

    I loved ND as a bastion of male education. But Fr. Ted was right, change had to be made. So to the American Catholic church must realize it is but a part of a secular American society. To be truly effective in such a society dialogue is necessary, not oblique fundamentalism.

    It is sad some cannot change; but we thank them for their past loyalty while we strive "onward to victory."

  9. John
    5 years ago

    Father Hesburgh acknowledged he would have invited Obama. Father Hesburgh is as great a man as there has ever been, and one of the truest representatives of the fine University of Notre Dame.

    End of discussion.

    Notre Dame has never once offered support for abortion, and Obama didn't rally support for the pro-choice cause in his commencement speech, an ACADEMIC ceremony.

    Where was all of this when George Bush spoke at Notre Dame? Obama has never performed an abortion, just like Bush never personally dropped one of his army's missiles into a civilian neighborhood.

    I saw the horrific, graphic images of aborted fetuses the protesters paraded around my town.

    However, they are no more graphic than photos of civilian children in towns our government has bombed for years.

    Are Catholics only sad when it's American fetuses who are aborted, and couldn't care less when foreign children are massacred by our government's hands?

    Notre Dame has welcomed the President of the United States for years, and for years, our government has strayed very far from Catholic ideals.

    ... and yet now, all of a sudden, my fellow Catholics are REALLY upset. I can't help but wonder if they're Republicans.

    Don't forget boys and girls, if the vote for President of the United States had only come down to the Catholic vote, OBAMA STILL WOULD HAVE WON!!!

    Instead of chastising an academic institution for welcoming a US President (something Universities across the country apply for every single year, and only few have the privilege), perhaps you should be delivering these nonsensical addresses at your local Parish. Figure out why your fellow worshipers let (supposedly) let you down by electing someone who is apparently so morally vile.

  10. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan
    5 years ago

    Thank you prof. McIntire for this really insightful explanation of what exactly happened to Notre Dame. It really helps in understanding what appeared to be inexplicable behaviour by the ND authorities towards the faithful Catholics who fought so hard to bring back sanity to the University. Their behaviour is no longer a puzzle like everything else it makes sense. Where we go to from here is the next question. God bless - Rene

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