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Sic Transit Gloria: Good Bye Notre Dame Comments

This latest scandal cannot be seen as an isolated incident, to be lamented and then forgotten when football season starts. Continue Reading

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  1. Peace
    5 years ago

    Over the last several months I have been responding to articles such as this one and comments like these with the same message, we must tone down our talk and remember that the world is watching us. If you want to be Catholic and you want others to join us we have to begin by treating each other with dignity and respect no matter what. If we disagree with each other then we must do it in a way where we are not sarcastic or cruel. Frankly, I do not believe that we will all ever agree, but I do believe that we can love each other and get along in spite of our differences. As a Catholic who was educated in Catholic schools through college, as a Catholic who sent a child through a very expensive Catholic university, so that they would have a Catholic education I expect that a Catholic school would always be an example of Catholic teaching and doctrine. Therefor, I would not expect anyone to be honored who was not in line with the Church's teachings. I think that is why Mary Ann Glendon turned down the honor Notre Dame extended to her. She wasn't rude, she just walked the talk. We all could take an example from her. If you can't make your point without sarcasm, name calling or rudeness, it probably has no value. Take the time to express yourself in a way that people will try to listen and understand.
    Peace to each of you

  2. Dave
    5 years ago

    God help us...I am 62 years old and have never seen such divisiveness among Americans created by this president...

  3. Peter
    5 years ago

    To the kind people who are posting. I wish to ask a question (this is NON-confrontational, and I really want to know the answer if someone can provide me with one): Aren't there specific policies and "mechanisms" in place for disciplining Fr. Jenkins, or having a superior come in to relieve him of his duties, or, even something LESS aggressive then that, someone to COUNSEL him that he made a grave error? I would imagine (and again, this is my IGNORANCE asking, not any type of bad intention) that because Fr. Jenkins (I am certain) answers to his Bishop, that the Bishop would be proactive in doing something positive about this situation. I welcome your thoughts and words.


  4. pete
    5 years ago

    Thank God for Notre Dame !

    5 years ago

    John, there is plenty I could talk about on your post ("Bush bombing innocent children")?? Bush is said to have saved over 1 million aid's children in africa and was against abortion in all form's, all obama has done is run for president,and oppose everything catholic.wise up.

  6. Rick
    5 years ago

    I believe that the answer is simple; if Notre Dame promotes true Catholicism then they are allowed to continue to position themselves as a Catholic University. If Notre Dame breaks with instruction from the Catholic Church then request or demand that they rebrand as non-Catholic.

  7. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    "JOHN" I read with astonshiment your posting prattelling on about FATHER TED in GLORIOUS TONES..I guess you drank the FIFTH COLUMNS ATTITUDE..which is I will rag on the war issue and compare that to the abortion issue which is ludricous in that the war issue is NEVER about the purposeful MURDER of MILLIONS OF BABIES ..that # being 4000 per week as of now.....NOTHING and NO EXCUSE will EVER CHANGE THAT STAT SIR......I KNOW by your writings you are a true and devout RELATIVIST CATHOLIC,,,,,,,too bad YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE A THING iN CHURCH DOCTRINE,

  8. Esther M Ferencz
    5 years ago

    Mr. McIntyre, Thanks so much for the informative letter. I learned things about Notre Dame that no news source has ever spoken of, sadly even any Catholic news outlet. I guess the REVELATION of commencement was a TRANSPARENT view for many of us. It was sickening for me to watch with revulsion as you so aptly pointed out that Fr. Jenkins was so giddy and joyful.,like a silly school girl he was ating and my God hes a PRIEST!....It made me nauseated in all sincerity. Now that I know the history my feelings as well will never be the same for NOTRE DAME.....We can thank Father Hesburgh and all that he implemented, along with the lax Holy Cross order in allowing one of their own to completly be a slap via his actions to the Bishops and their requests regarding honors to a pro abort speaker......I hope there is some way that OUR LADY and THE DOME and the NAME CATHOLIC CAN BE REMOVED as WELL NOTRE DAME..LET THEM CALL IT "RELATITIVISM SCHOOL" ....They have SMEARED and DIRTYED HER NAME and think nothing of it.....I pray that some form of justice will fall on that school and its leadership.. Thansk again for a most Eye opening letter.

  9. S. Marc Flannery
    5 years ago

    Brian And Marylou

    Worth reading! I feel exactly the same way.


  10. Dan
    5 years ago

    John, the issue is not that the President of the United States was invited to speak. The issue is that knowing President Obama's views on abortion, Notre Dame honored him with an honorary degree in direct contempt of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 2004 statement "Catholics in Political Life" which specifically states "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."
    It is not about Republican and Democrat it is about Notre Dame honoring a man that supports murdering an innocent life because he would not want to see his daughters or anyone else "punished" with the "mistake" of a baby.

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