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Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights? Comments

The Catholic Church will not change its position on the nature of marriage because it cannot. Truth is not up for grabs. Continue Reading

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  1. Vijeya
    5 years ago

    As a Catholic that is a victim of BlackMagic and all the demons that come with it, I will say it is absolutely wrong to engage in homosexual activity. Even a wishful thinking of it is wrong. Try if a homosexual can drive away an evil spirit in the name of Jesus. It is not possible. But a heterosexual can. I may have committed many sins but adultery, homosexuality, abortion-the ones the Catholic Church is always against are the toughest of the sins that put me on the other side of God.

  2. disco_balls
    5 years ago

    Ok, for those who keep talking about "separation of church and state" and "not forcing catholic beliefs on others", this is basically saying lets not believe in any natural law. The catholic belief is not a personal belief but a belief in the existence of natural law by God. Ok for the sake of argument lets assume that we don't. Then what is the result? The result is in-fact moral relativism. Now this might seem fine and dandy but then what makes someone trying to enforce natural law immoral or wrong? After all, if everything is relativistic, then what I believe as right can't be more wrong or right than what you believe. Therefore, I will still have every right to enforce my view as it cannot be determined as immoral to do so. So logically speaking everything is right. And now we have total anarchy/ or a logically contradicting system of rules.

    What natural law brings is a basis for legal rules. All laws are judged whether correct or incorrect by the logical consistency it has with the natural law. It gives an objective method of validating legal rules/law and rejecting the incorrect ones.

    So to conclude, to call for separation of church and state and not to enforce a catholic belief is simply to move towards a illogical rule set that is based merely on emotions. So the truth is, whether one likes it or not, an objective law will always be based on the religious belief of the existence of a natural law. So by asking for a separation of church and state and not consider catholic belief you are just asking for your emotional belief to be accepted which has no logical basis.

  3. Pete Brady
    5 years ago

    For those Christians or Catholics who believe no harm comes to society you're wrong. Truth will be the casualty. Harm or not, however, the effects on society misses the point. We do the person engaged in homosexual activity great moral harm, we become culpable in the sin, by giving such conduct even the remotest sense of societal acceptance. Homosexual conduct separates that person from God. If we give a "wink and a nod," or turn a blind eye to it then we are not living examples of Christian charity. With full knowledge that homosexuality leads a person away from eternal life with God we complicity lead that person on the path to hell by giving any kind of societal approval to it. It should be our commitment to "love of neighbor" that forbids us from approving of any life of sin.
    Finally, turning again to the harm it causes in society I note that the Founding Fathers of this country recognized such harm. George Mason, Father of the Bill of Rights, said: "As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, so they must be in THIS. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities." George Washington in his Inaugural Address said: "The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained,"
    Charity and the "eternal rules of order and right" forbid a civil right to the homosexual proclivity and conduct.

  4. Jean
    5 years ago

    Regarding the Courage Apostolate I dont see how the Catholic Church is imposing their ideas on anyone.
    I would like to know why civil society hasent given a clear definition as to what Homosexulaity really is and how is affects society either postively or negatively?
    Anyone want to comment.
    Everyone has skirted the issue pychologically from what I gather.
    Its now being said that it does not have very much to do with genetics.
    Now pychologically no one has come out with a postive issue on this point?
    I havent made my mind up until all the answers are in but not one is doing this.
    They are treating this just like they did when they opened the Mental Institutions up and people were liberated?
    This is of course ok but the question is does this affect society in the long or short term regarding the sociological aspects.
    We will have to see then wont we.

  5. Ed Burke
    5 years ago

    Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

    Love your neighbor as yourself.

    Suppose your family member was in a hospital recovering or dying from a car accident and you were denied the 'Right' to know their medical condition, or to even see them ? If you love that person, do you think that barrier would be something you should have a 'Right' to overcome ?

    Ask what 'Right' any Christian has for denying such access to the only intimate love of that person lying in the hospital bed. Try being a Christian, and if you wish to deny the Church the ability to marry such people born 'Gay', at least have the Christian Compassion to love that 'Neighbor' enough to see that he or she can have a legal status to what it means to be the best that they can be. Such people do not ask to be gay, they were created that way. It is about time the church stopped pretending otherwise, as the church once had to deal with the fact that this earth was not flat, or the earth went around the sun, not the other way round.

    Try living those two statements this post began with. Try treating others as you wish to be treated, with understanding and compassion.

    Work for justice and love of your neighbor, instead of rancor and cruelty. It's time we lived the way Christ told us to. Love your Gay neighbor as you love yourself, and be kind to him, be understanding. Stop erecting barriers to someone else's happiness, because Christ made it your business to love that person. #2 in the ranking of 'Commandments' makes it a pretty important command from God. Try behaving as if you Believe that, because Our Gentle Understanding and Compassionate Jesus said it, not me !

  6. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Chuck and Fred, I agree. I have no argument with the Catholic moral doctrine on the issue of homosexuality. In fact, I believe it as true, as a Catholic. However, I do not believe we have a right to force our belief on other people. I understand the desire to keep the traditional definition of marriage. After all, traditional values are the prime concern of conservatives, isn't it? Sometimes, I too feel like I want to stop the world from changing. But I honestly can't beli8eve that allowing homosexuals to marry will have a profound difference on the rest of us. If the radical activists, after gay marriage has been legally recognized, I will turn and fight alongside the rest of you for what is against what America is for: separation of church and state.

  7. Rick
    5 years ago

    Since Mr. Obama, Actors, the liberal media and of course many in the gay community keep pushing the issue of gay marriage as a 'civil right's issue', I don't understand why in the spirit of attempting to reach common ground we don't just respect the differences and focus on a solution that satisfies all. (bear with me...)
    Civil Right (defined) The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination.
    Question for anyone: Do we know exactly 'what' civil rights or equal protections actually change for Gays if they become 'married'? Curious if somehow they then no longer have to sit in certain areas on a public transportation vehicle, or eat in certain restaraunts, drink from certain fountains - what exactly changes? Could it be that this issue is nothing more than a further attempt to water down faith in America?

    Marriage (Defined)The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. The state of being married; wedlock. A common-law marriage.

    Why get hung up on the word Marriage? Why not just call it a civil union, and move on? Gays then should be content that they have whatever civil liberties and rights they are after and evangelicals of any faith protect the union blessed by God between a man and a Wife. Only my $0.02 I'd just really like to understand what exactly changes in terms of 'civil rights' for gays.....

  8. fred
    5 years ago

    Someone said that any culture will vanish when civil union of same sex is promoted by its government. The reason is simple—they won’t have children and no one will replace them.

  9. Pete Brady
    5 years ago

    Fundamentally what is at issue here is the inability of quite a few to distinguish between right and wrong. The heterosexual conjugal act is right because it has a natural end directed at procreation, which in nature is the continuation of the species. The homosexual act is wrong because it is naturally incapable of the same end. In the moral law homosexuality is wrong. Within the moral law the exercise of the heterosexual act is licit only within the married state. That is the right and wrong of it.
    There is no right to any kind of homosexual union. There is no right to homosexuality. A person may engage in homosexuality by consciously choosing to engage in it but there is no right to it.
    The natural state of marriage exists only between a man and woman. The state provides the means for a legal contract between those who enter marriage because it recognizes that there is a distinct benefit to society from it, not because it was a right. It confirms the natural right, it does not create it. It did not initiate the married state that was the natural consequence of a man and an woman desiring to enter into the fundamental unit of society that is called the family. It is a natural state.
    The natural state is consistent with and does not in any way contradict the natural law. Natural law has been known to man since ancient times. The pagan statesman Cicero stated it as follows: "For there is true law: right reason. It is in conformity with nature, is diffused among all men, and is immutable and eternal; its orders summon to duty; its prohibitions turn away from offense....To replace it with a contrary law is a sacrilege; failure to apply even one of its provisions is forbidden; no one can abrogate it entirely."
    There is no right to any kind of homosexual union. Society is under no obligation to recognize or approve of acts contrary to the natural order.
    Even if positive law were to make wrong into right those engaged in the wrong would still "deep within their conscience" know that nothing could make their inclination or act right.
    Protest all you want but it does not, nor can it, alter these immutable facts of the natural law and moral law.
    It is well past time for those engaged in homosexuality to get over it.

  10. Rose
    5 years ago

    This is the bottom line for Catholics-as a single, Catholic woman, the Church calls ME to celibacy. For Catholic homosexuals, the Church calls YOU to celibacy. Case closed. And for those who are not Catholic and think you can change God's mind, good luck!

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