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Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights? Comments

The Catholic Church will not change its position on the nature of marriage because it cannot. Truth is not up for grabs. Continue Reading

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  1. Patrick ONeill
    5 years ago

    You've convinced me - I will support the movement to round up and imprison the obese - they shouldn't be allowed free in our society with their disordered appetites.

  2. jjcomet
    5 years ago

    "Should we as a Nation decide that fat people have a civil right to be fat?" What a completely ridiculous argument. Are you saying that Americans *don't* have the right to be fat - or *shouldn't*? I wasn't aware that the government had any say about a person's weight - and I'm quite sure demographics will bear me out here, unless you're arguing that the burgeoning prison population is primarily due to the authorities locking up people for being overweight. Seriously, if that's the best argument you can muster, the Jesuits failed you miserably.

  3. Timothy Smith
    5 years ago

    As usual...out of touch with reality!! The Catholic Church is...and always has been a bastion of hate and self delusion. No one cares what your NAZI Pope thinks!!

  4. Pete Brady
    5 years ago

    A complaint has been posted alleging that the pictures associated with this article are "insulting to those people and the gay community" and "mak(es) fun of gays."

    No one twisted any "gay" person's arm to dress in the outlandish fashions depicted. No one said 'don't take our pictures.' Quite the contrary, the dress and conduct was intended to be provocative, AND representative of the "gay community." The pictures are fitting and illustrative of the article's topic addressing "disordered" appetites and they were courtesy of the "gay community" that now pretends to be offended.

    It would be "insulting" and "making fun" if it were "straight" people dressing up and thus pretending to portray "gay" people. But that is not the case. So if an offense is to be registered it must be registered with those giving it, and that would be the self-same "gay" people who have consciously and conspicuously presented themselves in such outlandish fashion.

    Given that the "offense" is only a pretense, perhaps in the interest of addressing real "insult" and "making fun of" it would not be too out of line of us to ask if the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence would shed their "offensive" costumes, disband, and stop disrespecting real Catholic nuns. Might we also expect that these same Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as well as homosexual Catholics of the "Rainbow Sash" would stop the sacrilege of presenting themselves at the altar to receive the Most Precious Body of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist?

    Might we expect that that most egregious and sacrilegious of ACTUAL "insults" be disavowed by the "gay community" and those one or more persons who herein have pretended insult where none exists.

  5. Jean
    5 years ago

    God Bless everyone here and may God grant all of you guidance and peace all the rest of your days.
    To all of us make sure we study the Catechism and the Bible.
    Anyone interested may go to Courage Apostolate.

  6. Jean
    5 years ago

    Vijeya our prayers go out to you.
    God Bless

  7. fly
    5 years ago

    June is gay pride month. Next month ? Read more at FOX NATION.COM

  8. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    I have seen a lot of different pictures of gay people on the front page next to this article, and I just wanted to say that you are being very insulting to those people and the gay community. You are making fun of gays simply by playing on the stereotype that all gays are lunatics that dress up like girls and clutch at eachothers' butts. You make it clear in your articles that you are against discrimination. But what about these pictures? Are all gays the same to you? I suppose putting a picture of relatively peaceful, normal-looking gays would be too much for you.

  9. Reficul
    5 years ago

    God imposed an order on the world. He created everything with a purpose and is not our role to interfere with this. This is basic. It is not part of God's plan for a man to have a relationship with another man. Both of the last two popes have been very clear about this. They have stated that we should not discriminate against those who have intrincially disordered tendencies towards those of the same sex, but we should condemn the active participation in homosexual relationships. The Popes, from their celibate perspective, are in the best position to judge on human sexuality, because they are not corrupted by normal sexual feelings. St Augustine was right in following St Paul on this - sexual desire is a burden and it is better nto to be married. If we have lustful thoughts, then it is better to marry to provide an outlet for our sexual desires. This is what women are for - this and the purpose of procreation. But for a man to sleep with another man, this is not something that fits with any natural purpose. We should be glad that in the Catholic church we have leaders who are free from sexual impulses who can teach those of us who are less perfect the truth.

  10. Laurie
    5 years ago

    The church is very clear on their position on homosexuality. Why in the year 2009 are we so much more important than all the generations that have come before us? Why do we always demand change from the church? There is no way that God made someone homosexual. He would than be a very cruel and unmerciful God. Think about it, it is stated more than once in the bible that a man who lays with another man is a sin. So if we are to assume someone is born that way, God sure is cruel.

    That obviously is not the case. God instituted the sacrament of marriage to go forth and multiply. I have no doubt that people have homosexual thoughts as well as heterosexual thoughts, it is up to us to pick up this cross and carry it with dignity, that means not acting on these thoughts. God has promised all of us he never gives us more than we can handle. If we would just put our trust in him rather than in this " all about me society." I don't want to sound cold, it is just frustrating to read some of these comments about how the church needs to always change for us. Why can't we ever sacrifice for her?

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