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Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights? Comments

The Catholic Church will not change its position on the nature of marriage because it cannot. Truth is not up for grabs. Continue Reading

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  1. Cath
    5 years ago

    Even the APA deemed homosexuality a disorder until only recent (most likely due to pressure from gay activists) but they have said there is no "gay gene". Sadly, those who are inclined to homosexual behaviors, do not look at the whole picture from a biological or psychological manner. If they did, they would realize it fit alongside the rest of sexual disorders in the human condition. There are many disorders. Those inclined to homosexual acts and are Christian need to offer this inclination up as a sacrifice just like heterosexual Christians need to offer up any disorders they may suffer. Our society no longer understands penance and sacrifice, thus the reason we have people trying to go against the natural law and have homosexual marriages. It is against the natural law but only selfishness is the rule of the land.

  2. Claire
    5 years ago

    Um...people do in fact have a civil right to be fat. You can get married. You can live your life. You can get a job. The fact that you would even compare the desire to love and be loved and to have your government legally recognize that love with a desire to stuff your face full of too much food indicates that you suffer from the same malady as a lot of other misguided people who think they are doing Christ's work when in reality they merely being led by their own blind prejudice: to you, gay people are "The Other"--they are defined by the fact that they are gay, and that's icky. I'm a Christian, and I'm straight, and it breaks my heart to see some so-called Christians standing on the side of hatred on this issue. Fortunately, there were many Christians who fought for abolition, who fought for suffragism, who fought for civil rights and interracial marriage--and there are many Christians fighting to end homophobia today.

    Really examine your beliefs. You are not on God's side on this one--you are on the side of the pharisees.

  3. David
    5 years ago

    From personal experience, I can tell you that there is choice inherent with same sex attraction. For 25 years, I was convinced that I was a prisoner of this condition, and for those same 25 years, our culture reinforced the lie that I would always remain prisoner. Not only was I encouraged by our moral relativism, but I was justified! You should have heard my litany of rationalizations…I could write a book on the 10,000 ways to justify this.

    Fruitless, empty lies…

    7 years ago, by the Grace of God, I began an incredible journey of healing. Early on, purging my entire being of the myriad of lies embedded in my psyche was virtually debilitating…darkness, loneliness, despair...more lies to confuse me and make me doubt the journey. It is truly darkest before the dawn…and WHAT A SUNRISE! There’s no beauty like the truth…and, as I discovered, there is only ONE truth.

    Same sex attraction is a disorder…the problem is that it feels like love…and how can love be wrong? Nevertheless, it is not a true love. It is misguided and misdirected. My prayers go out to all those who carry this burden.

  4. Paul Drapiewski
    5 years ago

    My relationship with my partner will NEVER be diminished no matter what you, the Catholic Church or any other religion says. Your absurd and ignorant opinion means nothing to me.

    And you have already lost the battle, so you better get used to us "disordered" people.

  5. Brent Chicago
    5 years ago

    This whole argument is sad. Gays do not choose to be gay. Straight people do not choose to be straight......they are what they are. Nothing more to it. If you are straight and you don't believe that...what EVIDENCE do you, as a heterosexual person have? I went to Roman catholic schools for 12 years and was raised RC by very devout parents. I am gay, have always been gay and will always be gay until God decides otherwise. There is no choice in sexual orientation. The question becomes whether to remain celibate. Since the theology of the church is that people can also rely on their conscience, after many years of prayers I came out as a gay man. I left the Catholic Church due to the theology. I am much happier in a Lutheran church which accepts me just as I am. The whole "natural law" concept has been used through the years to fit every aspect of nature into it.......well here is the natural law.....God made heterosexuals AND homosexuals....both are beautiful creations and two people celebrating their love in a physical way is or straight. Gay rights is THE civil rights issue of our time. I want my partner to be able to immigrate from a foreign country, I want access to all the financial benefits of marriage under federal law. State Civil unions do NOT provide immigration and social security inheritance rights. I pay taxes like everyone else and should have equal rights....The Catholic Church needs to grow up!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tom80red
    5 years ago

    Ah, Thomas Aquinas, my Patron Saint, bestowed by my Mother to her third son (the gay one). The same son who, apparently, disrupts "the proper order of things". So, now, fully informed of the singular, solitary, one proper order of things, Mr. Fournier and Mr. Brady offer some rationale for my second class citizenship and support a wider path to happiness for themselves and the rest of society. For while Mr. Fournier has difficulty controlling his appetite during the holidays, mine throws the proper order of things for a loop.
    Ok, I'll remain unmarried and pray Mr. Fournier has a very merry Christmas

  7. SS
    5 years ago

    Let us pray for the conversion and healing of all people who would prevent LGBT people from having basic rights. God bless you with open and loving hearts!

  8. John
    5 years ago

    To those saying we should be Christians and love our "gay" neighbors. It is that love for our gay neighbors that compels us to speak against their ways. The pleasures of this world will soon be forgotten when our souls go where they go. So who is really loving their neigbor, those who promote hell's highway or those who try to help them find the right path?

  9. tigerlily
    5 years ago

    When will those of faith realize that each particular faith is a choice, and not the truth?

  10. Ron
    5 years ago

    Your declarations are only declarations. Your attempt to provide a logical argument to justify your bias (i.e., the obesity comparison) is patently specious. You are entitled to your religious beliefs, but you live in a diverse democracy. Why proscribe the rights of others? If you were better educated about homosexuality, you would understand it is no threat to anyone who wants to practice religion in any way they choose. And no, homosexuality is not a "behavior" and it is not contagious!

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