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Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights? Comments

The Catholic Church will not change its position on the nature of marriage because it cannot. Truth is not up for grabs. Continue Reading

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  1. David in Houston
    5 years ago

    So a heterosexual's sexuality is NOT a disordered appetite, but a homosexual's is? Considering that people do not choose their sexual orientation, this conclusion makes no sense. The idea that a person's innate sexuality would be thought of as a simple compulsion like food or cigarettes is really disingenuous.

  2. Bill Purcell
    5 years ago

    I think I'm reading another problem, "progressive catholic's" in the comment section, as if we don't have enough secular non-christian's against us.

  3. Bobby
    5 years ago

    All analogies fall short in relating to the primary topic. So the comments disputing his analogy to obesity are missing the point. Dispute the author’s claim that our society was built upon Natural Law if you want to give the other side of the position. Someone please answer the last question: “Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights?”
    And the comment, “just like my homosexuality has no impact on you” I disagree. We are all one body in Christ, and when I sin privately I am hurting the whole body and that’s why we need the sacrament of confession because it would be impossible to personally apologize to all members of the body that I hurt. But by going to the head of the Church, Jesus Christ, through his appointed leaders the priest, we can ask for forgiveness of the head of our family, our body. So yes my disordered inclinations that I act on are sins against you and I’m sorry but your sins effect me as well.

  4. Chuck Anziulewicz
    5 years ago


    The United States of America is not a theocracy. Perhaps you would be happier if it was. Perhaps you would like it if this country was renamed The United States of Christ. Until that happens, you must accept the fact persons of ALL belief systems (whether Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Pagans, etc.) are on equal legal footing.

    It would appear obvious that YOUR church would not be particularly welcoming to Gay individuals, particularly Gay couples, and that YOUR church is opposed to supporting marriage equality for Gay Americans. But other Christians and congregations are more supportive and accepting. Are you suggesting that only YOUR views should apply to the formulation of public policy? If your belief is that Gay folks are committing an abominable sin and will face fiery judgment from their maker, well then that's your right. But co-opting the law to force people to do your bidding is the real abomination.

    Why is it that Straight couples are encouraged to date, get engaged, marry and build lives together in the context of monogamy and commitment, and that this is a GOOD thing … yet for Gay couples to do exactly the same is somehow a BAD thing? To me this seems like a very poor value judgment.

    Here is my advice to you: Your faith is a personal matter. And if your personal faith informs you that Gay relationships (no matter how monogamous or long-term) are anathema, you are welcome to conduct your personal life as you see fit. You do not have the right to demand that persons of other faiths do the same.

    When marriage equality for Gay couples finally becomes a reality (and it eventually will), I can promise you with 100% certainty that it will not affect your life, your marriage, your church, or your children ONE BIT. You will never have to worry about being denied a job or your love because of YOUR sexual orientation. Your church will never be forced to marry Gay couples, any more than it is forced to marry non-Christian couples.

    Perhaps the best thing for you to do when it comes to your dealings with Gay individuals and couples is simply to obey The Golden Rule: Treat them as you yourself would wish to be treated.

  5. Josh
    5 years ago

    Are there laws that prevent fat people from marrying other fat people?

  6. Michael
    5 years ago

    With the same principle applied to obese people, as are applied to gay people... What you are basically saying is that obese people should be denied food because they are obese. The issue here is that we should all be allowed to live our own lives as we see fit, so long as it doesn't harm others. Your obesity has no impact on me, just like my homosexuality has no impact on you.

  7. Kathy
    5 years ago

    Whether or not sexual orientation is a choice, acting on feelings or an orientation is a choice. The Bible clearly defines many sins including homosexual and heterosexual acts. God is the one who makes the rules, not us. No matter what our sexual orientation, there are clearly defined God-given laws on how we are to act on our sexual impulses, and simply put sex is good in a marriage as defined by God which is between a man and a woman, but outside of marriage it is bad. That goes for homosexual or heterosexual acts. The Bible also says are all sinners and inclined to sin but that Jesus came to save us from our sins and that with him we can find salvation and freedom through God's grace.

  8. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan
    5 years ago

    It's like a garden gone wild! The first weeds was the rejection of Humane Vitae and no great effort was made to root it out. Then comes divorce and the breaking up of the family, and little or no credence given to the breaking of children's hearts, and then we have heterosexual couples not wanting to "tie the knot" and simply living together. Years and years of disrespect and lack of understanding of what marriage is; lack of catechesis. So now we are at the point where "straight" people don't want to get married and "gays" want to get married. God in His mercy won't desert us in this mess, but we can expect such a pruning that we will feel like we are destroyed and that nothing is left alive, but the good plants will survive this and will eventually bear fruit to give the tender Heart of Jesus joy and gladness. - Blessings - Rene

  9. Laurence
    5 years ago

    Well-written and well-said, Deacon Keith. Thank you. Let's pray for the conversion and healing of LGBT people. God bless!

  10. jh
    5 years ago

    Ideas expressed clearly and charitably. Thank you, Deacon.

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