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Should Disordered Appetites be Civil Rights? Comments

The Catholic Church will not change its position on the nature of marriage because it cannot. Truth is not up for grabs. Continue Reading

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  1. Marty Lund
    5 years ago

    A poster wrote: "However, I don't think the Church should use its teaching to prevent non-Catholics being treated equaly. The constitutions and laws should treat people equally and give them the same rights."

    This highlights one of the key deceptions involved in the "debate" over same-sex "marriage." One of the rights all Americans are supposed to enjoy, according to the 14th Amendment, is to not have their government hand out benefits and privileges without a Rational Basis for assigning those privileges.

    This is what makes it Unconstitutional for a government official to do wacky stuff like give out cars on the taxpayers' dime to everyone named "Dave," or corrupt stuff like giving out prime jobs to family and friends. Whenever the government gives out a benefit or privilege the Legislature has to explain how that benefit or privilege is part of a quid-pro-quo exchange where the Public gets back something from the beneficiary.

    In the case of True Marriage, the Public is supposed to get a presumably procreative union where the next generation of citizens and taxpayers will be raised with the benefit of a mother and a father. This is preferable to the Public Interest over the alternative of unwed or single-parent households. So an benefit is exchanged to provide incentive for the process.

    Same-sex "marriages" do not provide that benefit. They do not meet the Rational Basis of the law. Therefor extending the privileged status of marriage to same-sex "marriages" violates the rights of everybody else.

    Now you could argue that the state institution of "Civil Marriage" is a sham - what with its terrible practice of "no fault" divorce and broken families. However that's not a valid argument for same-sex "marriage," only for abolishing the entire practice of "Civil Marriage" to replace it exclusively with religious or cultural marriages and simple contracts.

    That's not what many advocates for same-sex "marriage" want. They want a state-run vehicle that will preach "normalization" of homosexual lifestyles. They want a political institution that teaches children in state-run schools that there is no difference between a family with a mother and a father and a family with two same-sex "spouses." They've already had school children dragged out to "celebrate" same-sex "marriages" on field trips in California schools before Prop 8 was passed.

    This isn't about rights, as explained above. This is about using the State to force social change. "Equal Rights," doesn't mean "Everybody gets what just because they want it."

  2. Mike
    5 years ago

    This article is an utter disgrace, the person who wrote this article is not, in my view a christian. I would expect to read such an aricle in a piece of nazi propaganda! You degrade a persons sexuality ( with which there is OVERWHLMING scientific evidence to suggest that it a product of our biology) to a medical disorder. God loves us all, you have no right to suggest that God's church should ever think of one group of people to be inferior because of a biological condition. You should be ashamed

  3. Frank
    5 years ago

    I don't think anybody said that obese people should be denied food, Michael. The issue is people are of course allowed to be fat, but that does not mean obesity should be seen as acceptable and protected by the government. In the same way, the Catholic teaching does not deny you your right to have homosexual relations, but we do maintain that it is unnatural and that this relationship should not be deemed a marriage. Others being obese DOES in fact affect others, think of the health care costs that tax money goes to. To say that you may do whatever you want as long as no one is directly harmed is anarchy. The law is meant to determine right from wrong, not respect the opinions of every one, no matter how flawed or far out they are.

    Love the sinner, hate the sin. I have nothing but respect for gay men and women, just as I respect all sinners, myself included. Loving someone despite their problems does not mean accepting all of their problems as OK.

    The peace and love of Christ be with you all, pray for the salvation of EVERY sinner in the world, no matter what the sin. We are all sinners together, pray for each other.

  4. Fred
    5 years ago

    I am totally agree with Chuck.
    As a Catholic, I can follow the Church's teaching, because it is my choice to be a Catholic. However, I don't think the Church should use its teaching to prevent non-Catholics being treated equaly. The constitutions and laws should treat people equally and give them the same rights.

  5. Jean
    5 years ago

    Has anyone open mindedly read Father Harvey's book Homosexuality and the Catholic Church Clear Answers to Difficult Questions? Has anyone been over to the Courage Apostolate and seen the work over there? According to this Apostolate I have never heard of Same Sex people being denied their rights.

  6. Katie
    5 years ago

    Man will always try to force their will upon God. That's the way humans are, but God will not change his position on the laws of nature. The church is here to help you protect your soul and guide you towards heaven. If you feel that you are not hurting anyone with your behavior, you are wrong. You are hurting yourself and those who love you that want you to spend enternity with them. Any excess in life hurts us. I feel sorry for those that continue to feel that the church, and those who support it's doctrines, are narrow minded. It is those same people that feel this way that are narrow minded. They are so nearsighted that they can't see beyond their own fleshly desires to see how they are rotting their souls. If the church and christians did not love homosexuals, they would not go out as they do to try to save homosexuals (and any sinner for that matter) from themselves. As for immorality, immoral sexual behavior is bad,whether it is outside of the bonds of marriage or in a homosexual act. So if you are with someone of the opposite sex in relations with another outside of marriage it is just as bad. We should be shouting to the rooftops about that too. We are all sinners. We all have our issues, however, I don't think that I am any safer or worse than any other christian. I will always have to work on myself. Denial will not excuse us from our actions. To whom much is given, much is expected. Once you know the truth, you are obligated to live it. Your soul is on the line. If you don't believe in God, you will be upset to find out he does exist when you send yourself to spend eternity with the Devil. I will pray for all of us poor sinners. I would rather be called names now and spend eternity with my savior. So call me what you want. Jesus told us we would be hated. I can offer it up to Jesus on your behalf to intercede for you and your conversion.

  7. rafaelmarie
    5 years ago


  8. Laurie
    5 years ago

    I don't know if the obese analogy is the best analogy. A person's eating disorder although not good, does not harm a person's eternal salation as does homosexuality. Many people suffer with some form of sin, and that is what it is-sin. Just because you want something doesn't mean it is good for you or for your soul. I think Rene's comment are absolutely right on. I pray for all who have obsession with sex whether homosexual or hetrosexual. It no doubt is a heavy burden to carry. Please submit to God rather than yourselves. He will help you get through it if you allow him to. Prayers and blessings to all.

  9. Michael2
    5 years ago

    Michael, no one is preventing you from living your own life as you see fit. You are clouding the real issue with your statement. Marriage defined as a union of one man and one woman does not prevent you from living your life as you see fit. Marriage is not a "civil right".

  10. Patrick in Texas
    5 years ago

    Your article refers to homosexuality as a mental disorder. It's not. Every single credible medical association in America disagrees with this article. They all say that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and that it is normal for a small percentage of the population. Does that mean the person that wrote this article is lying? What does Catholocism and God say about lying? Also, every single poll I've seen shows that the majority of American Catholics support marriage equality. Are they all bad Catholics? What about Spain? A country that is almost all Catholic allows same sex marriage. Does that make them all bad Catholics? Chatholics have been use to hypocrisy for a long time. They view the churches stance as being so obviously homophobic.

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