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Fr. Alberto Cutie Renounces his Catholic Faith and becomes an Episcopalian Comments

'This is truly a setback for ecumenical relations and cooperation between us' said the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Miami Continue Reading

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  1. Liz
    5 years ago

    This is one of the finest cases of intellectual dishonesty I have ever seen!! and ... Leo Frade is a master at it - he upheld the consecration to bishop of the openly-homosexual priest Vicki Gene Robinson. Cutie is beyond arrogant. I am sure the Roman Catholic Church - of which the Episcopal Church is not a part - would have accomodated him in some way - but he did not have the courage to go this route - how much easier to sneak around. Well, he is well-suited for the Episcopal Church - and are you sure his fiancee's name isn't Eve? Pray for all of them.

  2. Holly
    5 years ago

    Pray for him anyway. Its too bad it had to happen like this.

  3. Ricardo
    5 years ago

    As A Hispanic and Catholic, I am very dissapointed at Fr. Alberto has taken in joining the Anglican Church in American. I accepted his renouncement of his vows and wished him a happy life inside our Catholic faith. But he has broken away and this not only makes me mad, but is now giving the Catholic priest a reconsider of their vows. "If he did it, why not us too" Fr. Alberto or better to say "Alberto Cutie" is a dissapointment to Hispanics.

  4. Gordon
    5 years ago

    So let's see - he wanted to get married so he decides to join a church that was founded on divorce? Interesting.

  5. Earnest Bunbury
    5 years ago

    This saddens me profoundly. Breaking vows is serious but seems to some that it is a choice to keep or not. The Episcopalian Church also accepted Matthew Fox after he was told he had to quit teaching his weird heretical theology. Look up his 95 thesis online and see if you want to join a congregation with those beliefs. Faith is an assent of both intellect and the will to truth. To some it happens to be nothing but making their own truth.

  6. Apollo
    5 years ago

    There was this lesser known apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary which took place in 1973 in Akita, Japan, and the visionary is a Japanese nun. In one such message, the Blessed Mother announced that "the demon will be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God." I am deeply, deeply saddened (almost to the point of tears) that Padre Alberto withered away at the attacks of the Evil One. To make it even more saddening is that he even left the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church for a Church that does not even have the Real Presence (which is why their churches can be described as "empty")! Padre Alberto, I predict that when your soul (with its Indelible Mark of the priesthood stamped on it) appears before the Throne of the Eternal Judge, Our Blessed Lady will also be there and, with tears flowing down from her eyes, will ask you "How could you, my son?!". I hope you will have a good answer! In fact, the Blessed Mother will not be the only one crying but also the many, many thousands of British men and women from the 16th and 17th centuries who chose to die gruesome deaths rather than join the Church which you oh so willingly joined now. Padre Alberto, by joining the Protestant Episcopal Church, you have essentially SPAT on the martyrdoms of your brother-priests like Edmund Campion, John Southworth, and so on. May God have mercy on you!

  7. Ted of Windsor
    5 years ago

    Yes, yes indeed: This is pathetic. (This is VERY pathetic) "The man broke a vow and is unwilling to admit his failing. I see no difference between him and a cheating husband who runs to a protestant church because they will ignore his vow and let him "marry" his new girlfriend. How fitting that he should resort to the Episcopal church. It was founded by a man who didn't feel like keeping his vow either". (Eileen)
    Why? I think this is pathetic and wrong:
    1)“All the Church’s activities stem from her awareness that she (Catholic Church) is the bearer of a message which has its origin in God himself: in his goodness and wisdom, God chose to reveal himself and to make known the hidden purpose of his will (cf.Eph 1:9; Dei Verbum, 2). God’s desire to make himself known, and the innate desire of all human beings to know the truth, provide the context for human inquiry into the meaning of life. This unique encounter is sustained within our Christian community: the one who seeks the truth becomes the one who lives by faith (cf. Fides et Ratio, 31). It can be described as a move from “I” to “we”, leading the individual to be numbered among God’s people.
    2) This same dynamic of communal identity – to whom do I belong? –vivifies the ethos of our Catholic institutions including religious life. A family, members of consecrate life style and a university or school’s Catholic identity is not simply a question of the number of Catholic families, priests, seminarians, nuns or other students. It is a question of conviction – do we really believe that only in the mystery of the Word made flesh does the mystery of man truly become clear (cf. Gaudium et Spes, 22)? Are we ready to commit our entire self – intellect and will, mind and heart – to God? Do we accept the truth Christ reveals? Is the faith tangible in priesthood, families and our universities and schools?
    3) Parents, priests, nuns, teachers and administrators, whether in "domestic Church", seminaries and in universities or schools, have the duty and privilege to ensure that children, students and seminarians receive instruction in Catholic doctrine and practice. This requires that public witness to the way of Christ, as found in the Gospel and upheld by the Church's Magisterium, shapes all aspects of an institution’s life, both inside and outside the classroom. Divergence from this vision weakens Catholic identity and, far from advancing freedom, inevitably leads to confusion, whether moral, intellectual or spiritual.

  8. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    In reading the comments, I hear a lot of people saying this Priest is a man. He must be, but supposed to be a CHOSEN MAN. A man called by Jesus Himself.

    Or could it be that he was such a good actor that he fooled everybody for such a long time?

    Didn't Jesus said " I was the one who chose you!"

  9. Okey
    5 years ago

    It was a rude shock to hear of Fr. Cutie's action and decision to join the Episcopalan church.
    having said that we need to reflect on a few pertinent issues here.
    Joining a new church soon after breaking his vows to me, does not seem to be the right decision. At such moments of emotional conflict, I would have expected Fr Cutie to have taken time off to reflect more on his life as a servant of God. Such hasty decisions more often than not end in regrets and another round of U- turn.
    Truth be told, the married life is not easier than the celibate life and if Fr Cutie thinks that is a panacea to his spiritual struggle, then he might be in for a rude shock.!he better ask Bishop Milingo
    His girlfriend being a divorcee, i wonder how he is going to explain and justify their marriage at the end of the day.. unless he admits he does not believe all that he has been preaching for over 14 years now!
    How about his Marian spirituality... would he comtinue saying his rosary or will he turn out to deride a practice he has preached all theses while.
    All through history, sexual entanglements have destroyed many prominet men of God, ... who at times might find it difficult to differentatiate emotions and carnal desires from true love ...... that is the real danger.. !!!
    Joining a new church and rushing into their priesthood in such a flash surely leaves much to be desired of Fr Cutie... but I do not judge him....
    At the end of the day ... the church marches on ...
    We all need to continue praying for him!
    may God continue to increase our faith!

  10. Vic P
    5 years ago

    Why should this man continue to be a Roman Catholic if his heart is torn between the church and this woman, but he atill feels he can serve God?

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