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Catholic League: Hysteria over Irish Clergy Abuse Comments

The Irish report suffers from conflating minor instances of abuse with serious ones, thus demeaning the latter. Continue Reading

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  1. Jean
    5 years ago

    Im not condoning the abuse that happened in the Catholic Church.
    Many of us have suffered in one way or another in our lives. No one will escape pain. Its part of the human condition.

    I am the daughter of an Alchoholic I have suffered cruelly from abuse physically and sexually in manner but not rape by other children when a child. Bad enough just the same. I was luckier probably than most but it haunted me.
    I live in a country which has a high rate of incest.

    We used to have a high rate of bars on every corner at one time.
    Its a wonder children get through a life here almost unscathed.
    Or growing up older than their years. Sometimes living in denial.
    Bill is gruff but he means well.
    He is defending our Church which is under attack by many forces.
    Our Holy Father suffers with us every time he has to here of a new story of abuse accrued long before he came on the scene.
    I suspect he saw much suffering during World War II. He was a child who saw much as well.
    Im sure he Bill is sensitive to what has happened our church.
    Im sure he means no cruelty or harm.
    Bill loves our church and he is a bulldog. I for one am glad of this.
    The question one has to ask is he stating the facts?
    Is our Church going to heal or is it going to keep staying in one mode reliving the pain or are we going to get on with the process of healing and finding healing for our brothers and sisters everywhere?
    Are we going to have Jesus strengthen us from here on out.
    I feel for the victims. I could hate right along with the rest of you and let my emotion rule.
    I hated for a time when my sister was taken. I was disgusted at the children when I was young. How dare they touch me in an inappropriate manner.
    Dont forget the Church is attempting to do something about it.
    She is cleaning out the "smoke of Satan" which got into our Church and has been here for a long time.
    I love all of you because I know Jesus Christ is perfect but not His Bride. I know He gave us what is necessary to heal.
    Use the pain and offer it up for all those who are dying, suffering and persecuted all over the world.
    Dont waste it offer it up to Him and lets see what graces He offers to you? I have.
    I want to see our Church on top again but healed.
    Its difficult but Im going to pray for a healing for myself and all of you. Im going to ask the Lord to love everyone and send you all the love and healing you need.
    If anyone cares I found that going up in front of the Blessed Sacrament is wonderful.
    It may not be the answer but if you go to Him you will find healing.
    Im glad the Church is opening up and finally healing itself.
    Again I dont think this article is implying anything such as a fabrication.
    Remember this and this may not be an excuse. Ask yourselves what kind of mind set there was back then.
    Its no excuse but a lot pyschology was new. People didnt understand this straight across the spectrum like they do today. Those were different times but thank God Christ is cutting open the wound and getting the puss out.
    No child should be ill treated.
    I know no one wants to here this but what kind of upbringing did these children/adults have that they shifted it to the rest of us in cruelty?
    I know what you all want to say, To heck with them, hope they burn in hell. What did Christ say?
    Look if I hurt anyone Im sorry.
    I say this in love only.

  2. Robert Frazzetta
    5 years ago

    Mr. Donahue, thou protesteth too much.

  3. Derek Bolka
    5 years ago

    This response is no surprise. The laws of the church dictate that abuse is to be covered-up and dealt with on the level of the Vatican so that the church has political immunity from prosecution. This is yet another piece of evidence that cries out for reform and transparency in the church. The church body is just as guilty as these individual abusers.

    It is a Christian's duty to seek social justice and anyone who doesn't take action to rectify destructive and self-serving policy is in no way following the foot steps of Christ. The question is, DO YOU THINK THIS IS HOW CHRIST'S CHURCH SHOULD OPERATE?? If you do nothing as a Catholic and turn a blind-eye, you are as bad as those committing these heinous sins against humanity.

  4. Roger
    5 years ago

    I say thank God for his cleansing,
    may he get them all out. Which my
    faith tells me He certainly will.

  5. Kristen Carolan
    5 years ago

    I just thought Id check out a catholic site to see the reaction to the report published. You should be ashamed of yourself with that vile article you wrote. I cried listening to what happened to those poor children. As a mother of two boys, it breaks my heart to think of what went on . I am a non believer and have more compassion that this stupid cult you call a religion.. I thought this "religion" was supposed to be about love. You wouldnt know what the word means.

  6. Mac
    5 years ago

    I am disgusted by this article, especially the comments of Mr. Donohue of the Catholic League. How dare anybody try to minimize the scandalous behavior of ANY adult who hurts ANY children in ANY way!?! I am horrified that these comments stem from a group of Catholics. This attempt to excuse the behavior because it was mostly done to kids deemed "broken" - - how wrong! Apparently the Catholic League is only interested in protecting the "good" kids. God called us to serve the broken and unwanted. Maybe the CL is not part of God's call.

  7. Lorna
    5 years ago

    The Catholic Church in Ireland stands condemned for the abuse suffered by those in its care.the little children deserved a safe sheltered home to be raised in.This happened when I was born i'm 60 and all through my life it was happening to these children just because the Church turned a blind eye to their plight.If the Church tries to whitewash this and not face up to its neglect how then can it claim to be Christ's church. Priests who were handing out the communion had their hands soiled with their sins.Their shame is now before the world and they will stand before God in judgement day.You call it hysteria the crys of the children and now men and woman has that as their childhood.It must be if noone sees what is going on God doesnt see either

  8. Catherine Vergne
    5 years ago

    All abuse of children is deplorable, whether it happens in church-run institutions, publicly-run institutions, or in private homes. I think it is important to get detailed information on precisely what was done and by whom. Many people aren't interested in the facts or the details, and simply want to condemn the Church as a whole.

    Such people are entitled to their position, but I don't believe theirs is a respectable by fair-minded people of good, who will be interested - very interested - in all the facts about such a case as this. Anti-Catholic partisans will insist that any further analysis is a waste of time; let's get on with the Benedict-bashing.

  9. Mary Jacoby
    5 years ago

    I am here in Ireland. The report is not a fabrication or exaggerated. The abuse did happen, and there was lots of it. Jesus is weeping, may the good Lord punish the perpetrators. Read the report itself, not articles written about it.

  10. Donna Whitehead-Kincaid
    5 years ago

    Mr. Donohue your comments are a slap in the face of thousands of victims of Catholic abuse. My husband was one of them. Stop lying to yourself and everyone else.

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