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Render Unto Obama?: Needed - A Faith-and-Reason University Comments

Giving an honorary law degree to someone who does not recognize the natural right to life does dishonor to Notre Dame’s own Catholic identity Continue Reading

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  1. Jeff Head
    5 years ago

    President Obama's speech at Notre Dame was wholly inconsistent with his actions as regards abortion.

    While talking of limiting abortions and "coming together", he is moving rapidly forward with initiatives that do just the oppoiste (ie. FOCA).

    It was a disgrace and dishonor to honor President Obama with any kind of honorary degree at Notre Dame given his radically pro-abortion positions.

    I wrote an article regarding the same:

  2. Dobbs
    5 years ago

    The Catholic Campaign For Human Development gave our donations to A.C.O.R.N., who promptly embezzled much of it, then used what was left over to fraudulently elect one of their leaders, candidate Obama. Now our Catholic Universities are using our donations to provide President Obama with a national platform from which to speak his anti-Catholic rhetoric.

    My Wife and I no longer give to the C.C H.D., and our gift to our local Archbishop's annual appeal is a small percentage of of what we normaly give, and our reason for cutting back is not due to the economy. We will continue to hold back on our monetary gifts until we see our Church's leaders fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to protect them from those who wish to do harm to our Church.

  3. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    Bishop D'Arcy has spoken on this subject. With the name of the university on the line, I wonder why Fr. Hesburgh have stayed quiet all this time. Is he hiding something? Or is he afraid he may lose his lucrative office on top of the library?

  4. Jon
    5 years ago

    If Fr. Jenkins tolerates abortion to point of honoring the most pro-abortion US president in history, perhaps he would be fine with the Catholic Church aborting Notre Dame as a Catholic institution.

  5. Robert Matzinger
    5 years ago

    We are engaged in a war here with the president and many in his admistration that would have us believe that abortion is a perfectly acceptable choice in life. And that supporting this and paying for this worldwide is acceptble. That the termination of the life of the unborn is perfectly acceptable in Obamas world of Human Rights. We now perfectly understand what this man means by "Human Right:" those who choose abortion are doing somethign perfectly acceptable in his world, and apparently are not worthy of his protection of life itself. And he wants to use us Catholics, to destroy our belief in life itself to accomplish this! We are in a war here for our very souls and we must pray fervently to Christ and Our Holy Mother that we can defeat his mission!!

  6. Sophie
    5 years ago

    As a young catholic in her college years I am ashamed that a Catholic university has invited Obama to be their most honored speaker. I have been in Catholic school all my life and, although I do not attend Notre Dame, if I did I think I would decide to be taught the faith elsewhere. actions speak louder than words, and so although Notre Dame calls itself a Catholic school its actions have shown it to be otherwise. I would not invite the devil into my heart and it amazes me that they are bringing the word of the devil into their institution. Although I am an American and Obama is my president, I first and foremost support my faith over my country. This man's views are a betrayal of my faith and all politics aside I am not sure what Notre Dame was thinking when they invited him and decided to bestow honors upon him.

  7. Holly
    5 years ago

    God Bless you Tom and Jimmy for your witness but dont forget to pray for him in the White House.
    That position is a tough place and I suspect will get to be a tougher place in the years ahead.
    Remember the "real thing" stalking this planet for human souls. As Saint Michael prayer says from one of our Popes attests:
    "Saint Michael the Archangel protect us in battle be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou oh prince by the heavenly host by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.
    You know Satan is always looking for a few poor souls so pray for Obama to.
    Conversion of hearts remember through prayer, penance and the Blessed Sacrament.

  8. Bruce W Carr Jr
    5 years ago

    Roger, would you have stood up for Hitler as well... because they both have or do believe that a certain group of people are not human and its ok to kill them... its an obama-nation if you ask me.

    5 years ago

    Tom Dorio is right to call it "that thing". We are glad that there are still many out there who have the gift of seeing what is going on, and want to stand up for it.

  10. Megev
    5 years ago

    Cultural relativism and secularism is and has been infiltrating our Catholic schools for a long period of time now. The Vatican II was supposed to usher in a new opening of fresh air, but mixed results have been the conclusion. A re-examination and renewal of the entire Catholic Church, particulary institutions of learning (primary-higher education).

    Political terms have never been my favor about the state of the Church-both here in America and abroad-but simply this: the orthodox and the unorthodox. The right to life all true Catholics should accept and affirm this fundamental right for all humans.

    But faith cannot be only by our words like going to Mass or prayers, but must be accompanied by deeds like helping the ones truly in need or counseling a pregnant mother who sees that her child might have defects or worse, unable to live, to not abort her child.

    Which brings us back to the orthodox-unorthodox issue: how we live our lifes should reflect our faith and for no reason should our Catholic schools-the catalysts of education for our youth (including me)-divorce that reality or otherwise. The truth is, in order to promote "tolerance", "diversity", and "openness"-we (not all Catholic schools, but certainly a good number, particulary prominent ones like this university) have become lovers of the world and not of God.

    No Catholic school or any school is perfect or holy, but for us, we are set higher expectations, as the faithful in service of Christ and His Church. I pray earnestly for change, reform, and restoration of our Catholic schools, especially on the education we are giving them. I dare not presume Notre Dame is wavering on its mission to teach and form the best students this country and the world deserves to have, but remember: service to Christ and His Church (for the Catholics/Christians) or what is right and good and holy (for the non-believers) should always have emphasis and be given, when needed, interrelation to all the subjects that students of any Catholic university, not only this one, are taking.

    The Lord Jesus guide and purify our Church of the unorthodox-the unfaithful members and lead them back to the path of truth, life, and grace. For those who do not believe, may they see that life deserves the greatest respect and value, and no right (except war or self-defense or in special and extreme circumstances, captial punishment) should ever be condoned in killing innocent unborn children or for that matter, the disabled, elderly, or weak. Overall, this issue brings great sadness to me, as a Catholic and as a American.

    Where is the conviction and courage that is demanded of universities like these? More hope do I see from the Catholic schools in the Philippines or other nations in Asia that hold and teach the Catholic faith, in relation to their school education, by word and deed. The Catholic-Christians from the East shall and have been serve the purpose God has set for them in coming to revitalize and save these dark times for Catholicism (and Christianity at large) both in America and other major developed parts of the world. God bless and save us all in these times of trials and tribulations.

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