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Randall Terry Arrested at Notre Dame Comments

The first arrest has taken place in Notre Dame surrounding demonstrations against the presence of pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Randall Terry was arrested on Friday afternoon for trespassing. Continue Reading

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  1. Eileen
    5 years ago

    Justin - "radical views?" The fact that people can consider the protection of all life, from conception to death "radical" makes me weep for the future.

  2. Justin C. Bolger
    5 years ago

    I am proud of Notre Dame,of Fr. Jenkins and of President Obama's acceptance. But I am appalled by the actions of Randall Terry and other outside agitators who are using this event to promote their radical views.

  3. bradb
    5 years ago

    Sorry Pete and Mike

    This president is so very pro-abortion its not like anyone before in that position. I disagree with honoring him at your catholic univ. I am not catholic but love what they stand for and their passion for Christ and his teachings. Sorry for those that are being "bothered" by all the protests, pictures, etc. maybe you should have chosen a non-catholic university. Hmmmm.

  4. pete
    5 years ago

    What are you going to do when the Pope invites the President to the Vatican ?

  5. Notre Dame student Mike
    5 years ago

    I’m a pro-life Catholic, but this is really embarrassing. The students and administration want Obama to come and speak, and everyone else should really respect that decision. They are currently having pictures of aborted fetuses being flown over the campus by a plane, I kid you not. This kind of obnoxious demonstration does nothing to further the pro-life cause and only alienated Catholics back into the ghettos. I really do not appreciate Mr. Terry’s flamboyant acts, and think the aggression should be aimed at Congress, where it belongs. You want an enemy, how about Pelosi who tried to quote St. Augustine in support of abortion and is supposedly a Catholic herself. Obama was elected fair and square and it is an honor to have the commander and chief speak at our commencement. We gave the Laureate Medal to Martin Sheen last year and he is pro-choice but no one made a fuss about that. We have had every president since Eisenhower speak at our campus, and no president is completely in line with all Catholic beliefs. This backlash really boils down to conservatives being furious that such a liberal Senator was elected president; it is funny how many people suddenly became “activists” for this cause. Let the first black president speak, it’s historic.

  6. Joseph in Alabama
    5 years ago

    My grandmother faithfully supported Notre Dame all of her life with money and I know if she were alive today she would never understand the stand the university has taken with this anti pro life president. Maybe he is more anti than we know. I will never support Notre Dame ever again!!!

  7. catholic mother
    5 years ago

    To Obama supporters or LUKEWARM CATHOLICS....and there are MANY. Just look at those who voted for Obama. Has anyone ever stopped to think maybe Randall Terry is sorry about his past and that He has found God and he is trying to do what is right? Read the bible...Show mercy and you shall receive it when you come before God at the last judgment. What he is doing is not bad! It's GOOD to stick up for babies being slaughtered. It's whats happening lets face it! Maybe the protest he got arrested for went to far..but i am glad he has been standing up for the unborn. Why is no one else? Why do you support Obama who supports terrible things like infanticide and partial birth abortion. Look these things up there DISGUSTING.These are innocent babies...... the women who are going in to planned parenthood need support not an abortion. What part of you shall not kill are people not understanding? By supporting Obama when he attacks innocent lives we are supporting those terrible actions.. Catholics need to learn to be TRUE Catholics. And God forgives Randall Terry

  8. Andy Holland
    5 years ago

    "Good, I hope they keep him in jail until the commencement is over.We will never make progress in our support for the unborn with nuts like this running around."

    Maybe - but then again, St. Athanasius was considered a nut - grabbing the emperor St. Constantine's reigns when he was riding.

    And St. Cyril of Alexandria was considered a real nut - they buried him deep with plenty of stones lest he should arise from the dead and disturb the city.

    And Sampson, and St. Paul, and many Saints were rather - well, over the top at times.

    At least Mr. Terry is trying - God bless him, we could use a few more nuts so long as things are done in Christ-like manner.

    And at the end of the age, two prophets will appear and strike the Earth with plagues....

  9. Melissa
    5 years ago

    I am one of those who signed the online petition regarding President Obama and Notre Dame. However, I signed it not because I take issue with the President speaking at the commencement, but instead with the fact that the University is presenting him with an honorary law degree, which is in direct defiance of the USCCB. I believe Catholic institutions ought to uphold the teachings and directives of the Catholic faith. Seems logical enough to me. That being said, though I am very disappointed that Fr. Jenkins has remained so obstinate in this matter, I do not condone Mr. Terry's activities. I think they accomplish very little, and merely serve to distract from the gravity of the issue.

  10. pete
    5 years ago

    Good, I hope they keep him in jail until the commencement is over.We will never make progress in our support for the unborn with nuts like this running around.

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