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Bishop Samuel J. Aquila Rebukes Notre Dame President and Board Comments

Your judgment in this matter is seriously flawed, with damaging consequences, for '…you are not on the side of God, but of men' (Mt 16:23). Continue Reading

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  1. Richard Tyler
    5 years ago

    I'm still trying to figure out which is worse.....Barack Obama receiving an honorary degree that isn't worth the paper it's printed on, or Jesus sharing a meal with the Scribes, Pharisees and tax collectors of His day.

    Can a pro-life catholic even work in the Obama administration? Is that outside the realm of their conscience and duty as a catholic to uphold life issues? Working for the administration would be the same as accepting blood money because of their stance on abortion, stem cell research, euthanasia and the other life issues, right?

    Or, maybe working in that environment would give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to work through that person and change someone's heart. I understand what the bishops are trying to do and I do NOT agree in principle with having Obama speak at Notre Dame, BUT, rescinding the invitation is not the answer. Having the speakers dialogue through their speeches that come before Obama is an opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to do God's work. No, it's not the perfect forum or event, but it IS an opportunity. Let God be God and where sin abounds, allow His grace to abound all the more.

  2. Michael
    5 years ago

    By now everyone should have figured it out that this "invitation" was not something that just sprang up on a spur of the moment..No is was probably calculated prior to the election and Fr.Jenkins in his Lame excuse that since BHO is not a Catholic he isn't covered by the 2004 Bishops statement is stretching thinks so far, that some on the administration had to probably Google everything just to come up with that..No Arizona State has is correct.He has done nothing ,except bow to the prince of Saudi Arabia if you count that, to deserve an honorary degree in anything at all....Get ready for the fight for our Catholic Universities..Our "Civility" will be measured and the oposition will cry, scream, and rent their clothing playing the victim card....

  3. Peter A. Drabbant
    5 years ago

    Bravo to you Bishop Aquila!

  4. geraldine m. boos
    5 years ago

    Thank you, Your Excellency, for speaking the truth to Fr, many of us Catholics are so deeply saddened by Father's decision to ignore the voices of the Church...God bless you, Your Excellency.

  5. JAK
    5 years ago

    I wonder what is more embarrasing to Fr. Jenkins, letting the President come and speak or telling the president he can't come? What would be more embarrasing for the president, being told he can't speak at the commencement, or being the only one to show up for the commencement. It would send a loud message to the president and Fr. Jenkins if nobody showed up for commencement

  6. Barb
    5 years ago

    Food for thought ~ what does Notre Dame have to GAIN by going forward with their plans to have the president receive an honorary law degree? Most certainly they will lose much support and recognition if they go forward with their plans. So, again I ask, what do they have to GAIN by not admitting their mistake? Are they too ashamed to admit their error in judgment or do they honestly think their decision was "justified"?

  7. Wes Lisitza
    5 years ago

    Everyone should probably take note of this article here on MSN. In it, the President of the Alumni Association makes a point to state that she believes that Barack Obama's stance on economic, healthcare, and environmental reform are in line with the Catholic Church's teaching.

    I had no clue that such areas could be divorced from the abortion issue and embryonic stemmed cell research issues. I mean, one excuse to an abortion has been touted as economic security for the financial inept and unprepared (as opposed to out-and-out contraception); don't get me started on health care reform - Sebellius; finally, I find it very hard to see the Catholic Church advocating more passionately to save the Whales, rainforest and environment over the lives of the unborn.

    Of particular note in the article is the inclusion that Obama is speaking at Arizona State University, where he is NOT receiving an honorary degree. Their reasoning? Because he hasn't DONE anything yet to be recognized for any of the things that Notre Dame's administration is asserting as a reason - he is only in his opening months in office; nothing has been done yet. Isn't it ironic that a public/secular college can realize that it isn't customary to award somebody for having done nothing, and yet, Notre Dame is so eager to do this?

    This truly is testament to the fact that Notre Dame has become overtaken by zealous fanatics. Is not Faith without Reason known as Fanaticism.

    Notre Dame, we pray for you.

  8. Peggy
    5 years ago

    Must we as Catholics bow to pagans as pagans bow to Saudi kings? How many more scandals will the church need to suffer while these pagans insist on calling themselves Christians? When does the Truth count?

  9. Ed Duncan
    5 years ago

    Thank God for a true shepherd, and not a cowardly hireling, who fearlessly speaks the truth in love. Infanticide indeed is as bad as it gets, and no civilized person -- certainly no genuine Christian -- should tolerate it.

  10. Deacon Daniel Flynn
    5 years ago

    Too bad these Bishops did not speak up before the election. Ill advised Catholics elected the President in swing states with heavy catholic populations. I pray they are waking up and will stand as they should. The superiors of Fr. Jenkins should intervene.

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