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Iowa Supreme Court Invents 'Right' to 'Gay Marriage' Comments

If you think you saw a fight in California to restore natural marriage with the successful passage of Proposition 8, then hold on to your hats. Continue Reading

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  1. Michelle Ramsey
    5 years ago

    It really bothers me that this is getting so much negative attention when there are so many more pressing REAL issues. Hope you all have said a prayer for the families in New York and the mother of the boys who were kidnapped from their heterosexual dad and murdered... Seriously let’s worry about spreading love not the hate! Maybe then we could prevent some of those other atrocities.

  2. Mel
    5 years ago

    Wow! I’m utterly surprised by the responses in to this article given that this is a Catholic website. It makes me wonder if there isn’t some orchestrated effort by proponents of “same-sex marriage” to respond to these types of articles. The reasoning for the Catholic churches opposition to “same-sex” marriage is well known. All you have to do is look it up and study why. The reasons are well defined so this position is no surprise.

    First among which is that it isn’t natural and never intended by God. It is by definition an aberrant behavior and was defined as such by psychologist until they where politically pressured to change it by activist in the ‘70’s. You see, to get “same-sex marriage” you have to go against everything that is natural and force it into existence through activist judges, on all of society. If it where meant to be, it would just be. What a shame.

  3. Marty Lund
    5 years ago

    Same-sex unions aren't legitimate marriages. They are just another in a long list of partnerships that aren't marriages. Changing the law through legislation to redefine marriage is morally wrong because it uses the power of the state to set a false example of what marriage is. Though the outcome is odious, at least the method would be honest and respectful of the rights of governed in a democratic republic.

    But to have 7 lawyers jumped-up by some politicians get to rewrite laws as they see fit to appease their emotions is a violation of the trust put into government. The power of the Judiciary ends firmly at striking down a law - not rewriting one. If the Iowa Supreme Court wants to rule that Iowa's definition of marriage is Unconstitutional then Iowa has no civil marriage law. Writing a new marriage law or amending the old one is beyond their legal authority.

    Furthermore, it is hypocritical. The only justification the Government gives for trying to put State License on a marriage is to sponsor procreation and child-rearing in a marriage. The basis logically excludes polygamy, incest, and same-sex pairings. Without that justification the Government fails the Rational Basis Test for issuing such licenses and no such laws can be made.

    The motivation for corrupted laws without a rational basis creating "inclusive" definitions of marriage is simply to use the mantle of the State to advance an opposing definition of marriage as a social norm. It is has no function but to use the State as a vehicle to campaign against the private religious and cultural beliefs of the majority of citizens (or is that "subjects" now?). To do such a thing with public funds and the public trust is immoral tyranny.

  4. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    Here we go again, since they cannot buy all the people to vote for them, they went and bought the judges, Supreme Court, none the less!

  5. Philip D
    5 years ago

    Oh here we go again, religious wingnuts equating marriage equality to 'marrying your houseplant.' It's simply amazing that my fellow Americans can't understand the difference between denying civil liberties to fellow Citizens and 'marriage' as a religious sacrament. One word can have more than one meaning. Instead of allowing your fellow citizens the right to participate fully in a civil right, you spread hatred and venom. If your heart doesn't break at the sight of two people in love - begging to be treated with dignity and justice - may God, or whatever higher being you believe in, soon fill your heart with compassion for others.

  6. Erin
    5 years ago

    Maybe I missed something in the article. Are Catholic churches being forced to perform marriage ceremonies between gay people as a result of this ruling? Is my heterosexual marriage any less valid in the eyes of God now? Would adultery, abuse and divorce between married heterosexuals have vanished if the court had ruled the other way? Exactly HOW is this impacting my soul now in a way that it didn't yesterday?

  7. sean brophy
    5 years ago

    He said to them, 'Well then, pay Caesar what belongs to Caesar -- and God what belongs to God...' (Luke 20:25).

    This is a civil society; the Church's opinion on marriage should not change, and nor should the the moral and ethical opinions of the Church dictate civil law.

    God's Law is not the law of our land. If the Church and the faithful are mistaken to force their beliefs on me, a heathen, homosexual, lapsed Catholic.

  8. robert lewis
    5 years ago

    You state No one in his right mind would suggest that the framers of the Iowa Constitution could have ever imagined the silly and incongruous notion of ‘same sex marriage,’ much less considered it a ‘fundamental right.’ My respose: No one in his right mind would surely suggest that the framers of the US constitution could ever have imagined the silly and incongruous notion of equal rights for women and persons of color.

  9. Ryan
    5 years ago

    I have strongly disagreed with the blatent position this article has taken. Never has the church been more divisive and unchristian in the ideals of love and marriage. This ruling is another signal that equal rights its not only a minorities issue, but a Christian one. We must remember there are gay and lesbian children everywhere looking to us to embrace their love.

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