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Iowa Supreme Court Invents 'Right' to 'Gay Marriage' Comments

If you think you saw a fight in California to restore natural marriage with the successful passage of Proposition 8, then hold on to your hats. Continue Reading

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  1. whitney
    5 years ago

    Hello? This is a CATHOLIC website. the CATHOLIC church says homosexual marriage is WRONG, because Holy Mother Church states that ANY AND ALL sexual relations outside of marriage or between anyone other than a husband and wife are ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY WRONG. So why should we care that our CIVIL courts are acting against God's intent for sexuality? Because this is our nation--we are going to give an account to God for how we respond to sin; and this is sinful. If we don't stand up and say it's wrong, who will?

    Are we just going to sit on our hands while our country gets flushed down the toilet? Do we want to raise our children in a country where sin is legal and acceptable? When a society begins to legalize sin and murder, where does it stop? If Christianity is against all these "legal" things, when are people going to start saying that we're saying and doing "illegal things". Paul says that government is a terror only to bad we should let "Caesar" know when they're making bad conduct good conduct. Good article, thanks for your courage.

  2. Andy Holland
    5 years ago

    Judicial Legislation - government of lawyers, by lawyers, for lawyers - with unfettered arrogance to admonish the People! All bow down to the bench in their religious robes, raised seats and marble temple courts!

    What's next, legalizing marriage between humans and small furry animals? Why not multiple partners? Why shouldn't a community of live-ins have such "rights"?

    Once the door to absurdity is opened, there is no end in sight to where it will lead - people don't see hell until they are there.

    The mystery of Babylon mother of Harlots, now they are united, they imagine they can do anything! So much for E'Pluribus Unum - give us one nation under God.

  3. alex
    5 years ago

    i believe i understand the reasons invoked for same-sex marriage namely privacy rights and equal protection. What i am very confused about is what is invoked to say that it's only between TWO people? Exactly! So if you have same sex marriage why can't I not marry more than one woman?

  4. Drake
    5 years ago

    In response to "Eddie": we don't buy judges in Iowa. Thanks for weighing in about something you don't know, though.

  5. Laurence
    5 years ago

    Homosexual relationships are morally sinful. Homosexual marriages? Worse. It is an attempt to impose on all people the acceptance of an abnormal and mortally sinful behavior such as homosexuality as good and normal.

    The American Medical Association has done a great disservice to society, especially to homosexuals, by arbitrarily proclaiming homosexuality as normal. When an illness is proclaimed as normal, how will it ever be cured? It only takes honesty to self and common sense to be able to recognize that homosexual behavior is not normal and is not good. But most of all, we have the benefit of Divine Revelation that condemns homosexual behavior as sinful.

    Not too long along, the American Psychological Association also proclaimed relationships between adults and minors to be normal. Fortunately, there was such a denunciation of it that APA backed off.

    Homosexual activists and their supporters are only adding to their sins and to the problems of society by insisting on a perverted concept of marriage such as homosexual marriage.

    We love homosexuals because they are people, not because of their sinful homosexual behavior. Because we love them, we can never agree to their misguided idea that homosexuality is good or normal. Until they repent, they are especially hurting themselves because of their sinful homosexual behavior.

    May God have mercy on the unrepentant homosexuals and their supporters and grant them the grace to see and acknowledge their errors and repent of them.

    All of us are called by God to repent of all our sins. Homosexuals are not exempt.

  6. Nick
    5 years ago

    Nice article. You know nothing about Iowa, Iowans or the Iowa Supreme Court. I could care less about your position but don't comment on matters and people of which you know very little about. Furthermore, as a lawyer you should understand that this imagined notion of "legislating" from the bench is harmful to our laws and to the judiciary. They are only "legislating" when you disagree with their opinion. It baffles me that Barber, an attorney, would be so petty using this term "legislating" as a political tool even though he is or should be aware of the damage it is causing to the judiciary. Shameful. And I am a faithful Catholic.

  7. Holly
    5 years ago

    We all can claim marriage. The first marriage took place in Genesis between our first parents.
    Adam and Eve.
    This article isnt negative. Its very informative.

  8. John
    5 years ago

    People of Iowa, do not forget these so called Judges and Council people in next election. Your vote is a Right and not Gay Marriages!

  9. Dan
    5 years ago

    How long will it be until these people also imagine a right to polygamy? How about the rights of two siblings to be married? A brother and a sister? A brother and a brother? The thought is clearly disgusting to anybody whose soul isn't drowning in sin, but that is the logical fulfillment of the argument that the state has no right to prevent people from marrying.

  10. lachy
    5 years ago

    I don't understand the claim that religion seems to have on marriage. It is not yours to claim; it is OLDER than you.

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