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Catholic Notre Dame University to Give Obama Honorary Degree Comments

His appearance at the university would appear to violate the USCCB's policy against honoring pro-abortion politicians. Continue Reading

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  1. Kim Michaud
    6 years ago

    Below is a copy of the email my husband and I just forwarded to Notre Dame's president.
    To the President of Notre Dame

    Dear Rev. Jenkins,

    It is an outrage that Notre Dame University is planning to have Pres.Obama give your commencement address this spring. President Obama has remained true to his commitment to continue and even increase the slaughter of innocent preborn human beings. Look at the decisions that he has made in just the beginning two months of his administration. They range from lifting the ban on the support of federal funding of overseas abortions, providing federal funding for embryo stem cell research (even though there are successful alternatives which are ethically sound), and nominating a radically pro abortion candidate to head HHS. Ms. Sebelius not only has an aggressive pro abortion record, but has entertained Dr. Tiller, the physician who has become notorious for his botched partial birth abortions.
    If Notre Dame does not choose to cancel President Obama's invitation to speak, than she will make it clear that she is nothing more than a powerful, yet dangerously fraudulent institution. Mother Church should thereby sever all ties with her, and expose her true essence by stripping away the coverings of deceitful masquerades.

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Michaud

  2. ana judith gutierrez
    6 years ago

    All Catholics,agree that a withdrawal of the invitation of President Obama to speak is necessary, The graduating class at Notre Dame will understand it is a perpetrated assault to
    all Catholics and to our human dignity.He is our First Pro-Abortion President in History. Roger Wicker Mississippi's Pro-Life Senator. Send him an invitation.

  3. Patricia A .Neboyskey
    6 years ago

    I cannot believe a Catholic school could have a very anti-life speaker speaking to their students .I know that Christ would not approve .He has total

    Disregard for life,I call them 'my babies' as I wish I could save their lives.I gave birth to 9 babies so I practice what I believe !

    Please rescind your request as it is a slap in the face of a true Catholic,PLEASE !

    Pat Neboyskey

  4. Susan Doyal
    6 years ago

    Following is an email I sent to the president of Notre Dame. I would ask that you do the same:

    I am quietly outraged over President Obama being invited to speak at Notre Dame. I have sincerely tried to see the positive aspects of such an invitation. I can see a few, however, those few are far overshadowed by the overwhelming conflicts of having this man and his agenda speak at a Catholic University.

    Those graduating young people should not have an "embrace all" policy dominating one of the most important days of their lives. This flies in the face of all that is Catholic!
    I am calling for the immediate withdrawal of the invitation.

    Susan Doyal

  5. Terry Smith
    6 years ago

    People should know that a worshipper was forcibly removed from Mass at Notre Dame's Sacred Heart Church on Saturday night when he offered prayer (during Prayer of the Faithful) for the university that would honor a pro-abortion president. He was taken out by police, but he remained outside and parishioners crowded around him after Mass to speak with him.

  6. Laurie
    6 years ago

    For those that think most on here are hostile and they understand why Catholics voted for Obama, wake up. You either follow your catholic faith or you don't. For many years I was like you, not on the abortion issue but other issues.(Contraception, women's role in the church, etc.) With increase prayer life and a true study of my Catholic faith, I realized just how ignorant I am.

    The Catholic Church has stood strong and firm all these years. It does not change positions because "the times we live in" demand it to. Shame on Notre Dame, and shame on those who pick and choose what they will and will not believe about the faith to suit their lifestyle. Hitler was a charismatic speaker. I am not saying Obama is Hitler, but just because someone speaks eloquently is not a true measure of the character of the person. His actions are what just as important. God will judge us also. If we continue to be passive on this horrific sin, are we not part of the problem?

    Notre Dame is being used, it gives these pick and choose Catholics another example to say the Catholic Church does not think abortion is the intrinsic evil it is. It can not at any cost be overshadowed by the president's possible other good qualities. The message is deafening to the true catholic faith's ears. Our Lady, I beg for your intercession in this matter.

  7. Bill
    6 years ago

    I think the Gospel was saying NOT to follow the Pharisees who attacked Christ for the company he kept.

  8. Holly
    6 years ago

    TO Mike: First of all God Bless you Mike. Yes we do love our neighbor but when our neighbor violates life issues people have a tendancy to react in the fatih. We have a right to rebuke that is all that is being done here not hate. There is a difference. No one is being hostile Mike at least I hope not. My hope is that our Catholic people are protesting the way they should be.

    Have you seen how our rights were almost violated in Connecticut?
    Have you also gone over to Priests for Life and checked out there site on life issues?

    We have a right to disagree with Obama. If he is violating the mandates on Life regarding a politician or even a Catholic who professes the faith regarding life issues on or at a University then he doesnt have to be honored.

    He can speak at the school but we dont have to disagree with him peacefully.
    Im sorry but as Catholics we are obligated to respect and try to uphold and practice the edicts of Jesus Christ.

    These edicts are taught by the Magisterium and in the Catechism and Bible.

    Otherwise you are a practicing Catholic.

    This is why we protest.

    You dont have an economy or decent society as Mother Theresa and the Pope have professed unless you have life.
    The disposal of human life is definitely against the natural law.
    If one does not respect the natural law of a planet then one can not have only civil law because they both compliment each other.

    One begins to understand the Natural and Civil elements of law on a planet which is a natural entity as well then one can have an abundant life.
    One must be true and one must be false but you cannot have both otherwise they will not compliment each other.
    These people understand what is going on. Obama is not a messiah Im sorry. He is a human being just as all of the Presidents before him and he will not be able find solutions to everything.
    He maybe able to stablize in his posistion for a little while but as some people have stated, "When one gets into Political Office its down hill from there."

    We people also must have a sense of pulling together as well.

    I respect Obama to a certain point but not his stance on the life issues.
    I hope that I to will alway help to serve God, my church, my community and my country.

    This is after all America we have a right to opinion and disagreement. Hopefully they will never get in the way of an excellent solution for all.
    People we must continue to work toward the life issues and true natural law of this planet for all peoples.
    We must stop being a wasteful society as well. The waste of life and natural resources to.

    Love in Christ Brothers and Sisters.

  9. david
    6 years ago

    This is a tragedy. We are a people who love Christ and his Church. Our God is the source of all life, life not death. we must be willing to call evil evil. In a debate prior to the election at the university of Michigan between myself and Dr. Kmiec I told a Catholic audiance that they have the right to vote for any candidate, but as Catholics we must always vote and work with all our hearts and all our strength for life and the right to practice and uphold our faith. Let us all pray, in this time of trial and scandal for the Church and the institutions of the Church. Let us pray to Mary that she will strengthen our resolve and the leadership of the Laity and Bishiops. The truth is we are all responsible, the Church-we are responsible, 4,400 cries a day. Do you not hear them, do you not hear the cries for life given the verdict of death.

  10. Bill Sr.
    6 years ago

    "Mike" who thinks Obama is a nice man writes this.

    "He isn't there to present his political ideals. He is there to tell those graduating that they are the future of this country and that they will be the leaders of tomorrow. Also, that they will need to step up and drive innovation in the coming years. That they have a responsibility to use what they learned at a great universe to move this country forward."

    I have only this to say to "Mike".
    The young graduates leaving ND this year have spent anywhere from four to six years listening to the professors there, many who have agree with and voted for Obama, lecture them on the very things you believe he will say to them. He knows this and there is little he can add except the power of his office and the presence of his persona. This is something we as Catholics have had the benefit of discovery this past year.

    Obama is who he is and went through several years in a similar elitist learning system as this group. This was overlapped and followed by twenty years of social morality indoctrination by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wrap all of this around an unequaled voting record against every pro-life legislation he came in contact with, hand holding with Bill Ayers, Acorn, the whole Chicago political machinery and a spouse who had never been proud of America until he began his campaign and you have the totality of the perceived vision of America’s future which Obama can and will point to and ask the ND grad to follow. Is this the persona we want radiating in the hollowed halls of “Our Lady’s” university?

    I don’t think so.

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