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Bishop Martino Speaks on Authentic Diversity and Catholic Identity, Stands Firm Comments

My job as a Bishop is to promulgate the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful. I will continue to do so. Continue Reading

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  1. Bin
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, Everywhere, At All Times!

    Dear Chance, people underestimate the power of such talks and television. I can firmly bear witness, that I took many important decisions in life (especially career related) after I'd attended some talks, which I thought wouldn't make any difference.

    Hence I totally agree with the Bishop, that giving only one side of the story, can totally sway the opinion of the crowd, even if they are very strongly rooted in Christianity. Hence letting someone giving opposing views to the Catholic views, without any restriction and without any balance, is not just harmful, but its not being fair in itself! How can you expect people to have a balanced view; if there is no check and balance.

    If you really want diverse opinions, why not have prison convicts, serial killers, sexual predators, rapists, hitmen, etc. Afterall each one of them would justify their acts and could most likely give very convincing arguments, that might sway some of the people (at least). Is it right? I believe not.

    Diversity, at the cost of morality, is not diversity, but rather licentiousness; which perverts and does not build up character.

    Peter Kreeft mentioned character is about saying 'No'. Hence, having an all permitting nature is not good or ideal and one that shouldn't be allowed to hold such a large sway over young mouldable minds, as in educational instituitions.

    I think its best the Bishop raise some sanctions against the institute or atleast that 'diversity institute'. This would go a long way in ensuring that the culture is not meant to be played around with; sadly something that I feel has been played around with too much, and we've done almost nothing. Hence for the rest of the world, the Culture of the West represents perversities, that would have been unheard of a couple of decades ago.

    Worst of all, abortion, the fruit of which is being reaped by the world, especially the United State.

    GOD Bless!

  2. J
    5 years ago

    Amen to the bishop! Thank you bishop Martino for fighting to keep Catholic Universities CATHOLIC. Chance you don't take a chance and let people like Boykin into your schools to teach you something opposed to our Church teachings. Trust me there are plenty of Catholics that will fall for a boykin. Again thank you for being a good shepeard bishop Martino. "The good shepeard will lay down his life for his sheep". God bless bishop Martino extra.

  3. jh
    5 years ago

    Thank you, your Grace, for guiding clearly and strongly those entrusted to you.

    The teachings of the Catholic faith are a gift that, when followed, will keep us whole and will enable us to be fully what we are created to be.

    In honesty, notice the chaos and self-destruction in relativism.

  4. Purpose
    5 years ago

    Thank God for the good Bishop, would that all our bishops, priests,deacons and laity have this courage to speak plainly as to our true beliefs. We're all sinners, sometimes we need to hear it to see it.

  5. Stephen E. Berry
    5 years ago

    Bishop Martino: May God bless you! You rock!

  6. Kevin
    5 years ago

    Not at all, Chance. The university made a loud public statement by giving Boykin a forum in which to contradict Catholic teaching. The university therefore had an obligation to contradict Boykin's mutterings in an equally loud and public manner. To fail in this obligation is to give tacit approval to this deviation from orthodoxy.

    Even if the university teaches orthodoxy in its classrooms, to fail to respond in an overt, concrete manner to an overt, concrete attack upon our faith and morals -- even worse, to give a platform to such an attack -- calls its commitment to the Church into question. Despite what American academics wish to believe, the mission of a Catholic university is explained very succinctly in the very term: Catholic first before all, university thereafter.

  7. JLS
    5 years ago

    Chance, your comment is presumptive. The bishop can yank the title of Catholic from Miseracordia, without giving you the time of day.

  8. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    To Chance; I hope you are insulted enough to say something to your school administration. Teaching the course is one thing, but practicing it is another.

    You sound more like a Catholic politician, who claims to be Ardent Catholic, but pro-abortion.

  9. Robert A. Jerussi
    5 years ago

    Bishop Martino has set a goal that should be that of all Catholic bishops who head a diocese. Our bishops have been silent too long at what goes on at "Catholic" universities within their flock. The wolves have been attacking the sheep and the shepards have been either asleep or too busy with political matters within and without the Church.

  10. Chance
    5 years ago

    I took it all very seriously right up to the quote about how he asked them "to convey how it teaches Catholic morality regarding sexuality and homosexuality, and to produce concrete evidence." I begin to question the sincerity of his entire statement at that point.

    At that point it's hard to take him seriously. Send him a copy of any textbooks and syllabi for ethics and philosophy courses and wait for him to calm down enough to stop insinuating that Catholic viewpoints are not adequately represented at a Catholic university.

    Frankly, I'm a little insulted that he seems to believe that university educated students might mistake a clearly contrarian outside speaker as some newly tolerated official dogma.

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