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Bishop Martino Speaks on Authentic Diversity and Catholic Identity, Stands Firm Comments

My job as a Bishop is to promulgate the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful. I will continue to do so. Continue Reading

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  1. Laura
    5 years ago

    The Bishop is doing his job. I wish his fellow Bishops, Cardinals, and Priests would do likewise. There are too many sermons that lack instruction in our faith. I'm tired of feel-good information from the sermon instead of TRUTH which is what Christ gave us in the gospels.

    If you read your bible, it is clear that moral truth exists. It is also clear that when we ignore these truths, God allows the protection He gives us as His children to be lifted. He shows us the consequences of our actions out of love, so that we will learn to make better choices. Look at Sodom and Gomorah. Look at AIDS. We have choices to make.

    Our fore fathers made select choices based on God's truth at the creation of our nation as God made them at the creation of man-kind. We have no rights to change God's laws to make up new ones of our own. Our founding fathers knew this. They created a nation under one God with liberty and justice for all. They made it so that you could have differnt opinions, but still be citizens of a free nation.

    It is up to us as Americans to continue that line of justice. Individuals make personal choices. Laws are made to uphold the Truth and for the good of the many, not the individual.

    Same-gender or incestuous sexual relationships do not uphold the good of the nation. Pornography and sexual relations with a minor do not uphold the rights of the minor or the good of the nation.

    We need to stop asking the government to create lots of laws for small groups of individuals, but to make laws for the greater good of our nation's citizens from the unborn to the natural death of our oldest and less fortunate or less-than= perfect-in-health citizens.

    The teaching of our church is clear on all these issues. The fact that many think it is the individual that is hurt in this teaching shows how far from the truth these so called "catholics" have fallen away from the truth.

    The Pope is our leader and in line with Christ's teachings. The Bishiop is in line with the Pope. WE should all be in line with our Pope as well. If not, we are not truly Catholic Christians. We are not living in truth.

  2. Rochelle
    5 years ago

    May the Holy Spirit always be with Bishop Martino as he leads the faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your courage...

  3. Marty Lund
    5 years ago

    There is a serious difference between hosting a debate or an inquiry and giving someone the floor to pontificate.

    In the venue of debate and inquiry you could certainly give time to people who espouse immoral or theologically incorrect positions. The point of debate and inquiry is to examine arguments - most of which are wrong in some fashion or another. It makes perfect sense for a Catholic university to include advocates for positions in opposition to the Church's teachings in debates and inquiries.

    The point of pontification is to allow the speaker a closed forum to espouse his beliefs and market them aggressively to an audiance. It makes no sense what so ever for a Catholic university to become a venue for people to pontificate in opposition to the Church's teachings. Keith Boykin was not there to entertain debate, but to market a message in opposition to the Church in a closed forum.

    Furthermore, it would probably be best to address a few logical fallacies presented in this comments thread:

    "If I enforce my Catholic moral teaching on the citizens of this nation by making them the law of the land then I am creating a precedent for those of other religions to do likewise."

    This is a combination of a Straw Man Argument and a Slippery Slope - both logic fallacies. We already enforce our Catholic moral teachings on the citizens. We punish those who commit violence on others, who steal from others, who commit vandalism, who commit fraud, etc. with the deprivation of their basic liberties. Thankfully, however, I live in a nation that was founded with enough respect for those moral teachings (including Subsidiarity) to recognize that the powers of the state to govern must be used sparingly and that people should largely be left to make their own choices.

    Dismiss those moral teachings on the grounds that other people have other religious beliefs (the absurd relativist argument) and you have no grounds for ANY laws. I don't think it is in anyone's interests to exchange limited government driven by the will of the governed for anarchy.

    "When I cannot grant equal protection under the law,"

    This is a demonstrably false claim by advocates of same-sex "marriage." Equal Protection under the law actually clearly prohibits extending the definition of Civil Marriage to include same-sex pairings. Equal Protection under the law requires that every exercise of State Power in law be justified by a Rational Basis that explains what State Interest (read: Public Good) is specifically achieved by a law. This prohibits legislators from, for example, bestowing gifts on their friends and family out of the public coffers - or even just applying incentives and punishments at whim - such as buying everyone named "Steve" a new car.

    The Rational Basis presented by the lawmakers for the extension of the Privileges of a Civil Marriage License are strictly rooted in Human Progeneration. It is on this basis that unions that are identified as reproductively defective by public record are excluded. In particular, incestuous unions and same-sex unions are automatically excluded by definition. Further, all other forms of partnerships - no matter how domestically oriented or caring they may be - are not considered marriage.

    To extend Civil Marriage Licenses to opposite-sex partnerships is a clear violation of Equal Protection unless all non-sexual partnerships are likewise sanctioned - from business partners to co-dependent elderly siblings.

    May the Bishops continue to advocate for our Catholic moral values and rebuke actions taken that abuse the resources and reputation of the Roman Catholic Church to work against her moral teachings.

  4. Sister Zelda
    5 years ago

    Dear Deacon Keith Fournier, Since you are such an outspoken supporter for those who teach in the name of the church, I recommend that you look at their teaching in the broader context of what is good public policy. If I enforce my Catholic moral teaching on the citizens of this nation by making them the law of the land then I am creating a precedent for those of other religions to do likewise. When I cannot grant equal protection under the law while I have some voting majority, and when I use law to enforce my beliefs on others I am teaching others when they become the majority to do the same to me.

    Learning to live in a nation and in a culture with as great a diversity as we have in the US today requires me to stand against oppression. It is my hope and prayer that those who speak on behalf of my church and the values of my Christian beliefs would speak to the values we hold sacred refrain from naming individuals or particular situations.

    Yes, let the Bishops be Bishops and let them speak to the true gospel values, but let them not attack individuals or institutions who benefit from the notability they provide. Our God invites each created human person to life everlasting, it behooves us to encourage each other on the journey.

  5. Joseph
    5 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic. Bishop Martino is to be commended for his courage and forthrightness. This is precisely the kind of robust stance in defence of our Faith that ALL members of the Church hierarchy must adopt along with ALL sincere Catholics. There is no more time for prevarication. Any feeling of intimidation before the ranks of the politically correct is now obsolete and so-called 'progressive' catholics need to wake up to the fact that they are being used as a Trojan Horse to undermine the Faith of all Catholics. They have a stark decision to make: are you with the Relativists and Politically Correct Brigade, or are you with Jesus Christ and his Church? These are desperate times and they are going to get a lot worse, and no one can afford any longer the luxury of sitting on the fence and pretending to be 'above it all' when we see, all of us, everyday, the rampant forces of paganism on the march. We are called upon to fight the good fight for our values and our Faith. And we need to start fighting, unashamedely, openly and robustly as Catholics who are no longer semi-embarased about being Catholics but as Catholics who are righteously PROUD of being Catholics. Just like Bishop Martino. God be with him.

  6. Bob Cook
    5 years ago

    I have a couple of quotes from G.K. Chesterton that I think are appropriate for this article. "Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 4/19/30 and “Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” G. K. Chesterton. Finally, Bin's comment about Peter Kreeft has prompted me to pull out his book, "A Refutation of Moral Relativism" and review pages in it. Being a Chestertonian, I find Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' blurb on the cover to be especially enjoyable. "Kreeft's scintillating humor has been honed in the school of Chesterton and Belloc. He loves to teach and is very good at it. He never lets a quarrel interrupt a good argument."

  7. Arlyn Mary
    5 years ago

    Bishop Martino is a bishop to be proud of, a bishop with the mettle of an Archbishop Burke or a Bishop Bruskewitz or an Archbishop Chaput among several others. Thanks be to God! for clear teaching in the Truth and not allowing the politically correct culture of lies and deception to rule. We pray for our bishops to be true shepherds of their flocks in the Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
    amc 3/05/2009

  8. PerryJ
    5 years ago

    Your job is to teach and ENFORCE the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful.

    Please continue to teach; but, also start to ENFORCE.

    Bishop's please stop giving the Eucharist to Politicians that support abortion!

  9. Jennifer
    5 years ago

    AMEN, AMEN! Thank you, Bishop Martino for being a steadfast light in the darkness! May God bless and protect you.

  10. Jennifer
    5 years ago


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