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President Begins Overturning “Conscience Rule” for Pro-life Doctors Comments

President Obama used the attention given to his new budget to quietly undermine protection for pro-life medical professionals. Continue Reading

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  1. Lizzie
    6 years ago

    Before I say anything I want you all to know that I am neither Democrat or Republican. I find them both despicable. I also did not vote for Obama or McCain. I voted 3rd party. All of these comments have left me speechless. Attacking each other is NOT a very Christian thing to do. To think that you're basically saying someone is not truly Catholic b/c of a social issue is outrageous. To be Catholic or Christian is to believe that Jesus is Lord.

    It sickens me when people bring religion into social issues. No wonder so many people lose their faith or don't bother with it. Everyone around them is so eager to judge.

    YOU are not to judge a person. Only God is allowed to do that.

  2. Judy Dorhauer
    6 years ago

    How would the president react if someone forced him to act against his conscience? Will the president also repeal the right to be a conscientious objecter. No matter what side of the fence you are on you would have to be insane to agree to this kind of legistation.

  3. Jacqueline Stutmann
    6 years ago

    Obama has been told by Planned Parenthood that there are fewer and fewer doctors willing to perform abortions, that's why he is moving to override the conscience laws to force physicians into it, that's also why in the FOCA and RHAPP bills persons OTHER than trained Physicans would be allowed to perform abortions!

    Freedom of Choice-WHO'S choice are they allowing freedom of? Choice means being ALLOWED to choose, and that means choosing to do what the person feels is RIGHT in their RIGHTLY formed consciences. I say we come up with legislation that has the right to choose written all over it!

    The right to choose to REFUSE to have an abortion, the right to choose NOT to perform an abortion, the right to choose NOT to fund abortion with our tax money. They cannot argue with the right to choose now can they?

  4. Esther M Ferencz
    6 years ago

    M L R...... you ask what can we do? PLENTY Contact your bishops office send e-mails, speak up to your local newspaper cooluminists
    via voice message, letters, do not stop posting, keep on your priest,deacon and all in the laity to contact their bishops office...we have been HUMILIATED enough by our bishops! PRAY PRAY AND PRAY FAST FAST AND FAST. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT this issue is one that the LORD is looking down upon on and wondering who is SPEAKING the TRUTH who is LYING??? HE KNOWS, and I do believe HE is pretty PROUD of those who DEFEND and SPEAK the TRUTH and even though we do not have the TITLE BISHOP OR ARCHBISHOP in front of our names, HE knows US and when we meet HIM HE will REMEMBER OUR FACES AND VOICES! FIGHT ON FOR ALL THE BABIES!

  5. Thomas J McCarthy
    6 years ago

    What can you do you ask?

    Do what I'm doing. No more contributions (even to my local parish) till the American Bishops start telling the Catholic politicians to STOP the insults and laws that take away our freedoms and kill our children. Until they put up I, for one, am emailing my friends in my prayer groups to send letters and emails to their friends and bishops.


  6. Nancy Kelley
    6 years ago

    I'm very disappointed in Catholic Online's moderator system for comments. Three times now, I've submitted respectful comments that showed a different point of view (i.e. decidedly not anti-Obama) and three times they have not been shown. There was nothing in the least that was disrespectful about them. You are not only disingenuous - but you cannot call yourself journalists in any true sense when you cannot trust to publish another point of view.

  7. Julie
    6 years ago

    Good one, Jerry! Where is Doug Kmiec these days? I thought Kmiec was so certain that Obama wouldn't really do such evil things or that he could prevent him. Catholics who voted for death need to wake up. No more Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Kennedy, Caine, Sebelius, Dodd, etc., after the next election. 584,000 healthcare institutions will be at serious risk of closure. As a nurse dedicated to protecting and promoting life, I choose jail over compliance. Murder is never to be considered healthcare, and it is sad that so many have fallen for the abortion/reproductive choice/women's body lie. Murder is murder, and one only needs to view various pro-life sites to see graphic pictures of abortion to see how hideous and evil it really is. Stand firm and be vocal all of you who are true Catholics!! Pray and petition!

  8. JC
    6 years ago

    As a Catholic healthcare worker, I keep working to spread the truth about Obama's ways. Sadly, so many...including fellow Catholics...don't believe me. I appreciate these and other articles so much to help open some eyes and hearts. Keep writing to your congressment. Write the White House. It is sad that we have to write the government to protect us from the government. Pray, sacrifice, fast. Rosaries & chaplets and Holy Mass move mountains and change hearts.

  9. M. L. R.
    6 years ago

    What can we do to help? There must be some way to save the Catholic presence in health care. Please let us know what we can do to prevent this.

  10. fred
    6 years ago

    Do not be dismayed. All these things must happen and then Christ shall appear.. I was sorrowful the day I heard he was elected. I knew it would happen and I know that he is not what this foolish world thinks. It hurts to see so many people blinded by charisma --- Read Matt 21-24 Jesus speaks but reassures us too.

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