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President Begins Overturning “Conscience Rule” for Pro-life Doctors Comments

President Obama used the attention given to his new budget to quietly undermine protection for pro-life medical professionals. Continue Reading

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  1. Holly
    5 years ago

    Mother Angelica of EWTN said on an old episode of Mother Angelica Live about the "Special Children" anyone who has a Downs Syndorme baby is so special in one's life that they should get down on their hands and knees and thank God.
    I think she is right although like Governor Palin I shall probably get boos for this.
    Maybe it is hard but what kind of world would we have if we all were blue-eyed and blond?
    Remember where this comes from?
    Love in Christ Brothers and Sisters

  2. George O I
    5 years ago

    Human life is most sacred. Whether one second old or one hundred years old, life is life. Please Mr. President, the practice of abortion should be discouraged at all times. May God help us all.

  3. Wes Lisitza
    5 years ago

    At some point or another, I weigh in with something to say to offset what all has been said.

    For all of you who didn't bother, you may find most of your answers to Obama's flagrant use of Catholic politicians within his very own book - "The Audacity of Hope". Obama got his idea about using Catholic politicians from George W. Bush. If you remember, during the 2004 election, many Democrats were skipping town to filibuster voting events in Congress. In Texas, our own Democrats took off for Albuquerque, NM, to stymie votes. Bush resolved this by appointing Democratic judges to the benches, to enforce executive ordinance upon those Democratic politicians. Obama mentions this in his book, and it is apparent that his scheme to use Catholics is a way of attempting to control Catholic hospitals, doctors, nurses, priests, laity, and other walks of Catholic life. As you see, Catholics have become a "political party" whether you like it or not, and Obama's influence over Catholic politicians apparently has proven to have more sway than the Pope himself. Did it really matter that Nancy Pelosi sat down and spoke with her bishop or the Pope? Was she excommunicated? These things, we dont' know, but the message is apparent that publicly opposing Church Canon only gets you a stern talking-to.

    My final comment is to Lizzie, and the like minded "catholics" reading these comments. Without religion, there is no definite morality. I know many people know the verse on 1 Corinthians 13, where it is expressed that without Love, you are a resounding gong. What many "catholics" fail to understand is that a person can follow the Law all they want, but without Love (agape) your actions really mean nothing. You can be a person who has never been to jail or broken a law throughout your life, but tell me, did you feed the hungry? did you clothe the naked? did you shelter the homeless? Lizzie, if there is no place for religion in the secular world, then what place is there? What point is there to live a double life, a lie and a mask that you place on your face in one place, but take off every else that your life takes you? I leave you with this to ponder.

    When you take the Eucharist into you, when you say Amen and recite your prayers, when you say you believe, you must understand that you are taking Jesus Christ into yourself, becoming one with God in remembrance of Him. His grace is shining upon you, in you and through you, and when you live out your faith, you are showing the world Jesus Christ. When you state that Religion has no place in the world, what are you saying to the millions of people who are looking at you to be witnessed through your actions, words, and behavior? The question to you is: "Can I see Jesus?" Please think about that. I'll be praying for you.

  4. Michael Neal
    5 years ago

    I have lost faith in the United States as a nation. Any country that not only advocates the murder of children but then forces the practice on its citizens who are opposed to it. It has become despotic.

  5. Debbie Furtado
    5 years ago

    Please call the White House between 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday and let President Obama know how horrific,immoral, and damaging this law is. The telephone # is 1-202-456-1111.
    I have a quote from Mother Teresa " God loves me. I'm not here just to fill a place... He has chosen me for a purpose. I know it. He will fulfill it if I don't put an obstacle in His way. He will not force me. God could have forced Our Lady. Jesus could have come "just like that,"... But God wanted Mary to say yes. It is the same with us. God doesn't force us, but he wants us to say yes." Please help eliminate abortion.

  6. Lisa Julia
    5 years ago

    For Dr. Belcastro:

    I just want to thank you for weighing in. I agree with you 100% the argument that many use that they are 'personally opposed' to abortion but they believe it's a personal decision/right of the mother is the most flawed logic imaginable. I still cannot fathom how abortion ever became legal.

  7. Marc Belcastro, DO
    5 years ago

    I am a neonatologist and work to save some of the very infants that lose their life from abortion. Abortion is the taking of a human life and there is truly no consistent argument that can refute this. Because of this, it is not an issue or a political stance. There is no room for someone to say that it is OK for others but not for me, OR I am against it but others should have their choice. This is something that one must be totally for or totally against.

    Since I am totally opposed to abortion as a physician, I can not and should not be forced by any law to participate or facilitate the taking of a human life. By the way, our legal system recognizes the life of a fetus. If a pregnant women is murdered, it is a double homicide.

  8. Thomas J McCarthy
    5 years ago

    To Lizzie,

    On Judging: "Judge not and you shall not be judged"

    This means that if a person (say a criminal) says he is a changed person (from evil to good, from Satan to Jesus) then you can not say that you don't believe that person. That is because only God can JUDGE a person's heart.

    As far as what you said that only God can judge is true to the above. But, we can JUDGE people on the ACTIONS (what we see) they do on earth. That's why we have people presiding in courts called "JUDGES".

  9. Lisa Julia
    5 years ago

    This is for Lizzie...Abortion is not a religious issue though many who oppose abortion are religious. One can be an atheist and realize that abortion is the taking of a human life, and thus it is murder. It's purely a scientific fact, no religion necessary. Google Doris Gordon or copy and paste this link:

  10. Patrick Braden
    5 years ago

    Anyone who takes the life of a baby or child or helps in any way is not of Jesus Christ!!

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