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President Begins Overturning “Conscience Rule” for Pro-life Doctors Comments

President Obama used the attention given to his new budget to quietly undermine protection for pro-life medical professionals. Continue Reading

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  1. Pam Weber
    5 years ago

    If this happens, it could be the end of Catholic hospitals in his talk about a healthcare crisis! Barack Obama needs to be stopped by the few that are still sane in WADC. He has no place replacing everyones conscience with his...he really doesn't haveone to speak of. He took an oath to uphold the constitution, and he has already broken that oath by not giving everyone the right to life...I say impeach the man. I will pray that his heart be turned to the truth of Jesus Chist in the meantime, and that he change his mind on this horrific thing he is doing.

  2. Mary V.
    5 years ago

    Why do you think there have been so many attacks on Sarah Palin - because she is anti abortion! The people who support abortion will be targeting the Catholic hospitals for abortions. There was a meeting in Rome where the bishops vowed to close ALL Catholic hospitals if this heinous bill is passed and I support them. How will Obama provide medical care for all the patients who will have to be transported to other hospitals if Catholic hospitals close? I think Catholic hospitals provide care for many poor people - how does Obama plan for all the ramifications if Catholic hospitals close and thousands have to go on unemployment. He can't hate the Roman Catholic Church that much.

  3. catholicmom
    5 years ago

    This is sad, but not surprising. American Catholics started this when they renounced seeking the reign of Christ the King and began to ignore or play down the obligations of countries as well as individuals to serve Christ and His Church. When the government acknowledges all religions as equal, they are going to acknowledge all views of morality as equal. We need to repent, do penance, and return to the traditional social teaching of the Church- not looking to the generic Protestant, Republican party line for our answers or help.

  4. Bryan
    5 years ago

    The comments by andrea are just appalling. Health Care Professionals, with Morals, are going to be asked to do things that are against their beliefs. Do you think that Health Care Professionals will leave this field because of this, maybe Christian based hospitals will close?

    I believe the Constitution gives all the freedoms we need as a moral nation, I also belief that the current administration is slowing chipping away at all our guaranteed freedoms(liberties).

    By the way, there is no law requiring anyone to get a abortion. Also, abortions went down in the Bush years. Now that abortions will probably be available in shopping malls, I am sure that a significant increases in this statistic, will be swept under the rug.

    The more the government "makes laws" to protect us, the more of our freedoms and liberties we lose.

  5. lilian
    5 years ago

    The current administration's agenda to force individuals who are morally opposed to certain activities is truly frightening. It is a form of totalitarianism that right now only targets healthcare providers who are opposed to personally providing abortions, dispensing birth control, participating in the termination of a pregnancy.

    However, once we allow the government to rescind our individual liberty to practice our faith through our actions, we are on a downward spiral that can only lead to a society that our founding fathers be horrified at.

    What next? Will they mandate veterinarians to euthanize animals? Will restaurants be forced to abolish their "no shirt, no shoes, no service" rule? Basically, will business owners and professionals be legally required to provide products and services that they do not believe in? Next thing you'll see is healthcare providers being legally required to participate in assisted suicide.

    We must, as Americans, Catholic or not, see that this issue isn't just about abortion. It's about our freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness according to our moral compasses and our faith. The elimination of conscience rights runs counter to what our country was founded on.

  6. vsedriver
    5 years ago

    andrea said, "there are no laws forcing a pro-lifer to get an abortion"==================
    What people are protesting are laws that would force a pro-lifer to participate in another's abortion.

    Doctors and nurses who would be penalized by their employer for refusing to be part of an abortion.

    Christian hospitals that might be forced by the government to provide abortions. That is what people are upset about.

    Personally I don't understand how anyone can not see that life begins at conception. So what if it is only a few cells? They are HUMAN LIFE cells. Kill those cells and you end a human life. It doesn't get much clearer than that.

  7. andrea
    5 years ago

    The political leaders of this nation are responsible for making sure everyone can lead their life as they see fit...abortion is legal to allow anyone who doesn't have a problem with it to be able to get one safely...there are no laws forcing a pro-lifer to get an abortion...and there should be no laws forbidding it for those who don't oppose it...not everyone believes as you might think they should...not everyone believes in heaven or hell or god...we need a nation that allows for the diversity of thoughts without creating laws to prevent freedoms

  8. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    Marissa & Aileen, next time you see a doctor, go to a Muslim doctor. You may or may not get what you want. Because some Muslim also believe ABORTION is evil, but some will do it because you are not a Muslim.

  9. Eddie Fong
    5 years ago

    Marissa, do you have to come to a Catholic institution for your evil health inquiry? Knowing that the person you are talking to is against what you want?

    My personal advice to you is this, sex is for married people who are ready for family, it is not for pleasure only. Been there, done that, not cutting the bridge after I been through it, but telling others how bad it is. I feel the pain of what I have done, every time I read something like what you just said.

  10. Bobby
    5 years ago

    Make no mistake about it,the abortionists will answer to our lord for their holocost of apx 40 million children,a generation wiped out.Jesus warned of what would happen to those who harmed children! The radicals have taken over.Not only are the baby killers going to answer for the child but every one that God had a plan for and predestined that should have come through that childs' geneology.These abortionists have no clue what they are in for.No murderer has eternal life abiding in them 1John3:15 These folks cant be forgiven in this world. Let them stand in front of the children they slew and see what happens. Pray my fellow Catholics.

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