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Bishop Corrects Catholic College for Inviting Gay ‘Marriage’ Advocate Comments

Boykin is an activist and advocate for 'homosexual rights', by which he means more than recognizing the dignity of all persons including homosexual persons. Continue Reading

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  1. Eddie Fong
    6 years ago

    Joshua, go read your Bible again, you are very much misguided. And you are misleading others, so are you erik.

    Bishop Martino, I will pray with you anytime.

  2. Paul Suski
    6 years ago

    Mr Joshua just look into Familiaris consortio, Persona humana and other church documents and if these cannot be source of plain truth get into Rom. 1, 24-27; 1 Cor. 6,9; Tim. 1. 10. It`s deplorable how human mind can be plunged in darkness of sin and not be able to distinguish b/n good and evil.

  3. Bill Sr.
    6 years ago

    Let’s say that you are a devout Catholic like maybe Nancy Pelosi and you have formally accepted the teachings of the church, been baptized, confirmed, and a regular at the table of the Lord.

    However you have a “bad habit” of using not only the “F” word but also shouting God’s name in vain in heated private conversations with colleagues and your staff. Of course this is all hypothetical, who would ever believe it?

    Now in the confessional Nancy continues to acknowledge this “fault” and asks forgiveness and prays for strength to overcome the weakness in her speech. Under this scenario Nancy stays in communion with the church and could even be “speaker of the house”.

    However, should Nancy suddenly or over time brilliantly decide that this word and this expression were no longer offensive or sinful in private or public and furthermore began to champion a cause that they should be part of everyone’s everyday vocabulary she obviously could no longer be considered part of the “people of God”. She could properly say that under the U.S. constitution she has the “right” of free speech to use them, this is true.

    But under the “laws” of her Almighty Father and her church they are both offensive and sinful. Also unless she absolutely and willingly renounced her intentions she in fact becomes a fallen away member or simply a non-catholic, period, end of discussion.

    We could add that any Catholic who chooses to defend her position and cause is contributing to her flight from the graces our merciful God and his church has for her. This is exactly what the good Bishop of Scranton is trying to prevent the university from extolling only to a much greater extent.

    Praise God!

  4. 6 years ago

    We must pray for poor Keith Boykin so that his mind and soul will be flooded with God`s light and not end up in the Furnace of Hell.

  5. k
    6 years ago

    The conjugal act outside of Holy Matrimony always was and always will be a mortal sin. Catholic Universities should not have immoral teaching or speakers. If students don't like that, go to a secular university for "freedom of speech" because there is no democracy in Heaven or Heaven's teachings.

  6. jim
    6 years ago

    The Catholic Church needs to hold firm positions. Being politically correct should not be one of them especially if this political correctness seems to favor the very fundamental position of the church. By allowing institutions to do as they please even though they receive catholic funding, it is making it more and more difficult for catholics to sincerely make donations to the church.

    When we make a donation and find that it goes to a group opposed to catholic teachings, it is a big slap on the face of faithful catholics. It's not about tolerance here. If it were, the world would be at peace by now. So let's not be naieve that giving a little would invite more compromise all round.

  7. J
    6 years ago

    Joshua I think its the other way around, Boykin is following Satan and the Bishop is following Jesus. Joshua freedom doesn't mean say or do anything you want. Ain't nobody judging anyone, but you gotta get out of our house and talk that mess in your own house. Would you like it if we preached to you about all sorts of our beliefs on your turf?

  8. erik
    6 years ago

    Well at least that University believes in allowing the dignity and respect of individuals even if they are of different personal opinions , Hear ,hear, more power to freedom of speech, everyone had their say and that is how it should be, I BELIEVE!

  9. soc
    6 years ago

    The only right of freedom given by God, who is our Father, is that we maintain our position outlined by the Catholic Church's teachings on morality regardless of inquisitiveness and immorality. 'Homosexual rights,' is not part of that plan.

  10. Ryan
    6 years ago

    I agree with Joshua. Who's judging whom in this article?

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