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Bishop Corrects Catholic College for Inviting Gay ‘Marriage’ Advocate Comments

Boykin is an activist and advocate for 'homosexual rights', by which he means more than recognizing the dignity of all persons including homosexual persons. Continue Reading

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  1. Serge
    6 years ago

    If all Catholic Colleges in America got rid of anti-Catholic administrators and professors, that might open up employment positions for those that are faithful. It could be a Catholic version of a job creation proposal during tough economic times!

  2. K Hanley
    6 years ago

    Joshua, Ryan and Erik: Your points are appear valid as long as it is agreed there is no such thing as TRUTH. If there is no such thing as TRUTH, then one opinion is as good as any opposing opinion and therefore one should never judge another's opinion. You are able to make arguments that sound convincing because the rest of the commentators are using language that seems irrelevant...the Bible, sin, Satan etc. The commentators using this type of language need to reexamine the language they use in speaking to the Joshuas and Ryans and Eriks of the world. Without direct reference to the Bible, Satan and sin, the rest of the commentators need to lay out a clear logical case as to why marriage of one man one woman is superior to any other arrangement (it helps greatly if the commentators are actually living out the Church's teachings on marriage and contraception...) The Catholic church has an abundance of resources to use...start by learning JPII's Theology of the Body and the many writings that have spun off from that. Then the Joshuas, Ryans and Eriks will realize there is a TRUTH to be discovered, and they will be inspired by the great joy and happiness that only comes from living in the TRUTH, and they will want to know how they can have that joy and happiness too! And we Catholics will have the answer!

  3. Kevin
    6 years ago

    There are charismatic university professors that fail in their roles as teachers at our Catholic universities. After exploring issues "critically and freely" they revel in the abandonment of our children at a critical juncture in their lives rather than guide them with the faith and reason. These professors betray our values when they lead our children into temptation and then leave them there. Our children need to be warned about these wolves in sheep's clothing.

  4. Alicia
    6 years ago

    This sort of thing makes me wonder about the purpose of Catholic universities. Where is one supposed to go for an education grounded in faith?

  5. Darryl
    6 years ago

    Do I love the Lord and His 10 Commandments?
    Do I love my Neighbor and her/his eternal well being?
    Before the Eternal Presence there is nothing I can hide or run away from.It does not matter what my country,my family,or my friends think.When I stand before Jesus Christ, Will I be able to say that"I served God and my Brothers and Sisters in this world more than myself?"

  6. Val
    6 years ago

    No, Boykin cannot be following Jesus. Ugh.

    God bless all our bishops and priests for defending what is right!

  7. taad
    6 years ago

    Christ never ever one time in the entire Gospels told anyone he accepted a sinful life. He always told them the truth. "Go and do not commit this sin anymore. You have 5 husbands, and the one you live with is not your husband." There are many errors being spread, just as the Satan did to Adam and Eve, he tries to twist what God said.

  8. Michael
    6 years ago

    The bishop needs to do more than just "correct' those people. Unfortunatly most of the Catholic Colleges were able to "scoot out" from under the control of the local See back in the 50'. This was done for Academic Freedom principles. This allowed the hiring of professors who not only were not faithful catholics but sometimes not even christians. These people (the professors) are not interested in the "truth" or academic freedon. They are more interested in using their "perches" , like vultures, to spread political propaganda in the NAME of Academic Freedom....

    Good for you +Bishop Martino..Keep pressing and spread the word to other Bishops to do the same.....

  9. Holly
    6 years ago

    Looks like our Colleges are getting worldly and not following the teachings of Jesus.
    Jesus came to fulfil the law he did not come to change it.
    Our colleges are getting away from the true teaching of Christ etc.
    No one is here to crucify those with same sex attraction.
    We are trying to get them to understand that what they are doing is not right.
    What part of true marriage don't we understand?
    I have taken a course in public school in the past about Mythology. Its pagan but because it was part of a culture historically I took it in this context.
    I also feel that Sodom and Gomorah was historical not a myth---did happen and can happen today.
    I believe its a red flag from the past warning us about the responsible decisions we have to make today.
    One can become to liberal in our society and make very grave mistakes for the future of a society.
    I do not disrepsect women who want to be professionals.
    We cannot change our Catholic faith and go off into tangents like Radical feminism.
    Right now we are feeling the repercussions of this Radicalism.
    We know from history what happens to a society because of radicalism--The Terror of the Cultural Revolution of France.
    In the end its own authors were condemned.
    We must have faith and reason.
    You cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater.
    The Magisterium for example cannot be ignored in some cases and then taken up in others.
    You have imbalance. You have no true direction.
    Its not there to pick and choose what we want to do.
    We affect everyone in how we believe in the precepts handed down of by Christ.
    Its quite obvious please open your eyes and take a look around.
    Pick up a copy if you havent and read it.
    It is not based on what man says, its based on what Christ says.
    Pick up your Catholic Bible as well when you are uncertain about what is going on publicly and see what Christ guides your well formed conscience to do.
    Love in Christ brothers and sistes.

  10. Eddie Fong
    6 years ago

    This has been happening to a lot of so called "Catholic" universities, Loyola and De Paul Universities in Chicago honoring pro-abortion politicians and homosexual speakers. If these institutions (all Catholic universities) want to be part of the "Catholic" institutions, they should have "Catholic" administrators.

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