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Bishop Corrects Catholic College for Inviting Gay ‘Marriage’ Advocate Comments

Boykin is an activist and advocate for 'homosexual rights', by which he means more than recognizing the dignity of all persons including homosexual persons. Continue Reading

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  1. Tina
    5 years ago

    I believe that if you are going to be Catholic then be Catholic. DO NOT pick and choice the parts you like and stand up for them and let go of those that todays society says is ok. Be all or be none, those in between are called lukewarm.

    EVERYTHING should come after our faith including jobs, education and family. We are only here for a short time but in heaven or hell for eternity. I think what Bishop Martino is doing by speaking out is great. Shame on the college for misleading our young youth.

  2. Paul
    5 years ago

    Dear Ashley you say : "Misericordia is not trying to change its students but help them become educated about life." Pol Pot had two phd-s in Paris Sorbona. Educating without christian values can easily lead astray. A lecturer who spreads evil must not be employed by Catholic University or the uni must lose its Catholic name ASAP. In no way can sin be his own business. Every act of transgression affects its perpetrator , their relatives and finally the society they live in. Disease, war, suffering and so on are all the side-effects of our sins,as it were. The original sin brought death into life. Here where I permanently live ( Warsaw, Poland ) as you may not be aware in 1944 the whole city was pulverized and its citizens exterminated !! ( refer you to Warsaw Rising by Norman Davies )Why ??? First they relied on themselves instead of imploring God`s Mercy , second Warsaw had been the largest abortion destination in the mid-war period. We live as St. Maximilian Kolbe used to utter " in "the world is a set of connected vessels." The genocide in Rwanda, Cambodia were the result of our sinful life mine and yours. Every human being is to some degree responsible for them. Once again being gay is not a sin but spreading evil by sb on the top whose students are supposed to look up to - is what ought not to be tolerable. The same goes with abortion as the most appalling transgression of our times, though this requires another comment to make.

  3. ng'ang'a ndung'u
    5 years ago

    Homosexuality of any type is both unnatural and against God's principles so no institution purporting to uphold God's teachings whether Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical or otherwise should support or promote directly or indirectly homosexuality or its doctrines. If we love the true Almighty God and His teachings we should never ever support whatever is against His teachings!

  4. Ashley
    5 years ago

    To whom it may concern:
    First off, everyone has their right to their own opinion. I am a Catholic and do believe. However, I am also a student at Misericordia University and find it very disrespectful to be judged by many who have most likely have not even heard of the university. I fully stand behind Misericordia and its choice to have Mr. Boykin speak. Misericordia also prides itself on Mercy, Service, Justice, and Hospitality. Should we stop helping Katrina victims because they may be gay? Should we not teach students or become teachers because a child may be gay? How about not having a biology major anymore since the theory of evolution is taught? Good luck finding many doctors who also have a degree in biology. We do offer a course in Biblical Studies, but should we stop offering our course on World Religions because it opens our minds to a more diverse world. Misericordia is not trying to change its students but help them become educated about life. I believe what the Diversity Institute is doing and has done for the students is wonderful. I am even more proud than before to say that I am a Misericordia University student. I am proud that I can learn about the theory of evolution in one room and Biblical Studies is being taught next door. It is unbelievable to me that the United States of America can overcome years and years of racial injustice and elect an African American president, but an institution does a wonderful job at not only academics but also in creating well-rounded students is being so wrong judged.

    Ashley - Misericordia University Student

  5. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Kevin, that comment was the most sensible one I have seen on this site yet. I whole-heartedly agree with you.

  6. Bulbajer
    5 years ago

    Dear K Hanley, I applaud you for trying to make the comments on this site better. Although I may not share your opinion on this issue, I am certainly glad that there is another person out there who feels that the comments on these articles can be a little much.

  7. Kevin
    5 years ago

    This article particularly disturbs me when I think about the purposes and foci of higher, educational institutions, regardless of religious affiliation. I do not doubt the necessity felt by religious leaders in fighting for proper Catholic mores and their validity. However, I would zealously condemn any efforts on the Church's part to hinder the capacity of educational institutions to educate their students. Regardless of one's religious affiliation, it is utterly toxic to the proper and beneficial progression of society to hush necessary discussion that provides the public with knowledge of relevant arguments and opinions; this knowledge that flows from discussion and debate should not condemned by opponents simply because it is unappetizing to a particular religion. I am deeply unimpressed by the Bishop's attempt to hinder the institution's efforts to educate its students on issues that those students have a right to understand. I attend aconservative, Catholic professional school in the midwest. While there is sometimes disagreement over the topics addressed by outside forums and school sponsored debates and discussions, at no point would my institution attempt to hinder the debate by ignoring voices that should be heard in the public debate. Although less popular or minority views may not receive a full, unopposed presentation, at the very least, a less popular, or minority voice will be represented via a debate with an opponent.

    I would never condemn a religious institution, where the sole goal is to advance a religious mission, for entertaining a bias or selection of its educators and leaders, but an institution of higher education, regardless of religious affiliation, has an unfettered duty to educate its students on all relevant issues concerning the public. I support the decision of the school's administration to disregard the Bishop's comments, not because they are without merit, but because to follow them would hinder the education of students that is necessary to become a well-rounded, educated person.

    One more thing, I find Alicia's apathy and generic, "What's the point" comment both interesting and unimpressive. Not to beat a dead horse, but does she truly expect a Catholic Institution to be so grounded and so dedicated to the Catholic faith to the point where the institution no longer functions as a proper vehicle for teaching? A Catholic school does not falter in its religious mission simply by allowing students a chance to hear unpopular, minority views. It is entirely possible for a religious education institution to serve its mission and keep open debate in classrooms. My school does it, come here. I think my education serves the school's mission. It would be nice to know more of why that comment was made other than a due to a general dislike of the topic at hand.

  8. Bin
    5 years ago

    May GOD Be Praised By All, Everywhere, At All Times!

    GOD is Alive and people tend to forget it.

    HE taught us to love the Sinner - yet hating the Sin. That does not mean that we continue to allow people in sin to pollute and contaminate others. We have to resist. No Catholic College/University can claim to be the same, unless it proves itself to be one. If it can, for the sake of being an institution 'where ideas and positions are explored critically and freely, allow Boykin to speak - why not invite someone who supports murder/ rape/ prostitution/ infanticide/ cannibalism, to come and speak - after all, if we have to give a venue 'where ideas and positions are explored critically and freely', then we should also allow these. How about a venue for those who commit corporate fraud/ scamsters/ corrupt officials - even they would have some sort of wierd justification and we should listen to it, right? Wrong!

    This world will have all sorts of ideas and ways of doing things that aren't Catholic, which inturn means, that which destroy, rather than build, a society.

    Lets not fall for this trickery of the words - for we've all become victims of the same - not anymore. We will not stand anymore of these nonsense. Its time to act - the Bishop has spoken and his 'flock' has pretended that He hasn't or atleast has turned a deaf ear to it; time for the next corrective action. Failing the next corrective action - there will be more and more of these events.

    Pls remember - excommunication is not a form of punishment alone - rather it is also a form of healing - whereby one would come to understand the true meaning of their heretical/ disobedient actions.

    Know one thing for sure - by putting off excommunication, nobody is doing a favour for that person - rather they're doing a great harm - because they are not exercising one of their medicines on a dying person - medicines at times are painful/ bitter, but it is intended to bring that person to health again.

    GOD Bless!

  9. J
    5 years ago

    You must remember Boykin is a very liberal protestant and some protestants make up what they want, like saying I love Jesus, Praise Jesus!,I give you everything Jesus and then talk bad about his blessed mother Mary. I wouldn't like that mess, you all wouldn't like someone like that either and I know for sure Our Lord doesn't like people being two faced to him like that. This happens to them because Satan rubs them good on oneside and then kicks on the b... on that other side.That's what sin does sometimes. They'll never catch on to this trick of Satan until we stand up with Gods wisdom.

  10. J
    5 years ago

    Well said Serge! I'm tired of Catholics hiring just anybody off the street that don't care for our Church. I run into it all the time in our diocese. You ask them a very simple question about the faith pertaining to what you need at that moment and they stare with a blank look. They show no respect for the tabernacles, WHY do we keep doing the same crazy things? That's why Gods still waiting on us and said "If my people whom I called by my name, will humble themselves and seek my face, then will I hear from heaven forgive thier sins and heal thier LAND! We Catholics are his people because we have him in Our Tabernacles. We have to get it together yesterday not today.

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