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Vatican's Archbishop Burke, No Communion for Catholic Politicians who Support Abortion Comments

"A Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports pro-abortion legislation is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion." Continue Reading

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  1. John S.
    5 years ago

    I am truly sincere when I pose this question and mean no disrespect:

    I would like to know how the Church feels about being Pro-Choice as a parishioner. If they cannot come around to the same way of thinking as to when human life begins, should they find a new religion?

    They were told to pray and ask for forgiveness if they voted for Obama in my church, but I don't feel they should have to. History has shown the the Church has been wrong on issues before - when life starts could be one of them.

    Are Pro-Choice Catholics welcomed in the church?

  2. Steve
    5 years ago

    If democrates are pro abortion, can you call republicans pro war? Well, they pushed this war, sold this war to the American people. How many lives are you saving talking about abortion? How many lives are gone because of Bush's and Cheney's war. I guess life is only sacred if it is still in the womb.

  3. Rick Ross
    5 years ago

    I am very glad to see our church take a more visible stand on this and other issues of morality. Like so many issues whether contradictory to faith or government sponsored laws, all we need to do is enforce what we already know.

  4. Bill
    5 years ago

    It's really a shame you don't post views that are "different " from what YOU want to read.

  5. R.C.
    5 years ago

    Keep in mind that refusing Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, et cetera, at communion is an ACT OF MERCY for their benefit.

    According to St. Paul (1 Corinthians 11:29-30), illness and premature death are among the disciplinary judgments brought by Our Lord on those who take the body and blood unworthily.

    And supporting abortion is not the only serious unrepentant sin of these folks; another is scandal. These folk commit serious scandal by, publicly and in a prominent role as political leaders, acting in opposition to the Church teaching.

    Others are led thereby to think that this is "okay, a matter of opinion." They follow these politicians into sin, whether by choosing abortions for themselves, supporting legal abortion in the political realm, or not counseling others away from abortion.

    In the end the priest who turns Pelosi et alia away is perhaps saving the wayward politician's life and health, and that of others. He certainly helps save souls and lives of infants.

    It is not every day even a priest can do so much heroism for so many!

    So let the publicly unrepentant serious abortion supporters be turned away.

  6. Rick
    5 years ago

    Any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest that knowingly administers communion to a pro-abortionist is himself guilty of defiling the Body and Blood of Christ. There is no gray area in the Truth.

  7. Laurie
    5 years ago

    I would much rather see our church lose its tax status then continue down this road of anything goes by some bishops, priests and parishoners. The word of God is and always will be never changing. We need to educate our church and the flock on the true faith. Abortion should not have been accepted one day, let alone 36 years.

    As a cradle Catholic in my 40's, I know I was not fully educated on this issue in the church. The ambigious message that keeps being sent by some bishops and priests have done so much harm. True clarity by Archbishop Burke should continue and hopefully the pope will further clarify this life issue once and for all.

    I would rather have a smaller church that possibly looses it's tax-exempt status and speaks with clarity on all issues of life than what we have now. How can we educated those on this issue when some in the church are so ambiguous on it?

  8. Peggy
    5 years ago

    I would be saddened to see others refused Eucharist. That determination rightly belongs to the Bishops and Archbishops. However, we all are Church and while Christ gifted us with Church, is not Church what we as the Body of Christ gift back to Him? We need a movement, across the country and across the world to renew and purify the Church. It's made doubly hard if we are constantly worrying about our portfolios and the future. We need to form an in-depth program to call Catholics wholly back to the fold following the Church's teachings in all we do. Not in meetings like VII, but in public, everywhere Catholics meet, in the Church buildings and out on the sidewalks and stairs and streets nearby. We all need to be encouraged by one another and to encourage other church members and those who are unchurched. This is for love of God. Is there a better reason for doing anything?

  9. The Rt. Revd. Stonewall Shelton, F. C. J.
    5 years ago

    I hope more Catholic bishops will stand their ground as His Excellency is doing. All Catholics who still support the heresies after being given a warning should be excommunicated.

  10. The Rt. Revd. Stonewall Shelton, F. C. J.
    5 years ago

    Any Catholic who opposes any teaching of the Catholic Church after been given one warning, should be expelled from the Church.
    This is also what the protestant churches should do to their members.
    This goes for all the Anglicans in my diocese.
    We as clergy and Christians need not to pussyfoot around anymore. But we to stand up against the liberals and make a difference in Jesus Christ. We are the church militant. If we do not make a hard stand now the Church will continue to loose respect and dignity in this world. When that happens the Church will be to weak to act against The Devil and his followers.

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